Shorter Death Cam - half a second if u die rather than 3 seconds.

Slower Health Regen - Normally 0.5 now is 10X slower @ 0.05

Regenerate Shields at a faster rate in cover.

Enemy Shields regenerate now, so you gotta keep blasting at them to kill 'em.

Most weapons 2x damage. Rockets are especially powerful, get hit and you're unshielded, you're done.

Squad guns do more damage - They usually do less damage in their hands than in player, I changed this so they can actually kill stuff with their guns.

Enabled Crouch - Default is G <3

Disabled Start Up Movies and made a lot others skippable

Larger 2nd Playthrough Bonuses 500,000 Credits, 1,000,000 resources - I mean it's a mod right? If you want to play straight up, start fresh.

Mouse Sensitivity changed from 1.0 to 1.5

Jacob has assault rifle instead of SMG like in fiction. Makes him more useful.
Will also add in abilities to make him like Mass Effect Galaxy. (Next Version)
From Mass Effect Wiki
"Jacob's abilities in Mass Effect 2 are vastly different from Mass Effect Galaxy. In Mass Effect Galaxy, Jacob could use an assault rifle, use tech overloads, and use heavy weapons. "

Storm Time is longer out of combat.

Weapons tweaked to make all useful, no more going with the brand new weapon, all weapons have their own properties that make them special. (Not 100% implemented but halfway there. Changes Explained below)

Physics Damage doubled from .25 to .50 (Should affect biotic powers not 100% tested)

Shields No longer block powers but Biotic Shields will still block biotic powers (Not 100% sure will have to test more)

You won't automatically swap weapons when out of ammo

Can jump over obstacles when out of cover (Work in progress, it's enabled but because of distancing for going in cover, it's overlapping)

Vehicle Gun does more damage also slightly slower RoF to compensate, still does hella damage like Cannon in ME1

Enemy no longer take extra damage when shields are broken. (Except Widow, takes out non armored targets in one hit)

Weapon Changes Documented:

- Autofire = Keeps firing when you hold down button

All weapons get 2x Damage unless noted otherwise
Predator - Autofires
Carnifax - No autofire
Shuriken - More Accuracy
Tempest -
Avenger -
Revenant -
Vindicator -
Pulse Rufle - Very powerful for both human and Geth players, get caught in crossfire and you go down easy.
Katana -
Schimitar - Autofires as it is a combat shotgun.
Claymore - AI and Squad will do nearly 2.5x dmg (damage was .57 of norm)
Mantis - to make more appealing vs Widow, carries more ammo and has higher ROF. Had same as widow (70 to 140), Viper is 240) can only penetrate shields thru headshot.
Viper - Much more fun to use now.
Widow - Now is one hitta quitta so changed to 6 rounds from 12.
Grenade Launcher - Changed to 5 rounds from 10. halved rate of fire, just rapes.
Missle Launcher - Absolute rape one shot nearly kills anything, makes no sense atm.
Cain - Fires with quarter of ammo (was 100, now 75) really no point of using it as nade launcher does same damage.
Particle Beam - So OP...especially in Jacob's hands. He loves it.
Avalanche - Freeze 'em colder.

Note: All DLC Weapons are the same. Will be changed in future versions.

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Sorry for Delay


I just got distracted by a lot of things, but some of those distractions are gone and I've been planning the next release. I don't have a specific date but I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this month.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to take them, I'm not making this mod so much for me but for you all as well.

Oh yeah, there is a possibility that the weapons won't be as strong, I may bump some of them down by 50% just so it's not so easy for the player to get through.

I've also figured out how to edit the DLC Weapons without messing up certain things like the icons for it.

Some other things I'm planning are making your squad mates be able to use a special weapon but it'd only be the grenade launcher.

Or, everyone can use the assault rifle but the ones who don't originally use them would only be able to use the Default (just so in cut scenes it's not so retarded that everyone uses one but u can't select it for them).

It depends, heck I may just make two different versions of it, one where everyone has an assault rifle and one where everyone can use a special weapon and has only one normal weapon. We'll see.

Changes for Next Version

Changes for Next Version

News 1 comment

Just a little preview of what's upcoming for 1.0b and future versions

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Project Wildfire 1.0a

Project Wildfire 1.0a

Demo 2 comments

This is my 1st version of Project Wildfire. Only a couple things I couldn't get working right. I couldn't change the summary to un-include them. I couldn't...

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I've been told that this kind of mod was impossible.

I'm curious. Would it be possible to create a mod that alters the way Paragon and Renegade scores work? Specifically, I'd like to play Mass Effect 2 with a 'reputation' system that combines Paragon and Renegade similar to Mass Effect 3. I'd probably have to re-buy all of the games and DLC, but it would be worth it if such a mod were possible.

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getting ready to do an ME2 playthrough and I like the changes I've just read that you've made in this mod. Gonna have to try itout.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it possible to have a "none" slot in weapon loadouts? It was a peeve of mine back in ME1, not so much in 2, but still.
What I mean is, for instance, when you have Solder. He has all the guns, but lets be honest, most players only use 3 guns at most. And even then they switch from their "main" because they run out of ammo.
It's a minor issue, but I like to have the least amount of "clutter" on my character. That includes how many guns it has. A "None" slot would mean I can choose to not carry some type of a weapon to one mission, but take it to some other one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Please do something with the incisor !I really love that weapon,can you please tweak that weapon into a killing machine ? because incisor function is like this : "use it to decimate shield,when its down use other weapon to finish the enemy" which i didn't like that much.Also can you try to make ammo-type "turn-off able" ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

why is the video sounding like some one is sucking a ****?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

The crouch is not working.. is this compatible with the latest patch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Widow is already 1shot 1kill for me on insanity without a mod(excluding elites ofc), so i don't really understand the ammo cap change ;]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tymathee Creator

It does work, its mapped to a certain key though. i forget what it is.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

do you think it will be possible to have the weapons Overcharge instead of Clips? like in ME 1?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Tymathee Creator

It's possible. if u like i can have two different versions, one with the charge and one with clips.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

that would be awesome =]

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