Momentum is a standalone, single player (with multiplayer elements) mod, crafted carefully to mimic Counter Strike: Source's movement mechanics, optimized for bunnyhopping and surfing.

(Feature list with links to pictures or something here)

Why single player?

We understand that players would want to try out maps at their own pace; the frustrations of being bored with a map and not being able to RTV, or not having enough time to finish a difficult map without any extensions are the main focus. That's why the mod is single player: it allows the player to pick and choose which map they want to do, for however long they would want, as many times as they want.

We've planned to include multiplayer elements into the mod, such as global centralized leaderboards, spectating, replay viewing, and racing in real time as the mod approaches beta! Having multiplayer elements be optional allows less stress for players looking to just relax or mess around without any hassle.

And lastly, the mod is also going to feature a campaign, which requires focus on a primary, local player for maps like the tutorials!

What about KZ/rocket jumping/etc?

We may add other game types in the future, but throughout the alpha and beta for the mod, we want to focus our efforts on making Momentum a very polished bunnyhop and surf mod for all players alike.

TODO: finish this

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Using mom_zone_* commands

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 3 comments

Getting started

First of all, you probably want to ease everything by executing zoneedit.cfg, which includes useful binds (for commodity). So, go ahead and type into the console: (It is not recommened if you use custom binds, as this will reset them. We're looking into a way of making this reversible)

exec zoneedit

If you don't want to execute the custom cfg, make sure activate the zone editing, which is done by inputting:

mom_zone_edit 1

With it, zone editing is activated.

Firsts steps: Setting default values

When building a zone, the majority of its special values can be set in a per-zone bassis, but it's still useful to have good default values for them, so let's start setting them. We have some:


  • It accepts start/end/stage and it's used if when creating the zone, a type is not specified.
    • start/end will create a starting zone (It will warn you if another starting zone is already placed. We will see later how to ignore it and create another starting zone anyways)
    • stage creates a new stage. There is a hard limit of 64 stages to be created.
    • DEFAULT: start


  • Specific to start zone type, dictates how the velocity is check:
    • 0 takes into account player z-velocity
    • 1 ignores z-velocity.
    • DEFAULT: 1


  • Specific to start zone type, dictates how fast the player can leave the start zone when bunnyhopping. To disable speed check, set a value lower than 0:
    • DEFAULT: 290 (an approximation of the maximum preestrafe value)


  • Specific to stage zone type, dictates what number the stage will be:
    • 0 searches for the next available stage number
    • You can also set one, but has to be then greater than 2
    • DEFAULT: 0


  • Set to 1 to be able to create more than 1 start zone.


  • Sets the grid size
    • 0 to disable the grid
    • DEFAULT: 8

Creating zones

The process is quite simple.

  • If you wish to cancel the creation of the current zone on the middle of its marking, by inputting this command (Or pressing mouse2 if the cfg has ben executed) will cancel the zone.

Once we have choosen where to start the zone, we use this command to mark its first corner (Or pressing mouse1 if zoneedit.cfg has been executed)

Next, we do the same for the opposite corner. When the command is inputted again, the base is created, and now we must set the height, also by inputting the same command once we get the desired height. In this third input, the command allows start/end/stage as arguments (If not declared, then the value of mom_zone_defzone will be used)

Congrats! You have made your first zone.

Now repeat this process for end and as many stage as you want. Once

If it's a start zone, then you can use one more command:

  • Where to reset the view angles to when restarting. No reset happens if this command is not issued

  • We'll bring this behaviour to stage zones as well, but for now, only start zone has it.

    • Accepts the yaw rotation in degrees as its argument
    • DEFAULT: Player's current view angles

To delete zones, use

  • Deletes all the ocurrences of the desired zone type.
    • Accepts start/stop/stage or an entity index (NOT an stage number)

Finaly, to save your zones, use


which will save your new zones between sessions

Handy commands


With this, you can decrease/increase the maximum reticle distance (mousewheelup / mousewheeldown if you have executed the cfg)

Final words

If you have any question regarding this topic, or any other (as long as it's somehow related to Momentum), don't hesitate on contacting us on

Momentum Mod Dev team


Dead. Sad, I wanted to play this.

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Gocnak Creator

Not quite! We've updated our blog recently ( and we have a discord server that is more active ( It's definitely still alive, just slowly moving along!

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Is this a parkour or just a modded shooter w/parkour?

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Gocnak Creator

Not really parkour, I'd recommend looking up "counter strike surfing" and "counter strike bunnyhop" on YouTube for some examples of what this mod is going to be about.

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so you cant play it yet?

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Gocnak Creator

Not yet. We're building this page for the Alpha release. The Alpha is coming eventually, and you can see our progress updated on our site (see Homepage).

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