Been playin' since Doom, Quake and all the other FPS's. Got into development with the release of Unreal Tournament (~1999) when I made an unreleased "scanner" model complete with button animations which I imported into the engine.

Battlefield 2 hit me really big in around 2007. That led me onto the community. Then I discovered GTA and the other sandbox games (more out of interest in the genre than being a huger player of anything other than Battlefield).

Then I started going back to my roots. MAME and the classic arcade scene. That's where it originally started for me .. playing with my little brother on arcade games in seaside arcades in the 80's. Still much to learn there in terms of game play - instant fun ! Joystick and two keys to hit very hard. No confusing high concepts, just good 'ol simple fun. There's a lot of development these days that could do with that kind of "just give me the fun" treatment.

I also like cheese.

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OK, if anyone is interested here my current news.

I'm looking at a solution to autobalancing bots when there are more than 96. I looked into the Python and it looks like a bug in (not a hardcoded exe problem). So someone on BF Editor dot org kindly wrote a possible fix. Still in testing. No promises as always, it may all come to nothing. But it would be nice to be able to balance teams when there are more than 96 bots as the FH battlefield get's so much more interesting with all the positions being filled and vehicles being used. Otherwise it's max 96 bots. Over that then the player could have interesting unequal fights with the other team ;D.

One obvious thing I have not got to so far is to learn from the AI-Fu masters themselves, AIX2. There is smoke in there from tanks which seems to knock off AI missle lock from other vehicles. This could maybe be used in FH. But this is taking a long time for me to understand as I'm having to learn a lot about Python and other insides of BF2. But it's interesting ;D.

Testing with my new mod to be called Hardware Accelerated Battlefield AI (HABAI) is progressing well. Splitting gameplay between cpu cores with the server and the client improves framerates and seems to improve AI performance because the engine is not having to scale down the AI to compensate for over usage of the CPU. In fact here is the new mod logo ...

User Posted Image

Does anyone ever have nightmares about Nazi terminators send back to change the history of the 1940's ? 8)

An obvious idea, at least it was obvious when I realised this, is to switch Coop/SP maps in game ...

User Posted Image

Clicking on a map initiates an immediate map change.

OK, enough for now.

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Hey man, I know you from BFSP.

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Michael_Z_Freeman Creator

Seen you there as well. I am of course Xenephone on the BFSP site. I am the man of many names, probably too many to list, lol. Welcome !

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if you want visit my website for bf 1942 mods, there are you up to date about!
And if you need some help please register, it coast nothing only 2minute time!

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