Your task - to get out from the black mesa research facility

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Putting the MLP thing aside for a moment.

The mod has some surprisingly good quality to it. I like the addition of Black Mesa themed assets and textures, they make it look fresh, but honestly, without them the maps are pretty bland and empty, as there's a lot of filler rooms, with nothing in them. The gameplay is somewhat harder than your average Half-Life mod, I think, which adds a bit of a challenge, but enemy placement, mainly for headcrabs, can be really annoying.

I feel like this mod is really giving itself bad advertising with the My Little Pony label, which is completely unnecesary, as the mod brought quite some hate on itself because of that. However, I like the idea of playing as an experiment subject during the Black Mesa Incident, I don't think there was another mod like that, so that's a plus. And the idea of a little cartoon pony killing aliens and marines is hilarious.

Otherwise, it's a pretty standard mod, with pretty standard maps and set pieces.


Bl@cK says

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Well-balanced mod with detail textures and bunch of good quality props. But too linear and have no story


YM888 says

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Very good mod


TheZealot says

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Get this stupid neckbeard **** off of ModDB.


Suparsonik says

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It has potential plz go futher with the horses


It's actually a very decent mod running on the Spirit engine which I have never played before due to the bad ratings here and I guess can't blame those which down rated this mod not knowing of what was happening.

Possibly mostly due to the fact that everything was white for them.. Now I don't know why but the game didn't execute the autoexec.cfg or graphics.cfg for that matter (steam) which should normally activate itself automatically. So if you got white walls make absolutely sure to type this in your console while you're in the actual game:

exec autoexec.cfg

Then all the sudden your walls will be very well detailed. By the room design and monster placement this mod also proofs to know it's way around. In fact it resembles top quality mapping at it's highest standard.

While I'm not really a fan of the plot that you play some sort of Alien specimen which miraculously carries weapons around and opens doors, get attacked by fellow Aliens and even sound like a human being - it's in all other terms perfect.

The screenshot of the pony would actually suggest that you play as that but once I switched into thirdperson mode I was just simple old Gordon Freeman.

The story is simple you're a specimen of unknown origin (possibly of yet another dimension so not a XEN creature) and got to backtrack your way through Black Mesa to the very Teleportation device which captured you onto Earth in the first place.

In any case a solid mod way above average and not just for the detail textures. I don't know why the author didn't try to find a solution in getting the autoexec.cfg to actually execute (perhaps that worked only in WON idk)
But he probably might not be the one to blame. Could've been also a steam update which screwed things up. It's hard to tell.

-Fantastic level design
-Detail textures in use (they're much charper and look HD)
-Solid monster placement with nice variations in between
-Play time on hard roughly 2 hours
-Plenty of ammo and med packs available in a well balanced way, with one short exception early in the mod.
-Many model props used.

-Story wise it's indicated that you're some sort of Alien yet you carry human weapons, open doors and even got the regular human walking and jump sounds.

-One of the moddb Screenshots suggests that you play as a Pony and while that might or might not be the case. It lets the player think of a troll mod which it is not. So I call that very bad marketing.

-Only a handful of scripted sequences in use (Pity as this mod has such epic mapping, a wasted opportunity)

-Only very few riddles in this mod. Again a wasted opportunity.

My suggestion: Once the detail textures are enabled it's well worth the time. Despite the weird indication of playing a pony of sorts it's actually one of the better Hl1 mods out there (And I played probably 98% of them. The other 2% got broken dl links or are mods such as this one portrayed in a bad light. The more surprising how good this mod in fact actually is. Play it later. :)


nice mapping, but gameplay is extremely dull.


Needs revision for now.

I should try this mod. Your mod has caught my eye. I just hope it runs on windows 10 and i also hope you make more mods

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Very good mod

Jul 15 2013 by YM888