Titanic project with deep history knowledge by Blad398 and his team.
New updated global map, new factions, thousand new units and many other things.

A global project dedicated to the confrontation of religions and internecine wars in Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East. Based on the famous DLV mod.


Main information:

1.New factions - Georgia, Ayubids, Cilician Armenia, Flanders (all with unique lines!), playable Mongols
2. New garrison script where defending units spawn randomly. As a result, the player does not assume what forces the settlement will defend. There are now 6 cultures in garrisons. Africa, Arabs, Rusichi, Turks, Polovtsy and European culture. Script author - Jagdtiger
3. The role of castles in the game has been increased. They now have a higher income, but naturally much less than in cities, because cities still have commercial buildings. After editing the income of castles, the treasury became more stable, it became much more comfortable to play.
4. New, more adequate diplomacy. In the plague script, the total war of everyone against everyone has been removed. There is also a plague, but during the plague, diplomacy and relations between factions remain unchanged. The plague lasts only four turns, with intervals of about 100-150 turns, as it was before. You can’t do without it, as it balances population growth and income. Well, I think four turns of the plague can be tolerated. The first plague starts at turn 135.
5. New building priorities for separate, weak factions, as a result of which they began to develop much more actively.
6. The ruler's treasury at the start of all factions has been balanced, some have revised troop stacks. In particular, the Mongols were strengthened and military buildings were registered at the start. Now, almost at the start, they begin to seize territories. In general, AI starts to behave actively after about 20-30 moves.
7. New AI behavior on the strategic map. AI has become much more active, building forts, capturing new territories. But he attacks the player, mostly only after he captures all the territories of the rebels and comes close to the borders. But at the same time, no one forbids you to attack first, after which it is very difficult to conclude a truce. Therefore, before the attack, be sure to weigh your strength and think ahead of your actions.
8. Slightly reduced the chance of losing money after investment. But still, keeping money with moneylenders for a long time is not recommended. Accumulate five moves and then spend on construction. If you keep money for too long, it may disappear.
9. A huge number of new models of units and textures for them. Lots of improved models. The lines of Islamic factions have been more carefully reworked, Georgia has many new units. Europe also has new upgrades and units. Unit work is ongoing. All 500 units no longer have vanilla!!!
10. In Eastern Catholic Europe, vanilla and portraits of elves-generals have been replaced with normal ones, about 40 new portraits in total.
11. New portraits of princesses near the East.
12. A lot of other minor changes that improve the gameplay and stability of the mod.
13. New, round banners for all factions in the absence of a garrison in the city
14. Danzig added to the Baltics
15. Added Livonian order with the recruitment of two new units. Possibility of building an order by HRE factions and the Teutonic Order in the cities: Kuldiga, Riga, Revel.
16. New sounds in battles.
17. Since version 6.0, a new faction Sweden has been introduced to replace Serbia.
18. Also, since version 6.0, the time frame for the passage of the campaign has been changed. Now the framework of the campaign 1180-1337. In this regard, late units will be gradually removed, hand firearms will be completely removed, new mercenary units will be registered in the field.
19. Since version 6.0, 1 campaign year is equal to 4 turns.

and many other new improvements.

For now mod have latest 7.7 version and its have much more updates.


For now its main task to create eng-translator.

Kosss Channel Overview (7.7)


Imperial forum thread - Imtw.ru

Worked on the mod by: blad398, Woodcutter, DenStark, Gercog, Jagdtiger, Knut, alchen
Many thanks to the creators of 80% of the unit models, comrades Jukoman and komatozz
Many thanks for testing and helping to work on the mod comrade Perun74
Also, many thanks to all the comrades who posted useful information for the mod, screenshots and links in the mod topic

If you want to speak with author (Blad398) himself, find him in Discord
his address - blad398#2079

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New Teuton units preview


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Guest - - 693,193 comments

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Guest - - 693,193 comments

Hi ! Mod looks absolutely Fantastic, is it already known when the mod will come out ? :D

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Guest - - 693,193 comments

a mod worth praise, maybe the full English version or the Polish version?

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Guest - - 693,193 comments

mod warty pochwały będzie może angielska wersja cała albo polska?

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Andrew1830 - - 37 comments

Hi, I just saw a live from Kosss about your mod and it makes me really want to play ! I understand that the development of the mod will require time but could you make articles presenting the factions and their units? I hope you'll manage to develop your mod quickly and good luck to the whole team!

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BagaturKhan - - 7,922 comments

Thanks brother! Really appreciate your words!
i`ll say about it to Blad398!

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Alpacaslama - - 9 comments

Good job

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
BagaturKhan - - 7,922 comments

Thanks friend!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moneyman2018 - - 165 comments

Thank God! I was wondering when this mod would be added to moddb.com. Will it be translated to english when it is done?

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BagaturKhan - - 7,922 comments

Master Blad398 is main leader, i am only his manager.
For now mod is in progress, and its closed development. If you have more questions and advices, ask him in Discord. He is free to answer all questions))) he is a very high-skilled modder and historian

and thanks for your words! really!

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