Last Alliance: TW is overhaul mod to Shogun 2. This mod base on stories from Tolkien's books, concretely on war Dúnedain and Elves against Sauron. This still WIP, but now is avaiable alpha with prologue campaign ^^

RSS Mini-campaign - Númenor roster preview [WIP]

Because from few days I have working version of mini-campaign (but still doesn't ready to release), I want to show what units will be avaiable in first alpha release.

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Mae govannen!

Because from few days I have working version of mini-campaign (but still doesn't ready to release), I want to show what units will be avaiable in first alpha release. It isn't full roster, next units I will add in future and currently existing probably will receive some fix to uniforms ;)

I Tier

Ordinary people who want protect their homes.

Volunteer Spearmen



Horse Militia

II Tier

Well trained soldiers who will be fight for Númenor.



Shock Infantry


Spear Cavalry

III Tier

The best warriors among Atani.

Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry   Colonial

Sword Masters

Sword Masters   Colonial

Steel Bowmen

Steel Bowmen   Colonial



They have one mission - protect the commander during battle.



Warriors, trained by elves, who protect the Lord of Andúnië.

Amandil Bodyguard

Disciplined and ruthless soldiers who are guard Pharazôn the Golden during his wars.

Ar Pharazon Guard

The best warriors in Númenor, they use their spear, steel bow and shield to protect legal ruler of Númenor.

Royal Guard

And, it's all, at this moment ;)

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- Sara Temer - most of models
- RomeII/Atiila/ToB game and Rise of Mordor mod - some elements like faces and tunics for low tier
- Vainwarlord, Edred, Maeron - concept arts


Nice job! Really lovely units!

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Why are there women in the units?

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Sara_Temer Author

Because why not? We don't have too much information about women in Numenor (generaly, we don't have too much information about Numenor xD), we know that women can be rulers in Numenor from 1075, so who know, maybe around 2180 years later they can be also soldiers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyway, it's just my interpretation

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Great work! So far this is one one of the better thought out and implemented Numenor rosters I've seen.

Several critiques however:

-Militia, Volunteer Spearmen, hunters and militia Horsemen all look just a little bit too Medieval (save for the helmets). Numenoreans and ragged cloth and kite shields don't mix too well, such equipment would be used by Middle Men more often, unless those militia troops are indeed meant to be auxiliaries the Numenorean colonies recruit from the shores of Middle Earth. Otherwise, if they are Numenorean, they should use gear that follows the same pattern and color scheme as higher tier Numenorean troops. Scale/chainmail in place of padded gambesons, small round shields with heraldry in place of Norman-esque kite shields, etc.

I would actually suggest turning the militia tier into an auxiliary-themed part of the roster, to simulate the Numenoreans colonists conscripting and recruiting Men of Enedwaith, Harad, Eriador, etc. Perhaps there could also be a Mariners/Sailors militia unit. Numenorean folk themselves would always join the professional units if they fight, as there is no need to take up arms as a militia at home in Numenor.

Shields on Knights also could use some additional heraldry and colors. Perhaps one of the more elite units, such as Royal Guard could use golden armor as well to set them apart from other troops in similar armor and indicate that they are the best of the best.

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'Scale/chainmail in place of padded gambesons'
Padded gambesons belong to normal equipment of troops. Except you want to have low tier troops which are already overpowered that is :P
Kite shields are also fitting well imo, I would have more problems with the greek style shields.

And even in Numenor you would have low tier units which would not be as good as equiped as the elite tier ones since they are in training. Except you want players to not be able to recruit any troops at the beginning until they have upgraded their buildings enough. The name militia is in general more indicating that there are people living, which can quickly pick up arms in case it is needed. It can be replaced by another word but in the end it isn't really wrong there. In case there would happen an invasion, militia troops would get levied up.
Royal guards could be improved with wooden shields which have a metal layer, that is a good point.

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Sara_Temer Author

AugustusNocturnis Thanks :D

About your suggestions:
- Most soldiers in low tier units are no-Numenoreans who live in Numenor (and they use old, not too good equipment). Will be useful only in first turn of campaign, before you will organise regular army.
- Auxiliaries units - in updates (when I will add coast of Middle-Earth) Numenor will can recruit regional units from Harad, Eriador etc.
- Knights - I will give them better shields later, because I didn't have time to manually prepared shields for them :/

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Love them all. I like how all colonials are so pale, need to go to the beach more often xD
Amandil Guard my favourite!

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Cool.Thx, can´t wait for Elves :D

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Content looks amazing!

Quick question about the bodyguards, is there a system for decided who gets what kind of bodyguards?

I love the varied bodyguards and was wondering if there was some degree of customisation or if there would be mounted knight bodyguards for other factions in the future

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Sara_Temer Author

Different cultures will have different bodyguards (e.g. Northmen from Rhovanion will have mounted bodyguard) + I want make that bodyguards will be change with commander experience (but all bodyguards for Numenor culture will be on foot - Numenor and their successors don't use cavalry too much)

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