Ok, this is a minimod for FEMP 2.41a, it adds all my minimods and improve them a little bit. I will try to make it as bug-free as possible and v0.4 it's already available for downloading but is a little buggy. I'll also add some minimods from The Forge. I know it may look a bit overpowered but that's why most of the options are OFF by default.

Feature list:

Extra WP points for each level (can be customized in camp menu):

      adds extra Weapon Proficience points each level to all heros.those are unassigned points, just like those you gain when you level up.you can set the amount of extra WP points in the camp menu.

Mercenary Escort:

      you can find a "Mercenary Leader" just like any mercenary in the taverns, but instead of recruiting him for your party, he offers to escort you for a while.

Apointed regulars as companions:

      After a great battle, you can appoint one of your regulars as an hero.You can appoint up to 50 heros.

Wagon System:

      In the camp menu, you can build Wagons or Two welled carts and assign Oxen teams, Horses or prisioners to them.

Entertainment skill:

      Adds a new skill wich allows the player to play songs in towns to increase bardic renown and make denars. It also allows to make speeches to increase renown and right to rule. There is the option to beg for some denars in the streets. While camping or waiting in settlements, your heroes and you increase party morale using this skill.

Shield Bash:

      Players and AI get the ability to semi-heroically shield-bash enemies to their front, holding defend and pressing the atack key, which results in a small move backwards and a brief stun state, with a little damage

Endurance Skill:

      Adds a new skill and adds an option to march/run at world map. When one troop in the party gets tired the party stops and then it has to rest.

Ikaguia Banner Pack(only in v0.5 beta):

      Adds some new nice banners to the game.

New Character Window to fit the new skills: I

      made a new Character Window because the old one was confliting with the new skills.

Flipping coins with tavern keepers:

      Adds the possibility to flip coins with the tavern keepers.

Lords Equipment:

      Adds the Possibility to equip your vassals

New Cheats:

      Adds new cheats like force lord to join kingdom.

Health Regen:

      Kings regenerates 5% of their lives per second, Lords 3%, other heroes 2% and regulars 1/2%. Player regenerates the amount set in options menu. You can disable regulars &/or hero regeneration.

Custom Banners(not added yet):

      Adds the option to make your own custom banner(in-game).

Wife as Companion:

      Adds the option to take your wife as an companion.

Hire Manhunters:

      Adds an option to hire the manhunters as mercenaries if honor is high enought.

Volley Fire:

      Adds an option to order you troops to all fire at the same time.

Simple Loot System (optional):

      An alternative loot system wich can be enabled/disabled via camp options.

Fancy Damage System(optional):

      An alternative damage system wich can be enabled/disabled via camp options.

Simplified KeyConfig Presentation:

      An easier way to set the custom keys.

Combat Abilities:

      Adds the option to

Horse whistle

      (you can call any horse if you have enough charisma, and if you have even more charisma you can call multiple ones, and possibly create a small stampede),


      (good for getting circling horse archers to try and melee you, or distracting some infantry charging at your archers so they can take more fire. More charisma allows to taunt more enemies for a short period),


      (scares away enemies surrounding you that are lower level than twice your level for a short period. Very good for getting out of a tough spot as an infantryman (and followed by Sprint), or scattering an infantry line as you charge them on foot or horse),

First aid

      (allows you to heal a small number of hitpoints in battle, higher with more intelligence and first aid skill. Good to mitigate the effects of random arrows hitting your head and making high intelligence character more viable), Battlecry(recovers percentage of your wounded troops' life, and looks and sounds great),







Theoris Decapitation:

      If you kill your enemies with a strong hit in the neck, they'll lose theyr heads and a lot of blood will fly out of the whole. No head will "jump" out of their heads yet.[/li][li]

Heal horses/troops:

    This will allow you to heal your troops & horses via the "inspect camp" using some medicinal herbs. Lower wound treatment increases wait time, herbs necessary, wound chance and decrease health gained.

TODO list/What to expect in next version:

      Fix Bugs - DONE
      Heal horses/troops - Partially Done
      Add Blacksmith to castles - Done
      Get some features from other Open Source Mods - Done
      Add new buildings like "Town Watch", "Blacksmith"...
      Add Player Trooptree
      Make new quests
      Make new Minifactions

Obs: Order may change


If you make suggestions here, I'll try to add them, but with an option in camp menu to enable/diable, so please, make them.

Known Bugs for v0.4:

      Sometimes your party gets very slow, right click on it and select normal speed. If that doesn't work, it is because it isn't a bug, your party is tired and you should camp for a while.
      While playing musics, you might not be redirected to choose_music menu automaticly(harmless), or don't get any income(rare bug).
      When appointing troops as companions, they don't get the equiped items.

Version 0.4

      The help screen of the Abilities is showing the wrong keys (harmless)
      Some options were not saving.
      You had to start a new game to get all features working properly.

Version 0.3
Flipping coins with tavernkeepers
Lords Equipment

      New Cheats

Health Regen (can be customized in camp menu)
Wife as Companion
Hire Manhunters
Simple Loot System (optional)
Fancy Damage System(optional)
Fancy Damage System2(optional)
implified KeyConfig Presentation
Combat Abilities
Theoris Decapitation Removed:

      Sprint (was bugged and added a new one)


      Endurance skill
      Entertain skill

Version 0.2

      Shield Bash
      Endurance skill
      SPRINT! (can be customized in camp menu)


      Mercenary Escort
      Apointed regulars as companions
      Wagon System
      Entertain skill

Version 0.1:
Initial release, it has:

      Extra WP points for each level (can be customized in camp menu)
      Mercenary Escort
      Apointed regulars as companions (can be customized in camp menu)
      Wagon System
    Entertain skill
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I need 10 beta testers for v0.6, and I already have 2, Subscribe here and join FIMP channel at Mibbit.

What are we looking for in a beta tester?
Flexibility (There will be several different tasks for you and you should be able to do whatever one we need to be done)
Free time (We need somebody that has time for a beta test that could potentially last weeks, featuring several updates, etc)
Reliability (We expect you to give us as much feedback as possible, if you are accepted. This is not for getting into the credits of your favorite mod)
Experience (Its always a good thing, if you know how the game works and how Floris works)
Discretion (While we are open source, we still enjoy to surprise)
Patience (All of us have a reallife, sometimes things cant be done or answered right away)
Coding Knowledge (We will distribute our source with the game files, the ability to look into them and possibly point out bugs to us is appreciated)

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More mods for Mount&Blade Warband!

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Desura now supports more modifications for Mount&Blade Warband.

Version v0.5 beta

Version v0.5 beta

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I am still developing v0.5 and it is still very buggy, but if anyone wanna help me bughunting, here is the link.

How to install

How to install

Installers Tutorial 9 comments

A little tutorial of how to install Floris Improved Mod Pack

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Floris Expanded 2.4 + music pack + FIMP 0.4 + fix

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Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.5 beta

Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.5 beta

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I am still developing v0.5 and it is still very buggy, but if anyone wanna help me bug-hunting, use this. Updated 31/07/2011 v0.551

Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.4 Source Code

Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.4 Source Code

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This is the source code of the last release of Floris Improved Mod Pack

Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.4

Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.4

Full Version

This is the last release of Floris Improved Mod Pack

Comments  (0 - 10 of 136)
Polishboss99 - - 116 comments

So I guess there isn't a Gameplay version of this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Historical_Gamer - - 21 comments

Can You Costumize your Kingdom Troops?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,758 comments

This mod has an extra "endurance" skill that's designed stupid.

The party member with the lowest endurance will set the speed of the party. Since most characters start with 0, the party's movement speed is dead slow. Even if you improve endurance for one character, you have to be wary of which new companion you will bring in. Otherwise, your party will once again become dead-slow.

The endurance skill is basically a useless sink for skillpoints. Only an idiot could have thought of this skill.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ericksid - - 324 comments

so many bugs :(
lag af!!!
black screen
cant kill
many rogue guys XD

fix it pls :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eduardinhosouza - - 68 comments

After the choices finishes enter a black screen

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Trollingmerc - - 1 comments

Looks like a good mod, downloading right now, hoping its good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,758 comments

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Makky321 - - 15 comments

This has really good ideas, as said its still laggy and still tweeks need to be done but once finished its going to be what Floris needed to be! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,758 comments

Any chance that female characters will get the chance to woo noble women too?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
blackname51230 - - 1 comments

I have a problem where I can't kill ANYONE and noone can kill me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Ivovbk - - 1 comments

devs please fix this i cant play the game because of that bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
joshuawood - - 1 comments

i get that too , can you get past the first guy or can you not kill him either?

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