High-quality and beautiful mods for Medieval 2 are not uncommon. But there are those that are superior in quality to many truly high-quality projects. Of course, I apologize for the tautology, but there is no other way to speak here. There is one person from the Imperial modding community who is single-handedly doing a huge reenactment project dedicated to different periods of the Middle Ages. The name of this project is Fleur De Lis. In this case, we will focus on Normans, which was released in beta not so long ago.

The name of the author of the mod is Jukoman ("Yukoman" or "Jukoman" in user slang). He is already known for his high-quality and highly detailed 3D models for various modifications. You probably already know his works from projects like "Stainless steel" New Teuton, Bellum Universalum or simply "Teuton". The works made by Yukoman are amazing in that they are historically accurate. A person tries alone and brings his work to the ideal. There is not a drop of anachronisms in his models and not a single content from the original game. Already for this fighting spirit and efforts, he is worthy of respect in all communities.


Fleur De Lis: Normans is a global project dedicated to the 11th century. Let me remind you that in addition to Normans, Yukoman also has a Renaissance mod, where the action takes place already in the late Renaissance. Normans reflects in detail the events of the 11th century in Europe and parts of Asia. The mod is a bit similar to Stainless Steel and Bellum Crucis. Many gameplay elements and graphics were taken from there. But in general, the mod is unique, thanks to its new 3d content.

Game features of the mod:
1. Rarely modded period of history.
2. The mod works on the principle of 1 year = 12 moves.
3. Factions will be respawned.
4. The garrison script will work against the player. The script will create serious tension during the assault.
5. There will be about 100 types of knights in the mod, which the AI ​​or the Player will be able to hire in their historical provinces. There will be no national knighthood in the game. With the exception of the impoverished, wandering knights and royal knights. For Russia there will be different squads.
6. Recruitment will work on the principle of regional recruitment. If you set foot on alien lands (alien in history) - do not wait for the hiring of native nobility there - hire either local princes or militia sergeants.
7. The protection of the commanders of some factions will be on foot.
8. Historical characters will appear regularly.
9. There will be scripts of historical events in which the player's decision can have far-reaching consequences.
10. Knights and guards will be very expensive and not hired often, so either keep them in settlements or lead them into battle. Prices will generally bite. The beginning will not always be easy.
11. Catholic factions will be able to declare a crusade against Russia and Byzantium!
12. A unique tactical architecture is being developed for all factions, including Russia.


1. France
2. Anglo-Saxons (England)
3. Norman duchy (it will also expand Sicily by script - there will be no Sicilian county and kingdom)
4. Ireland
5. Scotland (more precisely, the kingdom of Alba)
6. County of Barcelona
7. Kingdom of Navarre
8. Kingdom of León (+ Castile)
9. Taifa of Cordoba (Moors)
10. County of Toulouse (Occitania, in fact, was an independent state, will occupy the void of southern France).
11. HRE (Holy Roman Empire)
12. Sicilian emirate - for the first time adding a new eastern state
13. Denmark
14. Norway (needed to fight for the Scandinavian possessions)
15. Sweden (similar)
16. Obodrites (will create tension in the east of Europe)
17. Russia
18. Poland
19. Principality of the Czech Republic
20. Hungary
21. Pisa
22. Venice
23. Pope of Rome
24. Bulgarian Kingdom
25. Byzantium
26. Lithuanian tribes (principialities).
27. Fatimid Caliphate
28. Cumans
29. Kingdom of Burgundy
30. Italian kingdom.

Imperial forum thread

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For now the latest version of Normans mod is 6.5

Disk.yandex.ru 6.5 version download

Imtw.org Imperial server link (6.5)


You can download it from these links (above).
But its in russian language.

The full ENG translation is still going. Its will be only after the Final Release.

Imperial forum main topic

As i said before, this mod is work in progress (WIP).

If you want to connect with main author, write him in Discord (his name is Basil)

Thanks anyway for seeing this topic!
Installation of rus version is simple, just put the folder to Mods and activate special bat-file.

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Igra - - 28 comments

Kingdom of Croatia was probably most "democratic" for its time.
Encompassing nowadays Croatia, entire Bosnia and small portions of western Serbia.
With its victories against Venetians, Normans, Bulgarians and Byzantines, with its beautiful sacral architecture and its literacy, Kingdom of Croatia's only fault was, it did not attack its neighbors.

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BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

New link added (see the Articles section)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Can you upload it to another server?

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BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

It must be decided soon

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BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

Thread updated. Published information and links about the 6.5 version (latest)

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islamzaki17 - - 91 comments

اريد تحميله ؟

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

can you upload the latest version?

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BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

already posted it to article section

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

How is it going with the english translation?

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BagaturKhan - - 7,873 comments

It needs to be finished 100%
And then translation

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