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This is a joint project with the developers of the New Teuton mod, first of all it says that the best advanced unit models are used here. The mod itself is based on Bellum Crucis 6.3, but with global changes in the gameplay and scripts.

Main changes: - The Grand Duchy of Lithuania has been added, the branches of units have been redone, at the moment, except for Pisa, Novgorod, Vladimir and Suzdal principalities, Kumans and Mongols, they remained from the Pikhalych mod 1.0 version. Hiring reviewed. Removed stables and shooting range buildings from towns, peasants with bows added to town barracks. Added Merchant Mounted Militia to Merchant Guild Hire. Added forts with rebels and free upkeep of 3 units. Added scripts to choose from. New music pack. Removed some mercenaries and added new ones. Installed Strategic AI from Pan bitterhowl, Germanicu5 ReallyBadAI v5.7 installed on tactics. And something on the little things)

The patch will include new infographics from Pan Woodcutter, replaced models of commanders and kings on the strat map, revised tactical balance, AOR and mercenaries. Made hiring on the condition of their religion 60%.

Playable factions:
1. Kingdom of England
2. Kingdom of France
3. Kingdom of Sicily
4. Republic of Genoa
5. Kingdom of Aragon
6. Almohad Caliphate
7. Kingdom of Portugal
8. Kingdom of Castile and León
9. Fatimid Caliphate
10. Most Serene Republic of Venice
11. Kingdom of Jerusalem
12. Zangids state
13. Byzantine Empire
14. Seljuk Sultanate
15. Cumans Ikhanate
16. Kingdom of Scotland
17. Holy Roman Empire
18. Kingdom of Hungary
19. Kingdom of Denmark
20. Vladimir-Suzdal Principality
21. Kingdom of Poland
22. Novgorod Republic
23. Papal States
24. Republic of Pisa
25. Kingdom of Georgia
26. Kingdom of Norway
27. Abbasid Caliphate
28. Grand Duchy of Lithuania

29. Mongols
30. Rebels

Pihalic Mod 2.0


Many thanks to friends for the work done on the models of units, horses that are used in the mod: -blad398, Jukoman, Quentin, Okzersal.
Pan Vdovin for 2D pictures of buildings.
Pans Perun74 and BagaturKhan for testing the mod and units
Pan Knut, for reliable personalities
Noble sire Bitterhowl - AI

Get ready to fight!

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Script system in version 2. 00

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;0- Start

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1- Garrison Script - garrison script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;2- Money Script - maintenance of settlements (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;3- Balance Script - initial balance

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;4- Warcost Script - Field Costs (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;5- Rise of Heroes - script of historical heroes

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;6- Loans

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;7- Newking Script - inheritance through marriage (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;8- Mongol Invasion - invasion of the Mongols

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;9- Viceroy Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;10- Interactive Script - balls, tournaments, fairs (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;11- Decime Papali - Papal tithe (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;12- Udienza papale - Crusade Pay Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;13- Esilio - Council of Nobles (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;14- Lega dei Baroni - Revolt of the Barons

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;15- Unione degli Emiri - Revolt of the Emirs

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;16- Flotte mercantili - Merchant Navy (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;17- Settlementcost Script - Wall maintenance (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;18- Diserzioni - desertion of mercenaries (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;19- AOR - defines local or AI

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;20- NUOVI AGENTI - heretics, witches, princesses, antipopes

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;21- conversioni - conversion of religion (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;22- Ordini - hiring crusaders subject to CP (OPTIONAL), mission orders

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;23- Incoronazioni - coronations (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;24- Eretici, streghe e rabbini - historical heretics, priests, witches

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;25- Disastri - natural disasters

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;26- dote - dowry

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;27- tecnologie - technology script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;28- reliquiario - relics

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;29- Video - video events

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;30- confische - confiscation from vassals

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;31- Sobillatori e Untori - Sabotage Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;32- White Flag Script - script for the surrender of the city without a siege

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;33- Events affecting bonuses in cities (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;34- cambio nomi - script for changing city names

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;35- Tesori Sovrani Nemici - treasures of the enemy general

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;36- script reliquie conquistabili - relics captured in battle

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;37- Recruitment from population - hiring and disbanding troops affects the population of the population

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;38- Crusades' Limits Script - CP limit script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;39- SKYNET BATTLE AI

Download links:

Pihalic Mod 1.0 {OBSOLETE}

Old version (OBSOLETE)

Pihalic Mod 2.0 Full Release !!!

The final version of the mod


Run Pikhalych mod.exe, install in the folder with mods

Since the mod used units from Blad398 use them in other mods is forbidden!!!

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Pihalic Mod 2.0 Full Release {FRESH}

Pihalic Mod 2.0 Full Release {FRESH}

Full Version 32 comments

This is the main information for those, who want to download the latest 2.0 version of the Pihalic Mod. With ENG translation!

Pihalic Mod 1.0 {OBSOLETE}

Pihalic Mod 1.0 {OBSOLETE}

Full Version

This is an old version of the Pihalic Mod. Download link is in the special TXT file.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 63)
CheriSh21 - - 304 comments

Hi, how does this mod compare to Bellum Crucis 7 Enhanced?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

The link (2.0) has been fixed. Now you can download the mod without difficulties.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
caledoniaxe - - 32 comments

I made it past 100 turn, and then it suddenly crashed and won't let me get into my saved game anymore. I think the crash happened only several turns after the script about the Mongols coming appeared. I think that's where the problem is.

Here's what I noticed: The range of distance for travelling is somewhat idk. Makes it harder to sally out and defend new conquered cities because the travel range is so short (For example, if u come out from the castle below Naples.) I wish there was also an option to convert settlements to castle or vice versa.

Btw, I like the new concept of the mod. It is refreshing and differs from other mods for Med II in a unique way. I really like it. I wish it was more stable. Hopefully, it will get to be more stable and translated completely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kosss(imtw) - - 20 comments

Обзор мода

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
PepperyEarth943 - - 52 comments

There is still some text that has not been translated to English.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Metr_Pihalich Creator
Metr_Pihalich - - 31 comments

Yes, there are minimal gaps)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Mrluigi32 - - 26 comments

where do i have to extract the files from the english translation patch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Metr_Pihalich Creator
Metr_Pihalich - - 31 comments

in this pack with the mod: - Pihalich_mod_2.0
Yes, there are some points that have not been translated, there are few of them. Everything is accessible and understandable. If you have the skills to translate to the end, I will be grateful.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,753 comments

is it full English or just some aspect of the mod mate?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Metr_Pihalich Creator
Metr_Pihalich - - 31 comments

This is a complete machine translation, I did not translate it, camrad from moddb, I do not know English well.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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