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Salutations everyone
We would like to inform that we're currently recruiting members for the development team . Your help is paramount to the success of this great mod so if you can positively contribute to the mod please join our discord community so you can be given the appropriate role . Alternatively , if you feel like you can't contribute in any significant way or just want to send us a feedback , you can make a suggestion on the respective channel . A mod without a community is a failure so we invite all of you to promote the mod and spread the message , to actively discuss it and to give us your feedback . Also, you can expect many, very exciting, updates in the following weeks . Tell your friends that the Land of Steel and Smoke is coming soon .

[1] Historians :

[2] Face Makers :

[3] 3D Modelers and Texture editors :

[4] Graphic designers

[5] Coders :

[6] Animation designer :

[7] Music and Sound collectors :

[8] Images collectors :

[9] Scenes and map maker :

Current features

1) Camels scare Horses :

Now and for the first time , Horses with riders that are close to any camel unit will rear occasionally , stopping the rider and disrupting any kind of charge .

[ Progress 50% ]

2) Bank System :

At the central bank you are able to store your money , save your items , take loans with Interest , deposit money at the bank and later you will be able to robber the bank .

[ Progress 90% ]

3) Huge number of muskets :

The mod features more than 25 historical "Muskets" , each one having unique stats varying in damage , range and accuracy .

[ Progress 100% ]

4) Explosive Bombs :

There are 4 different types of "Grenades" available to use , these potent , yet archaic bombs can be extremely useful to clear large groups of enemies .

[ Progress 100% ]

5) Historical Factions of the 16th-century :

There are 22 nations to choose from initially , but as time progresses some nations will begin to emerge while others will disappear .

  • Duchy of Milan
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Ottoman Sultanate
  • Wattasid Dynasty
  • Kingdom of France
  • Kingdom of Denmark and Norway
  • Safavid Dynasty
  • Poland and Lithuania Commonwealth
  • Teutonic Order
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Kingdom of Scotland
  • Crimean Khanate Tatars
  • Republic of Genoa
  • Spanish Empire
  • Kingdom of Hungary
  • Knights Hospitaller
  • Grand Duchy of Muscovy
  • Hafsid Dynasty
  • Kingdom of England
  • Republic of Venice
  • Papal States

6) Historical kings of the 16th-century :

Each faction has their respective leader, siblings and vassals accurately represented with the correct name and nobility title .

  • King Gustav I ( Kingdom of Sweden )
  • Emperor Ferdinand I ( Holy Roman Empire )
  • Sultan Suleiman Khan I ( Ottoman Sultanate )
  • Emir Abu Abdallah Muhammad I ( Wattasid Dynasty )
  • King Francis I ( Kingdom of France )
  • King Frederick I ( Kingdom of Denmark and Norway )
  • Shah Tahmasp ( Safavid Dynasty )
  • King Sigismund I ( Poland and Lithuania Commonwealth )
  • Grand Master Albert ( Teutonic Order )
  • Duke Francesco II Sforza ( Duchy of Milan )
  • King John III ( Kingdom of Portugal )
  • King James V ( Kingdom of Scotland )
  • Khan Gazı I Giray ( Crimean Khanate Tatars )
  • Doge Antoniotto II Adorno ( Republic of Genoa )
  • Emperor Charles V ( Spanish Empire )
  • King Louis II ( Kingdom of Hungary )
  • Philippe Villiers De Lisle-Adam ( Knights Hospitallers )
  • Grand Prince Vasili III Ivanovich ( Grand Duchy of Moscovy )
  • Calipha Muhammad IV ( Hafsid Dynasty )
  • Kingdom of England ( King Henry VIII )
  • Pope Clement VII ( Papal States)
  • Doge Andrea Gritti ( Republic of Venice )

If you have any modding skills, please consider joining us we're a very small team and any help is appreciated please Contact us by PM Banfly or moazgbr1527531400 on moddb . Our discord link :

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The Sand of Desert


[ 1 ] Hafsaid Dynasty :

The Hafsids were a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Berber who ruled western Libya , Tunisia and eastern Algeria from 1229 to 1574 . The dynasty was named after " Muhammad bin Abu Hafs " from Morocco . He was appointed governor of Tunisia by Calipha of Almohad empire " Muhammad el-Nasir . In the 16th century the Hafsids became increasingly caught up in the struggle between Spain and the Ottoman Empire . Ottomans had conquered Tunis in 1534 and held it for one year , driving out the Hafsid ruler " Muley Hassan " . But after one year the Holy Roman Emperor seized Tunis , drove the Ottomans out and restored " Muley Hassan " as a Hapsburg tributary . After 1535 the Hafsids were vassals of Spain . The Ottomans again conquered Tunis in 1569 and held it for four years . Before Don Juan recaptured it in 1573 . The Ottomans reconquered Tunis in 1574, and Muhammad IV , the last Caliph of the Hafsids, was brought to Istanbul and was executed due to his collaboration with Spain .


[ 2 ] Wattasid Dynasty :

The Wattasid dynasty was a ruling dynasty of Morocco after the Marinid dynasty . Its rulers were of Zenata Berber . The two families were related , and the Marinids recruited many Viziers from the Wattasids . These viziers assumed the powers of the Sultans , seizing control of the Marinid dynasty's realm when the last Marinid " Abu Muhammad Abd al-Haqq " , who had massacred many of the Wattasids in 1459 was murdered during a revolt in Fez in 1465 . " Abu Abd Allah al-Sheikh ' was the first Sultan of the Wattasid Dynasty . He controlled only the northern part of Morocco , While the south was divided into several principalities . The Wattasid rulers failed in their promise to protect Morocco from foreign incursions and the Portuguese increased their presence on Morocco's coast . In the south, a new dynasty rose, the Saadian dynasty . After the battle of Talda in 1554 the Wattasids were finally supplanted by the Saadi dynasty princes .


Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information


We are taking our first steps in making one of the best mods

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Hei im a muslim,but their name is waffasid not wattasid(sorry my poor english)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Note:you will creat one of the best mods .its looks very nice to me
.i like the araiban trop

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moazgbr1527531400 Creator

thanks for your comment

you will see a lot of historical Arabian units for Morocco , Tunisia and Algeria

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Are you planning on adding custom troops and are you going to add more factions in later updates?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moazgbr1527531400 Creator

thanks for your comment

In our mod you will be completely free to add custom units or build new cites , villages and forts

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will this mod be multiplayer? (for possible linebattles etc)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

you got the deluge for that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moazgbr1527531400 Creator

Thanks for your comment

unfortunately our mod is going to be only singleplayer

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Please have something like battletime. If it aint too hard :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moazgbr1527531400 Creator

Thanks for your suggestion , please type it at our discord for more information .

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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