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Oh my!

--Theo-- Blog 1 comment

Holy hell! I have a blog!

Uuummm.... Cake is good. But pie is better?

Ok ok, seems I can't post that short of a message. Oh ok. So, I already actually have a blog. I don't post or use it as much I should.
Um yeah, that's the one. (hooray I remembered my damn pasword! Pie for me!)

I also have a dev-art account but I'll keep that on the down low for the time being...

Pie. Pie is not food. Pie is an universal constant!

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We are the Estonians and this is our group. Et liituda pead olema moddb liige aga palun liituge siin grupis me räägime mängudest ja muust


hey my name Theo also and i also like pie, EXTREME PIE as in tiny pie OR MASSIVE PIE (especially massive pie)

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