What is a MUSH? The answer is simple. MUSH stands for Multiple User Shared Hallucination. Yes, it sounds very psychadellic and trippy. Fact of the matter is, the hallucination happens whenever you want it, and can be whatever you want it to be. Think of it as writing a novel, one or two paragraphs at a time, and you control one character within that novel.

And your perspective is all about your own character, with the added bonus that other players write their character's part in the story about your character.

Great, right? The largest ordeal many people face when first getting into MUSHing is that it's completely text based, minus any pictures used as reference material for whatever the setting may be. A picture of a pokemon and a kid next to it if you are playing a pokemon trainer in a pokemon setting. A ruined city landscape in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Or yes, even that emo vampire teen that has a million problems and their immortal life is so much worse than every other teen on the planet.

A close tie with the first is closely related to the first. Since everything is text based, there is a lot of reading and writing. But if you love the genre where you choose to play in a text based world, it's all well worth it. Vampires and werewolves, ninjas and pirates, knights and maidens, elves and dwarves, demons and angels. They are all out there, you just have to find them.Now, for anyone who has read that and is thinking that 'Hey, I like that Anime called Naruto.' That's great. This will show you how to join the MUSH, Naruto MUSH: Rivalry, or- NMR. We'll break it down into easy-to-follow steps.

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"First Promotion Exams - Battle of Konoha: Shintaro vs. Daisuke"

Sunadome Arena

The first match of the Jounin Promotion Exams have finally begun. As abrupt as the lineup is with only three matches, the turnout is excellent and people have been jostling to get in. Or maybe it's that very reason the turnout is high. By the time the match is about to begin, there's a carpet of crushed popcorn and sticky soda. Predictions are being made, which vary greatly since no one has a preferred village to roof for. These are two from Konoha who've made it to the finals, the only village who managed to squeeze in more than one of the same village into the finals. Seems as if they're getting rid of that advantage early. Up high even more tense than the rest is Mushi. She stands at the edge, her hands gripping the fence as she leans over. Nearly in danger of tipping over and plummeting the rather large distance between the elevated stands and the arena below. She's trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement. "Go…umm…" She says a name, so quietly it'd be impossible to hear even by someone standing right next to her. Mostly it'd come out as a pronounced squeak.

Below, the seal makers have fixed a strong barrier in place and have determined looks on their faces. Any damage that'd be severe or even mortal will be greatly filtered in actual damage. The official referee is a man wearing the stoic colors of Sunagakure, all browns and light shades of sand. He doesn't seem to share the tension of the barrier shinobi below, and walks sedately to the middle. It's surprising when he uses voice manipulation to practically blast the arena with an otherwise mild tone. "So today…ahem. The match will be between Dai…Senju Daisuke, that is. And Nara Shintaro. The match will end when one shinobi is knocked out or admits defeat…ahem. At that time, I'll announce the winner. Any form of combat has been authorized…and the match will begin on my…signal." And he'd wait for the contestants, giving them a minute to stand in the arena, before giving such a signal.
Daisuke enters the arena seeming to be a bit nervous about something, like he was having second doubts. He walks out onto the area, his bright red hair blowing in the wind, as wild looking as ever, and takes his place to stand, looking at all those in the crowd around him. His mind was in a bit of disarray over something, though it was impossible to tell what without knowing him. As he took his place in the middle and scanned the crowd for friends, he spots Mushi, blinking once, twice, before lifting his hand in a wave, ignoring the others.

For whatever reason he seems calmer than he was after the wave, turning to Shintaro, his opponent and fellow leafer, and bows honorably. "I am Senju Daisuke. I have learned that we share a similar friend, Nara Shintaro. I have yet to meet you in person within the village but let me say this in greeting. You must have great strength to make it this far and I am proud to be standing here facing you today as a fellow Leaf ninja, we are two for two so far representing our village." he says, flashing a victory V.

"If Mushi-san has befriended you, you must be a kind person and I will do you no disgrace by holding myself or you back in this fight. With the wards in place we can go all out, showing the world just how strong the hidden Leaf is. I fight for my village, my country, and especially my family and friends. I do not chose my friends half-heartedly but I hope to become friends with you after this match. This fight is about much more than a competition or who wins and loses for me. So please, show me your conviction, your pride, and the power behind it fighting for what you do." he says with a large smile, beginning to mould some stamina into useable chakra, taking one last glance up into the crowd.

Stepping into the arena from the opposite direction of Daisuke, unlike his opponent, Shintaro seems completely at ease. His composure is calm and collected, eyes scanning and surveying the ring area as he approaches the center to stand across from Daisuke. Noticing the boy waving at someone, he blinks and looks up to see Mushi in the stands. A faint smile tugs at his lips as he lifts a hand to blow her a kiss. He'll probably pay for that later if she is embarrassed, but hey.

Turning his head back to Daisuke as he speaks, the Nara Chuunin bows in return. "Well met, Daisuke. It is a shame this is not the main event then," he says with a sly smirk. "Let's show these people just how strong the Will of Fire burns, my friend." With that, he begins to gather chakra as well in preparation.

The jounin from Suna looks between the two participants who seem to be ready to go before nodding his head. "Alright, lets begin, then. And as a reminder just because the wards are in place doesn't save you from exhaustion." With those words he vanishes, flickering from view as the battle begins.

"You will have no reason to hold yourself back to keep up. So show me all you have, Shintaro-san." Daisuke says. He looks up to the crowd, a somewhat determined look on his face. He nods to himself before turning to Shintaro. "Here goes nothing." he says, mostly to himself for reassurance, an internal chuckling heard in his head from deep within. He brings his hands out and slams his fists together, the area around him exploding in a massive wind of sand and debris from where he was standing, clouding the vision in the area momentarily as the wards in place brace against the impact, the sand swirling high up into the air.

From within the cloud of sand and dust a reddish orange chakra envelops Daisuke, immediately raising the temperature of the area by a few degrees. Daisuke's shirt rips as his arm muscles expand to impressive proportions, his legs following suit and then the rest of his body, leaving him in makeshift shorts and his jacket as he discards his ripped shirt. His bright red hair has now grown down his back, stopping around the back of his knees as a bright red fur covers his arms, legs, and sides, leaving only his chest and everything above the neck bare. His canine teeth have elongated and a bone-like tiara with two large spikes now protrudes from his forehead. As the smoke clears to reveal Daisuke to the crowd, he stands there watching Shintaro from within his cloak of chakra, waiting for him to move.

With a simple nod in response to Daisuke's words, Shintaro brings his hands up into the Rat Hand Seal as he steps back into a spot where the shadows of two large sand dunes are, among other environmental factors. He reaches into a bag on his back and withdraws a black mask from it, clasping it around his face. His hand then reforms the seal, his shadow moving around to join with the shadows of the dunes everything else around him, creating enormous radius of shadow around him and a shell of shadow over his body. While much less subtle, his own transformation is quite effective as well. "Impressive. That would make you the monkey king?"

Daisuke looks a little uncomfortable for a moment before a sudden RIPPPing sound would produce four large furry red tails with spiked appendages on them from his pants. A momentary sigh of relief for the chuunin turns into surprise at Shintaro's calm collected reaction. With a smile on his lips Daisuke chuckles, "You'd be right, in a way. I'm glad… truly glad." Of what, he didn't say, but none the less it was now time to focus on the fight. From the bubbling chakra cloak burst forth multiple missile-like appendages that headed towards Shintaro, some with hands, some with sharp claws, others just simply with a rounded edge. Whatever they were, they sought to surround and overwhelm Shintaro, knocking him out of position and rattling him a bit.

Having come to watch his brother Senju Daisuke in his match, the Tokubetsu Jonin Hinotori finds a place to sit and watch the match. He has a big soda in hand and as things get rolling, Hinotori knew his brother well and knew he had this in the bag, well up until something he's never seen before as the bubbling red chakra, and four tails seems to materialize from Daisuke, "NANI!!!" could be heard loudly and possibly down into the fighting ring, and the large soda falls to the ground and splashes along the concrete.

Watching the appendages come his way, Shintaro smirks slightly under his mask and seems to only remain still. When they hit him, they seem to only bounce off the shell of shadow. "Not bad," he says as he brings a hand up to his mouth and inhales. A split-second later, he breathes put two waves of flame bullets out toward Daisuke, returning fire at his fellow Leaf Chuunin. This should be a fun fight.

Daisuke grins as his attacks are deflected by his opponent, a good one indeed. "By now I could tell if the fight would be over or not in the tunnels, you probably could as well." he says as he prepares for the attack from the Nara. He runs over what he knows of the clan, making note of their insane intelligence for later. As the fire bullet attack comes towards the chuunin Daisuke smiles, recognizing his attack from awhile back. The first wave is absorbed by the reddish chakra of his cloak though a few of the second wave are able to burn his skin. 'This will be a fun fight' he thinks as he prepares his next attack. Fighting fire with fire was a tempting strategy but Daisuke decided to try to trip up the Nara to test him. His hands begin to flash through a series of seals while one of his tails behind him has already entered the ground. While he continues to sign the chakra from his tail would burst up from the earth below Shintaro and attempt to wrap around the chuunin. Daisuke would use the attack as at least a distraction and open his mouth as this was going on and charge a large blast of what looked like a dark fire, shooting it forth towards Shintaro. The ball of flame literally drips onto the ground on its way to Shintaro and begin to sizzle where it lands, marking it to the wise as no ordinary fire attack.

Moving to the railing and even jumping on the railing and crouching, the Uchiha watches his brother as he fight, "OH AND YOU BEEN JIPPING ME ON OUR SPARS, IF YOU LOSE I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!" he hollars down to Daisuke. He probably doesn't hear him, but on the off chance he does, Hinotori flashes a wicked grin, despite being a little mad, the Tokubetsu Jounin seems a bit jealous at his little brother. "I'm so going to talk to aunt Lady Hokage." he mumbles.

Mushi stares as Daisuke releases his bijuu power. She's not the only one. There are a few who know what it is, and whispers break out in a storm. Some have even stood up at the sight of Daisuke revealing he's a Jinchuuriki, while others see it as only an interesting, unknown technique. Now Mushi is leaning so far against the fence that she is really in danger of toppling over. She's so absorbed in it that it's almost comical, as she winces at blows, cheers at victory, lets out sighs of relief when someone successfully evades. "Yes. Yes. To the right…no! Okay, that's…yeah!" Then she shouts, "Go Shintaro-kun! Try your best, both of you! Or else!" An older woman shouting like a fangirl draws a few glances, but most are fixated on the battle below. It's the first of the rounds in the Jounin Final Exam, and the advancing person will go on to become the champion in the next round or go down fighting.

As more attacks come his way, Shintaro seems to stay in the same spot once again. At least he isn't sitting down on this fight like he did in the caverns. The moment the chakra and lava hit him, he disappears in a puff of smoke, a clone apparently. Standing in another part of the shadow, the Nara chuckles a bit at Mushi's cheering. It's nice to see there is one excited fan of battle. He reaches into his Chuunin Vest and grabs a small black box. "I better not let this get damaged here, or that'll be a lot of money wasted," he says before throwing the box up to Mushi. Inside, she will find a Gladiolus flower hairpin that is decorated with amethyst gems. That done, he brings a hand up to his mouth and inhales again, this time breathing out two massive fireballs in succession toward Daisuke.
"Rise.. Rise-chan~ Wakey wakey for the cro—ACK!" And down goes the unfortunate sod of a fellow Kumo genin curtesy of Rise's fist planted in his face! "Frick.. can't ya see I'm try'nna sleep.. 'til.. match'ems strumm…zzz" Rise replied and only curled up deeper into her seat despite the defeaning roar the crowd, the tangible feelings that would've usually put her on edge on a good day, and the Kumo genin's second attempt to try and stir her.

"For Kami's sake Rise-chan! The match is already started and your missing out on the best part!" He yelled at her, and for that recieved another punch to the fist that would knock /him/ out for most of the fight. Even so, he -did- accomplish his mission of waking her up just in time to see some giant fireballs go flying across the arena. "… *eye narrows*… Uugh.. Now I'm dream about Naru-chan too? … *sighs*.. Why can't they eva… *sniffsniff*… wait, somethins not right here." She muttered as she uncurled even more in her seat and started to clear her eyes.

Daisuke catches the familiar voices around him, especially his friend hollering at him from the stands, angry about his little secret. He was glad that so far the fight was going well and things were looking up, but so far the two of them had been at a stalemate, with the Nara coming out slightly ahead. 'Time to kick into formation?' comes a voice from within, entering his head. 'Not yet.' thinks Daisuke, wanting to see what else the Nara had in store. 'You better introduce me properly in front of my fans.' came the voice again, causing Daisuke to momentarily roll his eyes.

As the fireballs come at Daisuke again, the chuunin lets his cloak absorb the impact of the chakra, burning away the fire chakra with its own demonic taint. The toss doesn't go unnoticed by Daisuke, who earlier had seen Shintaro blow a kiss in the general direction of Mushi as well. "Did you just propose in our match?" Daisuke asks, a little thrown off by the interaction between the crowd and the fighters. Regardless, his attacks continue, continuing from ranged and just as deadly as the area around Shintaro is pelted by multiple chakra appendages.

"Not quite," Shintaro replies with a chuckle, bringing his hands back into the Rat Hand Seal. As the extensions bounce off his armor of shadow, several tendrils of shadow race toward Daisuke on the ground. "But that is an interesting idea," he says as the tendrils rise up around the other Chuunin and attempt to pierce him through in several places and bind him down.

Mushi sees the box thrown up, and gasps. "Don't do that!" she says angrily, rather than warmly. He can't take his eyes off the match! But she has her own problems. She focuses back on the box. It's going to come a little short. She just needs to lean down the edge a little more…a little more…but as her fingers are brushing the box someone yanks her back. "You're about to fall miss!" a concerned spectator says. And the box would fall back down, fortunately outside the barrier. Mushi stares down at the arena below, and considers jumping down. She shoves the man who probably saved her from falling away, mumbling something about not needing anyone's help. Well, she has two choices. She can go down and get that box, no doubt containing something beautiful and warming. Or she can stay up here and watch this fight. For Mushi, it's quite obvious. She goes back to the ledge and begins cheering and calling down rather obvious advice with the rest of the crowd.

There it was, some shadow, and a really tricky technique as well. Daisuke uses one of his appendages to grip the nearby wall, pulling him out of the way of the mass of tentacle shadows and harms way. "I wouldn't know, as I do not know the extent of your relationship, but if it's at the gifting stage already then perhaps." Daisuke says with a grin before he looks momentarily annoyed. "Alright, jeez. This is the last time you get an introduction." he says, seemingly to no one though an apologetic look goes to Shintaro. He stands up tall and looks around the stadium, holding his hands up. "Presenting the tag team champions of the world. First of all, the red-headed wonder Senju of Konohagakure, the nephew of the first Hokage. And his partner that has been giving you this spectacle and just really can't wait to get out and do some more…." he says, pausing for a moment to take a breath and here's why.

"Presenting for the first time amongst an audience, the Handsome Monkey King of the Water Screen Cave; the King of the Sage Monkeys, bestowed with the Dharma name of Son by the Sage of the Six Paths. The Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Son Goku!" Upon announcing his name the area around Daisuke would momentarily explode with a bright red light, smashing against the wards and bouncing off continuously. The dust that is kicked up high into the air this time settles back down around Daisuke, who is now sheathed in a full orange cloak of chakra with those four tails swinging behind him yet there is no sign of the fur nor the massive arms and facial features. The bright orange flames flicker gently as if a nonexistent wind blew over them. "Much better." Daisuke says in a very deep voice as he holds his hands in front of him, turning them over to look at them. "But not perfect."

Watching as Daisuke has some sort of exchange with himself, Shintaro blinks then listens to him introduce himself… as two entities. A Jinchuuriki… And apparently now at full power judging by that display. This could be bad… Well, it more than likely IS bad, but Shintaro did not come all this way to give up so easily. Deciding to try his luck again, the Nara sends the tendrils back up again for a second stab at binding the over-sized monkey down by piercing him through. "Two versus one, huh? Let's see if this old Academy Instructor is worthy of what the Kirigakire Shinobi call me… The Shadow Demon."

Daisuke is caught up in Shintaro's shadow sewing technique, hindering his movement as he struggles against the bindings. "Nice name, kid. Let's see what you do with this situation." he says with a grin, watching Shintaro from his position.

"In this situation, as much damage as possible," Shintaro says with a chuckle before bring a hand up and inhaling. He then breathes out two massive fireballs in succession, attempting to cause as much damage as he can while he has him down. Of course, this may not do as much good as he'd hope, but it's worth a shot.

Daisuke takes the flame assault, his skin feeling the burn even through the wards as the wounds from the shadows begin to drip blood into the cloak of his chakra yet do not hit the sand on the ground beneath his feet. "Nice one." he says with a half smile as he recovers from the assault.

Mushi's hands fly up and cover her face when Daisuke makes his introduction. So…overdone! To say the least. But her fingers have parted so she can see anyway. Finally she steps back from the edge and squints as all that chakra is being gathered into one place. She let sout a whoop when Shintaro takes the pre-emptive and hits home, but then she frowns. Wait, shouldn't she be cheering for Daisuke in this instance? So she doesn't root for either of them, as she calls down, "No monkey business down there, Son Goku!" The joke causes a handful of popcorn to fly her way, which she raises her arms to shield herself from, and turns back to the match, completely focused on the fight and nothing around her for now.

Rise blinked… double blinked… wiped her eyes again /just/ to be extra certian… then sweatdropped deeply. "… He became a red monkey…" Rise deadpanned simply before squeezing her eyes shut and taking a bite into an arm for a quadruple check. "*winces then opens eyes*………… So, this isn't genjutsu… or a dream…" She mused calm. Too calm infact for someone witnessing a bout between a Jinchuuriki and a 'regular joe'. Maybe it hasn't all been absorbed yet? Most likely considering how her attention wavered from the arena to watch some crazy lady making a very poor pun.

She still giggled a little. "Monkey Business…"

"Thanks," Shintaro says, keeping his eyes on Daisuke. He knows this is far from over, but what can be done… The best strategy would be to keep him pinned down if he can to try to cause more damage since outlasting two beings stamina-wise isn't very likely. "My apologies if this seems an attempt at execution," he says before sending the tendrils up at different points on Daisuke's body to try to bind him once again and cause more damage. "But it seems to be what Shadow Manipulation is best for, underhanded tactics."

Daisuke is again pinned down by the shadow technique, despite knowing what was coming. He struggles against the binds, getting a little frustrated at this technique as his blood continues to drip drip slowly down into his cloak.

Though a touch surprised Daisuke didn't find a way to defend against that technique before being impaled by it again, Shintaro isn't one to hesitate at surprise of his own success. Perhaps the 'average joe' 'Shadow Demon' can overcome one of the tailed beasts, after all. He's just got to try to keep himself paced and not run out of steam before he can bring Daisuke down. Following the same procedure as before, he brings a hand up to his mouth and breathes out two massive fireballs at the boy in succession once again.

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