This mod isn't in any ways endorsed, funded, licensed, authorized, or related to/by Nintendo. All characters and elements of the StarFox franchise belong to Nintendo. No assets from Nintendo games have been used, all content is fan made. This mod is not made for profit, or to profit from Nintendo's properties, or to interfere with Nintendo's business.
It is a work of fan fiction, in which Nintendo's characters are put in situations/described or represented in a way, not necessarily intended by the author / owners.
It is made simply to share products of fan imagination, for the educative experimentation of game development, and to pay homage to this Nintendo franchise.

The goals of this mod is to recreate the style, and the feel of the first Starfox games on a more modern platform to make it accessible for newer fans of the series, and for old school StarFox fans like me.
I plan to take the best of StarFox 1(snes), 2(snes), and to a certain extent StarFox 64, and tape it all together to create an interesting continuity.

The Concept:
However, I'm not planning to do a complete rip-off the first game. That's why the mod is based on the 1993 StarFox Nintendo Powers Comics. But even then, It's not a total rip-off of the comics either!
The story and game will revolve around 2 parallel stories StarFox's, and a group of Cornerian soldiers.

Now some of you might say, isn't this a StarFox mod, why not make it StarFox only ? Or for the more "direct", "Oh no not some fanon/fanfic crap..."
My point here, is since StarFox fly ships most of the comics, there's not much room for on-foot combat, natively. That's where the soldiers come in. On foot mission will be mostly with the soldiers, while flying missions mostly with StarFox. Of course I'll try to let both share either types of missions. I find it to be an acceptable trade-off between coherence and gameplay, isn't it?

The levels:
While I'm probably being overoptimistic, I plan to feature most of the Lylat system in some way or another. Here's a list :

  • Aquas
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Black Hole
  • Corneria
  • Eladard
  • Fishina
  • Fortuna
  • Katina
  • Lylat (Star) : The system's star, since systems are named after the star at their center.
  • MacBeth
  • Meteor
  • Sector X
  • Sector Y
  • Sector Z
  • Solar
  • Titania
  • Papetoon
  • Venom
  • Zoness

The always awesome black hole will also be featured in the mod. I didn't put Out of this dimension here since, that's not in Lylat...

The Characters:
While this may change as eventually I'll find a writer, you should expect the following StarFox characters :
- Fox
- Falco
- Peppy
- Slippy
- Gen. Pepper
- Fara
- Fay
- Miyu
- Bill
- Katt

- Andross
- Herbert the Pig Android :)
- Professor Hangar( or Hanger? )
- Wolf
- Leon
- Pigma
- Algy

Though, you shouldn't expect Rob64, Tricky, Krystal, Panther, or sf command characters. But it may change in the future.

As for the original characters, lets just say that I've tried to keep them on the level, and not make them a bunch of unkillable superheros, with messed up personalities, and funky hairs and clothes wielding giant swords. The goal here isn't to overshadow StarFox!

The Multiplayer:
Since multiplayer and singleplayer are pretty close in the source engine, this will probably happen. I have a few ideas, but it will require some research. But I'd like to do deathmatches, vehicular combat, and shooter game modes.

The Engine:
We're currently experimenting with the Orange Box and Alien Swarm version of the engine to find the best code base for our mod. We will probably opt for the Alien Swarm base, since it's free.

The Gameplay:
The mod should feature both vehicular on-rail and all-range combat, along with on-foot action.
The on-foot part will be slightly less arcarde-ish than StarFox Assault, and will borrow mechanics from Metal Gear Solid 2-3, Mass Effect 1-2, Freedom Fighter, and similar third person shooters.
Stealth, firefights, sniping, and puzzles, are some of the planned features, but it may change later on.

The Releases:
While this is far from being final, I was thinking of releasing small batches of missions and content over a few years. You could call that episodic content.

More details to come as development progresses!

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RSS Articles

Yes, Starfox SNES was released in Japan on February 21 1993 !
I thought it was worth mentioning that, since 98% of the web doesn't care ! Hell, even Nintendo couldn't care less about it..

Anyways, its been a while since I had posted an update here. I had lots of crap to deal with in the last and current year, and still more to come. So yeah, dealing with crap left me with little time, time that I could either have spent on the mod or writing updates for the moddb profile. No need to tell you which one I chose..

So yeah, I'm not sure I should apologize, since probably nobody would believe me even though I'm sorry about it, and also because this is bound to happen again and would probably make me even less believable ! So yeah, I'm really sorry, but I won't tell you.. ;)

I'll probably try to get someone else on the updates..

However, I'm growing increasingly concerned (maybe too much ?) with the idea of trying to avoid attracting too much attention. But on the other side, I'd like to be as transparent as possible with our stuff. And that's the problem..

Nintendo is usually pretty lax about their characters and etc, but we have no ideas what are their limits. How much do they tolerate ? I'm sure some of you might have tried to ask Nintendo's permission for working on a fan project of some sort, however their answer is pretty weird and confusing. It pretty much sums up to : "we can't give you permission, but that doesn't mean you can't do what you're asking permission for.. And you should seek your own legal advice..". What's annoying is that, while a lawyer will tell me that fanworks aren't legal, but tolerated, he can't possibly know what they'll tolerate or not :/

The only other hint we have is Satoru Iwata answering a shareholder's question on whether they'll harass fans making fanworks : Kotaku.com But that's not telling much..

Do you guys have any ideas on how to get that kind of info, or just suggestion on how to deal with this ? Maybe there's a way to ask them about it, so they don't think its for legal advice or something.. While this has always been a known possible outcome, albeit an unlikely one, lets not risk shooting ourselves in the foot if we can avoid it ! Its not really an enormous problem right now, but preventing something bad is always better than having to deal with it..

And yeah, I can totally picture the kid asking for making a drawing of mario having to consult a lawyer.. What a crazy world we live in.. The day when they'll wipe our memory of things we heard / saw after seeing / hearing them, I'll take a walk to a place far away, and I'll never look or come back !

Anyways, that's it for now, and feel free to leave some comments on the newspost.

I think I forgot something...

I think I forgot something...


Just a heads up on what's going on. Not much else.

August 2012 Update

August 2012 Update

News 7 comments

A new update finally ! include some concepts, models, music. And a few new things.

July 2012 Update

July 2012 Update

News 12 comments

News update, some concept art, some music, and an update on our status.

May 2012 Update

May 2012 Update

News 5 comments

Not much this month, except for a good new, some concept art, and a new track

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If this mod is dead, may we have the assets released? What is shown so far looks pretty cool and promising, would be a waste to see this stuff lost or gone unused.

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Jesus **** did this really start five years ago?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Shouldn't this be on the unreal engine mods page, now that you switched over to Unreal?

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Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

The project is not dead. We are sharing most of our progress on starfox-online.net .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I take it back.

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psy_commando Creator

This comment system is giving me a headache.... >_<

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Given the comment system's...temperamental nature here, can you link to your main forum or subforum?

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psy_commando Creator

There you go :

We don't have our own forums, too much hassle.
The info on the first page is extremely old. I need to update it, but I got so much crap to do already..

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psy_commando Creator

I'm not going to update the profile very often. Only when big events happen, which are fairly rare.

Mostly because, it doesn't look like it, but it takes an eternity to do !(At least for me with my problems.. And nobody else wanna do it. ) And it only creates hype in the end..

We're much more active on the Starfox-Online forums.

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