Lost Dragons is a multiplayer total modification aiming to bring out a new thrilling gamemode for Arma3 . Our concept is futuristic objective based team warfare with randomly generated map elements to ensure every game is a unique experience with completely new set of units, weapons, structures and terrain.

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Had the urge to stand and applaud. Pretty sure I've wanted to do that with content shown for this project before...

How might the corporate color(s) look on the black [or insert proper name of color here] used for a majority of the receiver? Especially the red/ white (on the left version) coloring the handguard, on black?

I saw the idea of using the smaller mag for specialty ammo, I like where that could go. How far does the standard(?)/extended magazine extend out from the receiver though? Does it line up with the bottom of the handgrip?

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HorribleGoat Author

Thanks ParaCombatant! We appreciate your enthusiasm and hope to fill your expectations!

The receiver color now is dark steel-ish and the reflection comes from the background and soaks a lot of color from it. Do you mean that how it would look if the whole receiver was the same color as the main body or the secondary color on the front?

The small magazines bottom is on the level with the bottom of the stock and does not come out at all. The long mag comes out about 2/3 of the mag height.

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The thought consisted of having the color as seen in "AR-42-Update_2" and before as the base color, perhaps best taking up a majority of the receiver, with the faction color(s) painted on the handguard.

(And my expectations? Don't mind my "expectations"! I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride, seeing the progress you guys are making! The appreciation and hopes are appreciated all the same however.)

Edit: Also, what about mounting faction/ unit emblems on firearms? As seen on a player character's shoulder in base-Arma?

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HorribleGoat Author

Ahh so mostly black/dark grey all around with with faction colors on the front? I'll see what comes up.

In this version there is a small corporation logo right below the ejector, but I did not add it to the next versions as it was so small. It could work as a separate texture/plane like the faction logos you mentioned.

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Yes, correct!

Looking forward to continued developments on it.

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A bit more progress on the rifle color scheme. New Corporate logo and alternate coloring test.

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