Off Limits is a first person multiplayer shooter that is focused on two teams capturing the enemy territory and hunting down and killing their main guy, the Juggernaut.
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Hey, this is Deadrawkstar from

I've played this mod several times, with a few of the same people, this is a beta, i know that, but i'm still going to list what i see good and bad about it.

-Maps: Their the BEST feature of this mod so far, although some are big, and built for full servers, they're diverse and fun.
-The Class Maker: This has been seen before, but this stripped down version is nice and simple, although it could use refining.

-The animations are horrid, most are jerky/not full - this should be at the top of your priorities list to fix
-The gameplay ideas are great, but need fixing, everytime i play, i end up playing the same guy who sits in the capture point and spams grenades out of them. They NEED to be shoot-thruable. Perhaps have a scoring over time system similar to battlefield? or rethink it entirely.
-Weapon Models; The models quality aren't consistent, although some are good, and accurate to the real life counterpart (bennelli nova), some of the others are poorly modeled and could use work.
-add in voice support!- dont make me open the console and type enable_voice 1, i know mic spammers are annoying, but there are work arounds you could impliment into the ui - (the console has a mute player feature), and whats the point of having a team based game without having an efficient way to talk to your teammates.

Thanks for reading. - Deadrawk

Great level design, great art design. Magnificent!

shame that its dead.
good voicing
nice maps
and wonderful models



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Improbable mod

Terrible quality, no playerbase either.


AnoreZ says

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Pretty awesome mod, yes it is lacking a community but that could easily change in a day, but for now this mod is looking pretty awesome, I got in and had some fun driving around into buildings and testing out the guns.


You can tell these guys really put some effort into their mod. However, some things fall flat very quickly. As some people noted, the weapon models are either OK or downright horrendous. If there is anything to try and update in the near future, these would be it. Maps look nice, especially the city one, where a lot of detail went into the brush placement. Aesthetically the maps are nice, but when viewed at geometrically, they can sometimes be a bit unbalanced, which isn't bad, but sometimes can produce lopsided gameplay. Plus, the maps usually are too big. The most I've ever seen on a server is 4 people and the maps look like they're designed for at least 10, especially with the addition of multi-person vehicles [which I like, just in its current state of player traffic is unusable]. Plus, all voice communication is turned off, which makes communicating with your team near impossible and makes the mod frustrating in some ways since there's no coordination. Also, nice use of Jon St. John's voice acting. Although some aspects of the mod really do shine in some ways, the tried and true idea with various glaring flaws in design drag the game down.


its semmed awesome


за видео снёмки

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