After years of negotiation, the 12 leading military powers agree to halve the size of their armies and to either demolish or convert bases that are no longer in use.

Suddenly, an unknown terrorist organization known as WOLF (Worldwide Organized Liberation Front) has issued an attack towards multiple US bases and threatens to attack nearby cities using long range missiles.

A new attempt at retaliation fails and the WOLF Organisation carries out its threat on neighbouring towns, an attack causing 327 deaths and many more wounded.

The situation escalates.

After negotiations have broken down, the US government decides to make use of the NASF (National Anti-Terrorist Strike Force) in order to weaken the opponent from within by means of specially targeted acts of sabotage.

After five successful training years with the NASF, Roger McAllen begins his first mission behind enemy lines...

Remod is a HD mod for OPBT that tries to bring :

- HD Models.
- Detail texturing for most of the textures.
- HUD Changes.
- Music Changes (Used to use copyrighted music, now uses Gearbox's OP4 soundtrack).
- Sound FX Changes.
- Revised text-based stuff (Objectives, credits).

Remod already includes OPBT, so you don't need to need to install the older version, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!


- Any changes to the configs must be followed by actually quitting the mod and reopening it, otherwise the configs will not change, yes, this does include changes to volume controls.


Acid Snake - M249 Textures
Ardo - M249 Stock Model
Besli - M60 Sentry Edits
Birdhouse - AWP Skin
CSHPT - M249 Stock Model
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - LAW Animations.
Dijesse - Apache Pilot Model/Textures
Editor321 - HGrunt OpFor's Model/Skins, Satchel Model/Skin
End of Days - HGrunt OpFor's Model/Skins, Satchel Model/Skin, Weapon HUD Template
Flamshmizer - M249 UV Map
GHOST Ops Team - HGrunt OpFor's Model, Grenade Model/Animations
GamingLord - Gib models
Gearbox - HGrunt OpFor's Model/Animations, Knife Animations, Satchel Model/Skin
Geno - M249 Textures
H4wk - Crossbow
Hav0c - AWP Model
IIOPN - M249 Animations, AWP Animations
Killing in the name - HGrunt Skin
LAca - HGrunt OpFor's Model/Skins
Laca - HGrunt Model
Liquidator - Barney Model/Skin, MAssn Model/Skin, HGrunt 2nd Face Skin
Lonewolf - Grenade Skin
Marphy Black - Apache Textures
Minuit - Apache Texture Edits, Satchel Animations
Napoleon - Valve Detail Texturing
OP4 : Redux Team - Armor Model/Skin, Contrast Goggles Model/Skin
Pete3D - SPAS 12
PuR4fAx - Knife Model/Skin
Red Slug - Crossbow Model Tweaks
Renard - Apache Heavy Gun Model | Apache Model/Textures
Robbe - HGrunt Rigging, Compile used as base.
Romka - HGrunt OpFor's Model/Skins, HGrunt Addons
Schmung - M249 Model/UV Map
Sixshooter - M249 Stock Model
Snark - Satchel Model/Skin
Stoke - Crossbow ACOG Scope, Desert Eagle Model/Skin
SureShot - LAM Model/Texture
Team Psykskallar/ruMpel - Grass models
Thanez - MP5K Skin
Tundra_cool - Apache Missile Model/Skin
Turtle Rock Studios - Medkit
Twinke Masta - MP5K Model
Unk0wn - LAW Model/Skin
Unknown - M60 Sentry Model
Valve - Crossbow Model/Animations
Water-Phoenix - HGrunt OpFor's Textures, Scientist Textures
Werewolf - Barney Model/Skin
ZikShadow - Remod Author
bullet_head - AWP UV Map
fat_al - Gib models
klla_syc3 - AWP UV Map
threatty - M249 Sounds
xLongWayHome - M249 Sounds

Installation is simple, simply extract the OPBTRemod folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd")"

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"

There should now be "valve" and "opbt" inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other
mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, "Operation Black Thunder - Remod" should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game opbt" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game opbt"

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

Hope you enjoy!

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Operation Black Thunder, what an interesting mod.

It's rarely you get a military themed mod for Half-Life that DOESN'T get too close to the HECU or the Black Mesa Incident even.

But we got one.

Operation Black Thunder - Remod 1.0

OPBT is a pretty good mod, most of the level design was believable for a militaristic setting, and most of the gameplay stuff's ain't too bad either.

There was a few nonsense here and there like half of the turret sections (no, not just the electronical ones), really felt them when i played it in Hard a couple of days ago, but overall a pretty fine mod that i'm surprised got little attention when compared to other classics like Azure "Escort the" Sheep (joking, i like that mod too).

It even got custom weapons! With a silenced MP5k and a shotgun that is pretty powerful, even on Hard.

The recoil thing is a problem though, i can't believe it, but the MP5k, a SMG, is apparently better at long range than the M16, WHICH IS DESIGNED FOR SUCH RANGES.

I mean seriously, try to fire the M16 or the M249, that recoil system is straight out bollocks.

Basically when you fire, the recoil doesn't jump your aim up, it jumps the weapon's aim up, so you have to aim the crosshairs down since the weapon is firing up above and beyond the crosshairs.

Really screws you over in medium-far range battles. REALLY.

The objective system is nice, gives you direction and while setting up a bit of story to whatever it is you're doing to cripple WOLF.

The ending is severe WTF material though, you'll see what i mean (or already know what i mean).

BTW, if you're all wondering why i didn't just upload it to the addons section of the already existing OPBT mod page, it's because it's inaccessible.

Figured why not make a new mod page instead of doing a bunch of hurdles uploading it there.

Anyway, yeah, that's all i can say here.

I hope all of you enjoy the remod.

Thanks for reading.

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Operation Black Thunder - Remod 1.1

Operation Black Thunder - Remod 1.1

Full Version 5 comments

1.1 Release of OPBT : Remod. Remod already has the files of OPBT, so, no need to install the original version or anything, it's all already done! Hope...



Language Pack

Traduction / Adaptation du texte et simple patch utilisant l'audio des jeux Half Life dans leurs versions française avec des petites retouches personnelles...

Operation Black Thunder Remod (Standalone)

Operation Black Thunder Remod (Standalone)

Full Version

Compilation of the OPERATION BLACK THUNDER REMOD mod with the xash3D engine and some effects and sound files from the Half Life game in addition.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)
Guest - - 699,748 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

makaro - - 121 comments

The Crash after blowing up the dam is present if you play on D3D. Switch to software or openGL . Once you leave the map with water you can switch back

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mDR-351 - - 47 comments

After i drop down to a broken pipe at the dam exploding my game crashed when another map loads. Please fix this...

But the mod is so good enough... :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Fasik - - 14 comments

Doing great work here bro! keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
JimmyCognitti - - 70 comments

A lot of hard work and dedication went through this mod (and I respect that), however, OpBT turns out to be quite frustrating most of the time. The cliff-jumping section is totally annoying (and unnecessary) and the frequent ambushes where the player takes a tremendous amount of damage get repetitive and boring, let alone the fact that you'll have to manually save your game quite often since the auto-save option won't work the same way it does in vanilla HL.
As for the remod itself (HD Pack): Great work as usual! weapon models look really nice (as well as NPCs).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Jancev™️️ - - 89 comments

Dude im not some hater of the mod i played its good, but It has so much ''BUGS''

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 507 comments

Then mind elaborating?

- What happened?
- Where you encounter them?
- If it's an error, what's the error name and log?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Owenwir - - 513 comments

im having a trouble with the map after blowing up the DAM.
I kept crashing, can you fix it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 507 comments

Tell me everything.

1. Did the crash gave any error messages? If the mod didn't crash to desktop, check the console if there's any error.
2. Have you tried going through the maps again to see if the crash would reoccur?
3. Are you using any particular unofficial Half-Life version (non-Steam/Xash)?
4. Have you in any way tampered with your own Half-Life installation before installing EftD - Remod (new dlls/custom exes/scripts)?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Owenwir - - 513 comments

1.It crashed into the desktop
2.i already tried it for about 5-8 times
3.yes i did but i dont use Xash.
4.i cannot remod anything like it so No

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 507 comments

1. No messages, damn, always hated it when HL does that.

2. I see, try testing if the map itself is causing the problem by using the console and typing "map e3m2".

I fear it might be your particular game state that may be causing the issue, with the only solution i can think of being a previous save that doesn't take place anywhere in "e2m5" or restarting the whole mod.

3. Xash or not, i would recommend using the actual Steam version, as it is the version i remodded OPBT with.

I can't guarantee if things would go as smooth if you're using non-Steam/Xash/WON.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Owenwir - - 513 comments

Allright thanks for your kind respond Sir :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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