Master Sword: Continued 1.2 is an ongoing expansion of Master Sword.

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INSTALLATION: Install the Full Installer and the latest Betapack linked above, in that order. Both packages should be linked on the above page.

REQUIREMENTS: Note that this is a Half-Life 1 (GoldSource) mod, not a Source Mod. The Source Mod is a separate project that has yet to be released. This mod requires the original Half-Life be installed. (That's the original "Half-Life1" - not "Half-Life2: Episode 1". You'd be amazed how many folks we have to explain this to. ^_^)

FUZZNET: Servers with [FN] in their name are connected to the central character database "FuzzNet". Your character will be available across all such servers. If you wish to host an MSC server with access to the central database yourself, please contact Blasto or Thothie through the MSC Forums.


Master Sword, a first-person MPORPG mod for Half-Life, was first created in 1998 by Dogg and Evaan. For over a decade now, dozens of developers have come and gone, contributing to and expanding the project.

When Steam came about, the game looked doomed. But then, in 2005, Kuroneko combined forces with several members of the original team, as well as many new ones, and managed to update it for use with Gabe Newell's new beast, giving the game a full makeover in the process.

Since 2005, we've gone from 11 maps, to over 50, from two spells to over twenty, from a dozen weapons to nearly a hundred, and added litteraly thousands of monsters, NPCs, quests, and features. It seemed that the newly dubbed Lanethan's world of Daragoth would go on expanding forever.

However, after some drama in mid 2008, things were looking grim. Despite the devastation that resulted, now, we're slowly crawling back from the brink. Several new maps and models are nearly ready to go. Many bug fixes and new features are lined up for release. All we need is the green light from our project lead (The Man in Black), and we'll have a release - or at least that's how things stood, as of October 2009.

Now it's 2010 - and although we still don't have jetpacks and hovercars, we do have MSC JAN2010! It seems the dev team is back in business, if not as prolific as we once were. Still, things are moving along despite all the efforts to stop us, so that's gotta count for something.


The Man in Black - Coder and Project Lead
FER - Modeling Department Head
Thothie - Scripting and Mapping Department Head
Sabre - Modeler
Jelly - Additional Scripts
Dridje - Mapper
CrazyMonkeyDude - Models and Additional Scripts
Blasto121 - FN Hosting Service
Kuroneko - Official web space, godfather lead, and keeper of the All Important Forums!

The MSC Community - MSC is first and foremost a community built mod, and many members of the MSC community regularly contribute artwork and media to the on going project.


Master Sword is a community supported project, so we take donations of artwork from any number of sources. Although there's a great deal of original artwork in Master Sword, we're also keen on salvaging artwork, or even maps and code, from dead Half-Life mods. We have indeed done so from over a dozen now (all credited in the "credits_betapack.txt" file in your MSC folder). If you have any materials you would like to donate, stop by the Forums, introduce yourself, and contact Thothie.

In particular we are looking for:

• Coders - experienced in the HL1SDK who will not have too many nightmares after seing a decade old source code that's had about a dozen hands in it. You must be able to compile in ye ancient VS2003.

• Modelers - especially those who can animate and/or UV map

• Mappers - either eager to make new creations, or willing to donate their old sources, are always more than welcome.

• Scripters - MSC has a unique and robust scripting system. It has Othello syndrome, however, in that it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. This is the backbone of the game, however, so if you have heavy coding experience and the patients to learn a new language, we are always desperate for more experienced hands in this deparment.

• Voice Actors - Ever fancy yourself a voice actor and want something for your portfolio? Here's your chance. We've a ton of NPC's, both male and female, with extensive dialogue that we'd like to attach actual voices to. Again, contact Thothie at the forums, and we can get you started.

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Patch of the Spiders
Italian Spiderman says, "Respect da women!"

Hopefully not a turkey of a patch, this near Amer-Indian Extermination Day patch (originally slated for Halloween), focuses mainly on bug fixes, but also puts in place yet more of the framework for more fundamental changes down the road, and introduces us to yet another segment of the expanding underworld.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed the sticky thing with the bludgeon hammer, again.
• Fixed a bug that could potentially result in some flying mobs becoming invulnerable.
• Goblin Latchers should no longer prevent you from healing/shielding victim, and damages against the victim should pass to globlin.
• Yet another stab at the 5hp character delete bug.
• Self adjusting chests should no longer mess up their names.
• Lightning Forged Skeleton will no longer acquire targets through walls. Effects moved client side for optimization. (Less lag.)
• Fixed Golden Axe quest completion and some other potential bugs with item related quests.
• Abyssal Worm giving arrows a miss chance.
• Boinking yourself in the head with the unholy blade in PVP (still lots of other PVP issues though.)
• Sorc Villa Medal now improves itself, if you complete quest with greater achievement level.
• Orc poisoner / Voldar sending poison cloud to targets he can't see and stunning with it.
• Crystal Phase Spiders teleporting to targets they can't see.
• New shield base script (hopefully kills the shield lag).
• Changed speed effect system for Ravenmace and Urdualian Shield (may port to more later.)
• Fixed bug where Forsuth would "shortcut" to the wrong point.
• dmgmulti no longer applies to scaling DOT effects.
• Fixed bug where skeletons/mummies struck by holy weapons would sometimes get up again.
• New client side fx arrows should make for more dependable hits, while retaining aesthetics.
- Projectile is now server side again, though the model is still client side - happy medium.
• ...and the usual 10,000 others...

New Maps
• Undercliffs by Fredrikli and TheOysterHippopotami (connects from Bloodrose, self adjusting, hard to v.hard)
- This hazardous series of underground tunnels may provide an alternate surface root to the Underkeep.
- Also spiders, spiders everywhere.
- (By request, this will be flagged hidden next patch.)
• Gertenhell by Dridge and TheOysterHippopotami (disconnected, hard)
- This lava filled nightmare variant of Gertenheld Cape offers many a spooky surprise.

Map Fixes and Tweaks
• b_castle - Body guard room now has multiple destinations.
• bloodrose - Connection to Undercliffs is at the old ms_snow location - ms_snow moved to higher elevation.
• deralia - Removed clone of Cathain.
• deraliasewers - Boss teleport now has multiple destinations.
• dragooncaves - Boss room now has multiple destinations.
• Fmines - New spawn system, additional puzzle.
• gatecity - Connection to Underpath, optimization (beware that the bar has moved), minor tweaks and fixes.
• mscave - Finally resolved the mystery of the stuck orcs.
• Nashalrath - Tuned piano.
• orc_for - Fixed potential fubar with hpreq battle troll spawns. Boss now has xp spin up time (15mins).
• rmines - New spawn system, more explosions.
• shender_east - Portal to Fire Giant now opens, regardless of worthiness.
• thanatos - Glitchy scorps and exploits.
• the_wall2 - Navigation aids, Forsuth teleport fix, chest fixes, minor aesthetics, expoits, Valend's long term memory.
• underpath - New spawn system, and some alternate lower-level route options.
• As promised, Underpath, Rmines, and Fmines are now all flagged hidden.
- (Underpath is accessible from Gatecity, Rmines from Underpath, and Fmines from Rmines.)
• Gatecity is no longer flagged hidden.

Misc Changes
• Mouse wheel now scrolls on inventory/chest/shop UI screens.
• Demon shield will now use firebreath if you attack with the other hand while the shield is held up.

New Mapper Toys
• trigger_once/multiple new parameter: reqtouchtime ("Required Touch Time")
- Requires trigger be consecutively touched for this many seconds before firing.
- Leaving trigger untouched for >1 second resets timer.
- All other touch requirements must be met for timer to begin.
- Do not combine with individualized cooldowns.
• ms_monsterspawn / msarea_monsterspawn properties
- New Property: reqhp (require hp, min/max/avg) and nplayers properties, similar to the msmonster_xxx property
- New property: params ("Pass Parameters").
-- All these additional parameters are applied to all the monsters tied to it, in addition to any defined on the individual monsters or in the map's global parameters.
• msmonster_xxx
- reqhp ("Require HP (min;max)") property can now be set to use the average HP on the server, instead of the total, by converting any token after the first to "avg".
- eg. 500;avg = require average hp be >500. 250;750;avg = require average hp be between 250 and 750.
- As with other player-related spawn requirements, only active players are counted.
- (Sorry for the convention change, rather than a new parameter - lazy - and the dern has way too many parameters as it is.)
New Add Params
• For individualized chests only:
- set_req_pick;[%chance] - set this chest to require a lock pick to be opened - chance defaults to 100%. (the related item name is: item_lockpick )
- set_trap;[explode|gas] - sets either an exploding fire trap, or a poison cloud trap. Can be disarmed with lockpicks, whether the chest requires them to be opened or not. If no trap type parameter is provided, or is invalid, chest picks randomly. (Trap fires once.)
- set_chance_trapped;[%chance] - has a chance to be trapped, trap type picked at random.
- set_chance_haspick;[%chance] - has a chance to have a pick inside. Each chest dishes out a max of one pick. Chance increases by 10% of base chance per player, if there is more than one player (on FN only).
- set_req_key;[key_name] - require key of this name to open (lockpick has no effect.)
-- See mapping tutorial's "- Keys -" entry for a list of keys.
- set_locked - remains locked until receives ext_unlock event (keys and lockpicks have no effect.)
• monsters/snake_gcobra additional parameter "set_nosleep" - causes cobra to patrol on spawn, instead of acting like a somewhat buggy trap.
• monsters/dwarf_bomber additional parameter "set_drop_tnt" - causes dwarven bomber to drop acquirable unlit TNT quest item on death.
New Dev commands
• devcmd teledest
- Teleport to a specific entity by its targetname.
- Only works on point entities, and brush entities with origin brushes (intended primarily for use with info_teleport_destination).
- Beware, depending on entity's position and solidity, you may get stuck (in which case, use "tospawn").

(Not masking spoiler sections anymore, as some folks who should be reading stuff, haven't been.)

New Monsters
• traps/fire_burst (self-adjusting trap, self-removing)
- Creates a fire burst that repels targets at ground level of location on spawn, doing a self adjusting amount of damage to all those in the aoe (default 256)
- takes addparam set_aoe;[radius]
- Damage can be adjusted upwards with dmgmulti, but beware the base DOT is determined by a percentage of the target's HP (initial blast based on global average HP)

• traps/poison_gas (self-adjusting trap, self-removing)
- Similar to the above, save it creates a self adjusting poison cloud, applying DOT to all those in the aoe (default 256). Cloud persists for 20 seconds.
- takes addparam set_aoe;[radius]
- Damage can be adjusted upwards with dmgmulti, but beware the base DOT is determined by a percentage of the target's HP (unlike the fire trap, there is no initial blast)

• traps/quake (self-adjusting trap / fx event, self-removing)
- Creates an earthquake at origin 512 units in diameter, doing damage for 10 seconds.
- Damage can be adjusted via dmgmulti, even below 1, but scales as % of victim's maxhp. Setting this to 0 creates an earthquake "effect" that hampers movement, but does no damage.
- (Provides quite a bit more FX than simply using env_shake)
- Takes the following addparams:
-- set_noslow - no slow effect or damage
-- set_nodamage - still slows, but does no damage (same as dmgmulti 0)
-- set_global - affects all players on server
-- set_aoe;[radius] - change radius (max is 1024, use set_global for larger)
-- set_dur;[seconds] - change duration

• monsters/djinn_troll_lesser_fire - Lesser Fire Djinn (medium demon, 100x150, 2000hp, baseXP 250)
- Firey troll throws giant exploding rocks and does fire DOT. Otherwise identical to troll_lobber.

• monsters/horror_fire2_ecaves - Flaming Horror (medium demon, 32wx32h, 1000hp, baseXP 400)
- Different model, otherwise identical to horror_fire2 (fire balls, fire burst, fairly good navigation/monsterclip obedience, flaming trail effect.)

• monsters/elemental_earth1 - Earth Elemental (medium demon, 32x96, 500hp, baseXP 300)
- Earth Elementals have several abilities, including:
- Summon rocks from the sky, that fall with an AOE crash, after a slight delay.
- Open fissures in the ground that damage and stun targets. These do additional damage to enemies who are push immune.
- Create a temporary shield that protects them from all forward facing damage, though they cannot attack while in this state.
- They have a freakish amount of armor and reflect electrical attacks.

• monsters/elemental_earth2 - Greater Elemental (v.hard demon, 32x96, 2500hp, baseXP 1000)
- In addition to the above, all with greater damage, Greater Earth Elementals can:
- Create an Earthquake, that will slow all enemies in a wide radius, doing greater damage as they near the source. This does additional damage if you can't be moved by it.
- Summon a rock storm.
- Attack while their shield is active.
- Additionally, their summoned rocks have a push effect, and they actually gain energy from electrical attacks.

• monsters/hydra_fire_lesser - Lesser Fire Hydra (hard demon, 96x96, 5000hp, baseXP 750)
- So we mixed some dragon essence with an elemental and, whoops...
- This three headed beast has the following attacks:
- Fire aura (constant), enemies near the fire hydra are constantly burned.
- Rapid fire projectile attack (left head).
- Cone of fire (middle head).
- Slow, but high damage, guided fire projectile (right head).
- Plus three long reaching bites, and a nasty tail whip, all of which also apply damage over time.
- Due to this creature's limited elemental repertoire, one must take care on placement and escort.
- This is also very high poly monster (over 8k), so you may wish to be careful where you place it and what you escort it with.
- Other flavors pending (possibly also multi-element variants.)
- Thank Hush 2.0 for purchasing purty model.

New Stuffs
• Lockpicks
- Lockpicks stack, and can be used to disarm certain traps and open certain chests.
- To use: Equip, point at chest, and hold left click.
- It takes about 10 seconds to disarm and unlock a chest. Taking damage from enemies will intrerrupt the process, but not expend the pick.

• The Chaos Axe (Axehandling 30, All Magic Skills: 10, MP 100)
- This weapon choses random element types over time and with each strike, applying related damage over time effects.
- On right click, it can create a burst that repels enemies while applying random DOT effects.
- The axe will avoid using elements targets are immune to, determining said after the first strike.
- Only applies effects to targets not already under a damage over time effect.

• Shadow Lance (Polearms 35, Affliction 15, MP 10,100)
- From Echo717's media contest entry (finally).
- This sinious lance does dark damage, and can apply a defile effect that reduces enemy's damage output (50%) while doing damage over time (15 secs).
- This can be applied with a power attack, by throwing the lance, or by using the third charge, providing a large burst that also repels nearby enemies. (req Affliction 15)
- (Creature's current health must be less than x4 your maxhp to be repelled.)

• Spider Axe (Axehandling 25, Affliction 5,10, MP 5,200)
- This web encrusted red amber axe does triple damage to spiders and applies a strong defiling effect on them (75% reduced outgoing damage) for 30 seconds. Additionally, it can ensnare your enemies.
- Right click fires a weak web projectile (req Affliction 5). Each additional application of webs will slow the target until they are ensnared.
- Once ensnared, they will remain immobilized for 30 seconds, or until the cocoon of webs is broken.
- The third attack creates a persistent web trap (req Affliction 10), that applies additional webbing to all enemies crossing its bounds for 30 seconds.
- Additionally, while the weapon is drawn, the weilder is immune to negative effects applied by spiders, including webs and damage over time.
- Otherwise, this behaves similarly to the Axe of Balance.
- (Creature's current health must be less than x3 your maxhp to be webbed, large creatures are immune.)

• Felewyn Shard (Holy Wave, Divination 10, Swordsmanship 34, MP 20)
- Not a new weapon, obviously, but in addition to having its original model properly restored, the final charge attack now creates a rolling wave of holy light.
- The holy wave does your double Divination skill in holy effect damage to enemies caught in its wake, and applies a holy DOT effect for 50% of your Divination skill for five clicks, to enemies vulnerable to such.
- Additionally, allies caught in its wake will be healed for three times your Divination skill (This adds to the caster's damage points when healing players and critical NPCs).
- Holding +use during the final charge will instead apply the classic Felewyn Shield (severe damage reduction from frontal attacks, plus repels attackers when in holy mode).
- (Something I intended for FEB2015d, but didn't complete in time.)


Also, sorry if your model donations didn't get in yet - didn't want to put this off until Christmas. Next time! (But you get your Halos now!)

PS. Sorry this entry is a mess, but apparently we can't access the HTML editor anymore, so we just have to go with whatever ModDb wants to do. (Also love how the new "format" option formats the whole document or nothing - because we all know an entire document formatted header1 just looks grand.)

FEB2015d Update and Full Installer

FEB2015d Update and Full Installer

News 2 comments

MSC returns, just after Valentine's Day, to show that it still loves you - then comes back a few days later with flowers to apologize for getting over...

MSC Proves it STILL LOVES YOU with FEB2015a

MSC Proves it STILL LOVES YOU with FEB2015a

News 4 comments

It's just after Valentine's Day, and not only do we finally have a new patch, but for the first time in nearly five years, we have a new full installer...

Underpath - the new pre-patch map of underground dewm

Underpath - the new pre-patch map of underground dewm


Underpath map release followed by some extra characters because apparently I have to fill this space up for some damned reason.

SEP2013a Patch is Live!

SEP2013a Patch is Live!

News 3 comments

Valve pulled another "kill all Goldsrc mods" Half-Life update, but after our yelling at them a bit, they quickly fixed it up. See! They don't want us...

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MSC Full Installer FEB2015d

MSC Full Installer FEB2015d

Full Version 10 comments

FEB2012d is the current full installer. MSC returns, just after Valentine's Day, to show that it still loves you, then comes back a few days later with...

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deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

Just logged in (last login was...2013?)

Well done MS:C Team! Love you guys!
Will always support! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 696,544 comments

Come out on the steam store would be great.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ravensholm - - 163 comments

I think if you guys made this mod official on Steam, you would get a LOT more players. Sadly people do not know as much about Half Life 1 and it's mods or where to look for them or how to make them work. Making it as easy as one click and it is on their system would do wonders.

Of course you still have to have the Half Life 1 base game, unless you got it working on Sven Co-op again, seeing how Sven- Co-op is free and Half Life 1 is not even needed.

Always loved this game though. If I had ever really got into mapping, I would of definitely contributed to this mod. Both officially if my maps were accepted or as side maps (no cheat maps though.) Good luck guys! I still consider you top ten, if not top five best Half Life 1 mods of all time!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RecycledDoom - - 58 comments

Hi guys! I found an official Discord for this mod. See

I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. I am also trying to make this place an informational hub. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. We play a mod of the week every Friday/Saturday.

Check us out here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
heepox - - 210 comments

welp i keep meeting namikaze online and a few other people depending on if its the weekend or not so it lives.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kem1l - - 11 comments

seems like the Multiplayer is dead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
2cwldys - - 83 comments

Incorrect! Not dead!

Developers and mappers are still working hard, we're limited to Thothie (long time dedicated developer) and some contributors with the code, and experienced mappers that know their limits and ways around the engine! - we always have updates around the corner when we think we don't have any, you should check us out at where the progress in the community - although delayed at times, functions as a breeding place to talk about bugs; ideas, and future patches. We're still kicking and going strong! , other than that, we have an active discord at

If you'd like to help and contribute to the MSC 1.2 project while we still have dedicated players - hit up Thothie with a PM on the forum, we need all the help we can get.. This includes Mapping, Coders (especially!), spitting out ideas, and even to make the game feel alive is worth our time.

My in-game name is Kenshin !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
XenonFORT - - 172 comments

I wonder, does the mod run using Sven Co-Op standalone? Some mods work with it, but wasn't able to test this one yet, if so it would be awesome and open the mod to a wider audience (I know it doesn't have to be something good always, but I want to think so in this case :P).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aodtonix - - 125 comments

Moving the mouse locks up on lower sens, is that normal? 23 is ridiculously high but it seems to be the sens I need to turn normally.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
skullkan6 - - 334 comments

I seem to have issues creating a character and joining. I join a server, pick my gender, pick my weapon and then it resets. I then check console and see it says something along the lines of "customization could not be sent"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Thothie - - 14 comments

My first advice is to make sure you've put in the full installer AND the betapack in that order from yonder:

...and if that fails, stop by the forums, and we can try to help you out:

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