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As most of you have probably found out by now, CoH now requires Steam in order to play. A side effect of this change is some difficulties in the manual installation of mods.

Thus I am writing this to ask you, as gamers, to help us modders gain access to Steam Workshop as a distribution system. This would not only make it easier for you to stay up to date with mods as they are updated, but also make it easier for us as modders to release updates and content.

If this goes through I will finally have a way of distributing Alpha stage content to you guys, and I will have the motivation to start publishing content on a regular basis. At present I am prepared to put the IJA Alpha stage on the Workshop the moment it gets approved.

Get signing guys, your support is greatly appreciated.

Features Pages

Features Pages

News 3 comments

Some info on upcoming updates to the features area.

November Updates

November Updates

News 6 comments

Updates for the month of November, including ingame video footage of current progress. Will be updated once second video complete.

Pacific Thunder Progress

Pacific Thunder Progress

News 11 comments

Pre-Update for Pacific Thunder. August 2012. Just explaining some recent issues regarding postponing of an update. Also a cool meme to keep you entertained...

Mod of the Year 2011

Mod of the Year 2011

News 8 comments

Mod of the Year 2011 is here! We ask you kindly to vote for us, and to vote for all Company of Heroes mods who have made striving progress!

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SGWinter - - 40 comments

I hope this mod gets finished! If not, could the models be made available for someone to finish it? I'd be willing to take it on.

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DillonLee - - 9 comments

Its dead,Jim.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Rizky_Jovan - - 49 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
george76 - - 1,283 comments

i really hope the author can come back to this mod at some point

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4thUSArmoredDivision - - 21 comments

Hello, is it possible for you to perhaps share the USMC skins for an active Pacific front mod project? Thanks in advance, really appreciated.

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avsbes - - 12 comments

WHY is this mod dead????
It is a really good idea, so why is it dead?

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Rikudō_Sennin - - 116 comments

I've read in the comments that the modder is busy right now and he has less time to make this mod.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

TokubetsuRikusentai - - 140 comments

promises to deliver a dead mod :I

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Michael_Z_Freeman - - 127 comments

Blitzkrieg Mod seems to have managed without Steam Workshop support, but I know it can be difficult to keep a mod going.

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