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Available Nations

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Artillery system

  • You can build the Artillery engines from the "Arsenal" , Where every artillery piece has its own damage , accurately , time to build and many other features .
  • There is a massive variation in our Artillery system starting with the classical engines , cannons , bombards and many other engines .

Starting menus

  • You are completely free to start as a Ruler of one of the nations , a Lord or a Mercenary .
  • You can determine the game Difficulty , Select your Religion , Choose your Nationality and many more surprises .


  • Horses with riders that are close to any camel unit will rear occasionally , stopping the rider and disrupting any kind of charge .
  • Camels are not fast and too vulnerable but characterized with high charging ability .

Bank System

  • The Central bank gives you the ability to store money , save items , take loans with Interest and deposit money at the bank .
  • The Central bank is widely spared among all the cities in Italy and the value of Interest differs from one bank to another one .

Blackpowder Firearms

  • Each Blackpowder weapon has its own unique stats which varies in damage , range and accuracy .
  • A massive variation in firearms , Starting with handguns and Arquebuses until you reach modern muskets and pistols
  • The smoke produced from firearms differs according to the damage of both the firearm and powder

Explosive Bombs

  • The smoke resulted from the explosion differs according to the damage of the Grenade .
  • There are three different types of Grenades : ( Metal , Clay and Flame ) , Each one has its own damage and range .

Historical kings of the 16th-century

  • King Gustav I ( Kingdom of Sweden )
  • Emperor Ferdinand I ( Holy Roman Empire )
  • Sultan Suleiman Khan I ( Ottoman Sultanate )
  • Emir Abu Abdallah Muhammad I ( Wattasid Dynasty )
  • King Francis I ( Kingdom of France )
  • King Frederick I ( Kingdom of Denmark and Norway )
  • Shah Tahmasp ( Safavid Dynasty )
  • King Sigismund I ( Poland and Lithuania Commonwealth )
  • Grand Master Albert ( Teutonic Order )
  • Duke Francesco II Sforza ( Duchy of Milan )
  • King John III ( Kingdom of Portugal )
  • King James V ( Kingdom of Scotland )
  • Khan Gazı I Giray ( Crimean Khanate Tatars )
  • Doge Antoniotto II Adorno ( Republic of Genoa )
  • Emperor Charles V ( Spanish Empire )
  • King Louis II ( Kingdom of Hungary )
  • Philippe Villiers De Lisle-Adam ( Knights Hospitallers )
  • Grand Prince Vasili III Ivanovich ( Grand Duchy of Moscovy )
  • Calipha Muhammad IV ( Hafsid Dynasty )
  • Kingdom of England ( King Henry VIII )
  • Pope Clement VII ( Papal States)
  • Doge Andrea Gritti ( Republic of Venice )

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The Holy War Begins

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1) Ottoman Empire

It was an empire that controlled much of Southeast Europe , Western Asia and North Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries . It was founded at the end of the 13th century in Anatolia in the town of Sogut by Osman I . After 1354 , the Ottomans crossed into Europe and managed to conquer the Balkans . In 1453 , the Ottomans ended the Byzantine Empire after the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet the Conqueror . In the 15th and 16th centuries , the Ottoman Empire entered a period of expansion that started under the rule of sultan Selim I . Selim I expanded the Empire's eastern and southern frontiers by defeating shah Ismail of Safavid Persia in the Battle of Chaldiran . After Selim headed towards Egypt and defeated the Mamelukes , Selim established an Ottoman rule in Egypt , and created a naval presence on the Red Sea . Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent represented the golden age of the empire . He captured Belgrade in 1521 , Rhodes in 1522 and after his historic victory in the Battle of Mohács in 1526 , he conquered the southern and central parts of the Kingdom of Hungary . Also Suleiman laid siege to Vienna in 1529 , but failed to take the city . In 1532 , he made another try but didn't succeed again . Ottoman admiral Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha defeated the Holy League of Charles V under the command of Andrea Doria at the Battle of Preveza in 1538 . Suleiman was dead in 1566 after the last successful conquest he made which was the fort of Szigetvár .


2) Holy Roman Empire

The holy roman empire was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars . The largest territory of the empire after 962 was the Kingdom of Germany , though it also came to include the neighboring Kingdom of Bohemia , the Kingdom of Burgundy , the Kingdom of Italy and numerous other territories . In 1516 , when Ferdinand II of Aragon died . Charles initiated his reign in Castile and Aragon , a union which evolved into Spain , but Charles's reign in the Holy Roman Empire didnt begin before 1517 . Charles V continued to battle the French and the Protestant princes in Germany for much of his reign. After his son Philip married Queen Mary of England , it appeared that France would be completely surrounded by Habsburg domains . In 1555 , Paul IV was elected pope and took the side of France , whereupon an exhausted Charles finally gave up his hopes of a world Christian empire . He abdicated and divided his territories between Philip and Ferdinand of Austria . On the other side , the bloody holy war has been risen between Muslims represented by the Ottomans and Christians represented by the Holy league where the Turks had defeated the Hungarians at Mohacs and marched to conquer the city of Vienna .

Holy Roman

The Sand of Desert

The Sand of Desert

News 1 comment

So here our work have just began , We didn't gather the enough number of modders yet , So that we have started with the " Arabian Factions " as they will...

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information


We are taking our first steps in making one of the best mods

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looks very nice how historically accuate will you make it? if you need examples of armor clothing ect. go here

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So where's the mod? Where to download it?

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This mod has a great potential please do not let die

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Is Dead?

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Finally, a mod during the time of Henry VIII. I like the sound of that.
"You think you know a story but you only know how it ends.To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning."-Henry VIII of House Tudor, King of England
'The Tudors Intro plays.'
(I would like to see some Renaissance scenes added for the interiors of the lord's halls of London,England, Paris,France, Rome(Papal States), Vienna, Holy Roman Empire(Prehistoric Germany),Madrid,Spain and just all of Western Europe that was influenced by the Renaissance(Like the other Italian states such as Venice, Florence, Milan, Sicily etc) that are in this mod at least.(All other parts were not really affected by the Renaissance I don't think(Not sure. I only know Western Europe was particularly influenced by the Renaissance) I hope to see the sitting on the throne feature and even the bowing animation like from Novas Aetas. That would be epic. These are just all suggestions to make the mod very interesting.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

oh finally a mod about Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent i hope you finish it soon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will not you release today?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So it is delayed? any approximate release date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moazgbr1527531400 Creator

Land of steel is not dead , most of its team members are busy with their school , we must wait until the end of December to resume our work

Reply Good karma+5 votes

Hi Can i ask when this will be released because it looks super fun

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