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Isotx are the developers of the popular Mideast Crisis and Iron Grip, as well as the team behind CrosuS. They include talented game developers from 15...

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Do you know what happened to ISOTX?

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Can i stream your mod unofficially?
So i sent the friend request.

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i must say that i waited just till yesterday to download this mod. its not what i thought it would be. Version 1.5 overshadows 2.0 without a doubt. I must say that the implamentation of version 2.0 must have gone through no mod testing before its release. the big problem i have with the mod is the mig's have no anti air ability. Using 10 Hinds to attack 3 blimps and only taking one out shows a signifigent degrading in anti air ability for the GOI. With so few units in the game per side it should have been a very stand out problem during any beta testing.

so from what i have read in the comments i guess there will be no patch to correct the problems with 2.0, thus making 1.5 in my opinion better. i would rank version 1.5 8/10 and version 2.0 7.5/10.

if there is someone you know that has actually made a patch to change the problems with the mod please post it =)

Thank you.

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agree on the Mig. Maybe someone can make a small sub mod which re enables the anti air capability back.

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hai all
who know if the game can work in Hamachi?????

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Hey can u tell me how to edit attack poer attack range etc of units in MEC2/tiberium wars, ive been trying to do it by Using the Big extractor but cant find the file where it has the weapons dats and all thanx

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1.)UN vehicles and tanks(include Brummy)have mostly just the nano-repair ability which takes 1 second to activate then comes cooldown,they self-repair to full health in 3 stages rapidly.

2.)Any graphical glitches are probably bound to that you need your shader set on medium quality at worst.

3.)Yeah, saw that too, no big deal.

4.)Interesting, must try it while I can.xd

5.)Requires upgrade to run.(I think)

6.)Yeah,after upgrade they run as hell.Seems faster then Jeep. With their Rally ability they're really guys to be feared.

7.)Don't tell me Jihadists has an anti-air attack.AK-47 taking down F-35 ?

8.)They shouldn't ? Drones are uncontrollable,fast,yet fragile.I think they work like buzzers from Scrin Hive defense. So,yes they follows their enemies to pretty long ranges.

9.)Must try the MiG now.xd You sure they didn't have the anti-ground payload on? (if they has it)

I agree with Brummy and Comanche to some degree.

Sorry if I made any errors and drivels.Didn't intend to make a fool from someone.

Dengz fe ryleez 2. Eee luf ad. :p

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1. nonsense, put them in hold position and u can use the ability in middle of battle ITS A bug...
2. its a model glitch not effect
5. there was no upgrade in game for it sadly
6. its more like lol than fear i call need fix
7. lol they just did and they also taked out my mega bomber xD
8. nope thats a op bug because if one unit attack my base and run back to his base they are all dead since my defence will turn to super weapon lol
9. not sure it was not my report i guess its a mistake, i will remove it from bug list

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Ok,Ok I mostly agree,I stand corrected. Mod needs polishing,patches,but hey,its just released.

1.)I put my Abrams into hold position,their nano-repair was alright.The same for Brummy,Commanche,etc.
5.)I'll take a look now.
6.)I agree,after guerrila upgrade they're really faster then jet.
7.)Description says they can only take down helicopters.Wonder if Fedayeens can attack all or some air units also.
8.)I must take a good look on that.Yesterday they seemed to me like they're attacking just air units and don't attack at all when enemy units were so close to them.Thats both worst and best on drones.Can't be controlled.
9.)Yes,they really do have just ground attack.No change of payload.No upgrade to be able to strike on air units.I too expected from MiGs to have an ASF role.Must take a good look on description of all units.I also spotted,I think at a Technical-the change from bullets to flamethrower upgrade-there were written "a naplam" instead of napalm typpo.

OP Brummy.His Arnie voice saying a replica from Illidan killed me outright.He sounds like Darth Vader to me.As well as all units voice acting.UN Jeep e.g.xd IDF:"Unit rost". UN:another flagged coffin"
Jihadist saying No sacrifice,no victory is totally of the scene.And I have migraine from Cerberus and Medibot.Maybe its just too early to have a strategic feeling,no matter,we must be eternaly grateful they pulled it out before Xmas.

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dude i said this report on mod page but just to be sure u will see it i will post it here one more time with some update hope u dont mind :)

ok i have played for some rounds and i got some bugs to report ^^
1. most of UN vehicles cant use ability while fighting, u have to stop their fight first then use ability
2. when UN snipers are on the ground there is some graphical glitch on their back like shark thing lol
3. UN peacemakers grenade fires from their foot instead of their gun xD
4. you can take control of mega bomber by clicking on it,
5. Comanches have mini guns in front of them but it wont work??
6. jihadi units run like JETS!! xD
7. im not sure if this one is a bug, jihads do HELL of damage to any aircraft and kill them way to fast
8. UN defence drones follow enemys to their(enemy) base, so basically they follow enemy everywhere on map
9. The MIG's can't attack air, despite the fact that in the description that they can ( CM32 report )

ok now here things i believe need to change
1. brummbar is OP!!! he can take out whole Normal difc AI base ALONE!!! he regain to FAST and fire to fast too! i believe you need to remove his auto repair passive ability and reduce his health a little to balance him ( dont make me mansion 3 brummbar = any enemy any difc => DEAD
2. comanches are kinda useless when u have f-35, and infantry can take them out faster than they can take out infantry lol, if their mini gun get to work they will find some role against infantry! beside i believe they should be able to fire and move in same time like real comanches so they get some tactical and useful feeling

once more thanx alot for release i love it :)

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