Dear people of the Modb community, we, former and current MOS members, have created a huge submod for your entertainment. This mod might have started out as a compilation of many smaller mods, but currently houses much unique content as well. MOS aims to be as lore accurate as possible while giving the best game-play experience ever seen in the world of Third Age Total War. After not being active for more than a year we are once again busy updating our mod. This has resulted in the release of version 1.7. We are still at it and we expect that there are yet some updates to look forward to. The Massive Overhaul Mod (or simply MOS) is a submod for Third Age Total War, one of the most popular submods that ever has been made for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms.

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Currently the MOS team has development put on hold as the circumstances do not permit them to dedicate the necessary time to this project. That is why we had a good look at the work of other modders, of whom some have made some fine submods for MOS. Also we combined patch 01-04 an patch 05 into one all inclusive patch and added our High and LoriƩn Elves Silver to gold armour and vice versa patches as downloads to Mod DB.

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Dear MOS players,

Due to various real life happenings, the MOS team is currently unable to work on developing the mod. At this point we don't know when or if we can get back to doing so.

We will try to keep some support going however and may add some new content here, thanks to the work of other modders who made their own submods for MOS 1.7. This is exactly what we are doing now.

Before telling you about what we added, here are two action shots from a MOS custom battle, recreating the first battle of the Fords of Isen where the forces of Isengard killed Théodred the son of King Théoden. Click on them and see them in HD and their original size if you can

Battle of the Fords of Isen

Battle of the Fords of Isen

And now to the content we added to the download section.

The "Marka" barded horses for Gondor submod for MOS 1.7 by Roma_Victrix

This mod will change the look of many of the horse units from the Gondor faction. How does that look? Well, this example will show you. For more pictures and install instructions go to the download page of this mod:

Marka barded horses 08

The Hobbit Dwarf unit submod by King Brian

The aim of this mod is to introduce the Dwarf armour we know from the Hobbit movies to MOS 1.7. As a picture tells more than a thousand words, we will use one to give you an idea of how that looks. Further info and instructions can be found on the mod's download page:

Iron foot Pikemen

The Enhanced submods for MOS 1.7 by rafmc1989

As many of you probably know, these mods have been hosted on our download page for some time now. For those of you who don't know about them, it is definitely worthwhile to check them out. These huge mods change a lot of things, too much to tell about here really. So check them out here: and here:

Remember that all the mods listed here are not made by the "official" MOS team. We will not provide support for them, but are quite happy to be able to present them here. After all, more choice on how your game will look, sound and play is always good.

Note: The mods listed here are most likely not compatible with each other. It is not recommended to install more than one of them at the same time.

Have fun playing!

The MOS team

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