Talking about the custom story . But above all , excuse me if my English is not perfect ! I'm French .
The story of my custom is quite important! This is why I will make 2 version: A French and English ( the French arrive before Angalaise sorry :D) But you still can if you want the custom quickly without interressez history :) I 'm working on the background ( I 'd better than I can) More avencerez you in the game , the more it will be dark ... But do not worry ! You will have lots and lots of oil in this custom :)

How's the custom

Story : 100% Yay !


Journal Of Children : 0%
Journal Of Women : 0%
A newspaper unknown : 100% Yay !
Journal of workers: 0%
Journal Of Jack : 0%

Voices Acting : 10%
Script for Voices Acting : 20%

Musics : 0%


Bedroom : 0%
Party room : 0%
Kitchen : 0%
Emergency exit : 0%
Works Entrance : 0%
Prison : 0%
Room Bilnd : 0%
Room mentally ill : 0%
Slaughterhouse and torture room : 0%
Dining experience : 0%
Tunnel : 0%
Labyrinth : 0%
Corridor Of Death : 0%
Room truths and the Apocalypse : 0%

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TroHea - - 972 comments

Dat concept... I want it so baaad =(

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CrazyNoob17 Creator
CrazyNoob17 - - 8 comments

Hey !!
I'm on holidays so I can not too worked on the custom
Resuming work in 15-30 days

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Slanderous - - 693 comments

You gave us only a story for now, 0 screenshots from in-game, 0 videos (except one, but there is no single part of a game shown) so I don't know what am I going to play. An amazing horror adventure, or another crappy jumpscare story. No offense dude, seriously, but show us at least two screenshots from the game itself. Regards, lazz\

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Guest - - 695,054 comments

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Frostedge - - 67 comments

I have to agree with Kaernk on this one. Having a few screenshots of what we can expect will stimulate people and make them curious as to what the rest will look like. So far you've only got the story going, which is nice, since a lot of CS's lose out on the story department. But don't forget, you're making an Amnesia Custom Story, which is different from writing a normal story. Make sure to present the story to the player in a coherent fashion.
I like the music in your trailer, it's nice to hear Amnesia: AMFP music, but it shows absolutely nothing on what we can expect from the CS itself. You can try and record some in-game footage with Fraps or any other recording software, but please, show us something, anything.

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CrazyNoob17 Creator
CrazyNoob17 - - 8 comments

In fact I had some bug. So I'll have to start the development and in the meantime I have a friend who wants to be part of the project so we should divide the tasks suddenly I am quite late on the ... By cons I finished the story and I have a lot of help with voices so to advance his sides!
I will swarm me to provide you a photo or video development.
By cons there is a lot of luck for another trailer without image BUT with one (or two) voice actors!
I hurry and sorry!

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CheesyDeveloper - - 1,555 comments

It's a huge plus if you have at least a couple of maps done so you both have screenshots but also is sure you want to go on with your idea. Have seen so many people upload early ideas with almost no progress at all and eventually they give up on it because it turned out they changed their mind

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Yldrania - - 1,189 comments

Creepy but probably very true mod title :D Good choice!

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