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From the book of Cuthbert, Erathian cleric and royal scribe:

The year 1165 after the Silence, king Nicolas Gryphonheart dies. Kingdom of Erathia is driven into chaos and anarchy. Hostile bordering nations take advantage from disorder. From south-west wild beasts and barbarian tribes of Krewlod rise in power. From west kingdom of Tatalia, inhabited by monstrous creatures from wild swamps and lizardmen. Our northern borders are under constant attacks from Deyja, kingdom of evil necromancers and their undead minions. We can count on our only allies, elvish kingdom of Avlee. Our alliance is fragile but it is our only hope.
Kingdom without its leader is weak, and because of that whole Erathia, from poorest pheasant, to most noble of knight are pointing theirs eyes onto Erenoth. Where from rightful heir of throne is going to arrive. Her name is Catherine Ironfist.
Despite of crisis, sun is still rising upon our realm and everything seems to be normal, although you can sense dread and disquiet in the air.
Year 1165 will be year of sing of thunderstorm and unrest...

We want to introduce you mod to Mount and Blade Warband game. Action is set in realms known to you from Might and Magic series. We are going to provide you opportunity to become hero, join one of eight factions and decide about fate of whole continent. You will take part in epic battles with creatures you know from Heroes games.

Mod will allow you to:

-Explore Antagariach, continent where action of HoMM3 take place.

-Hire creatures known from series and meet and interact with heroes like Gelu, Sandro or Cragg Hack.

-Collect unique artifacts known from 3DO games.

-Study secrets of magic and cast spells. You will be able to be mage, sorcerer, necromancer, lich, shaman, cleric itp.

-Join one of 8 factions - Erathia, Avlee, Deyja, Krewlod, Tatalia, Bracada, Nighon or Eofol.

-Take part in astonishing main plot and side campaigns for every faction.

-Have great time playing it.

Tale Words
Tawerna Four Ways

Team CoMM:
Mr.Bio - 3D Graphics, Textures, Rigging
Devil_Imp - Plot, Dialogs, Music, Public Relations
Mat_Berserker - Scripts, 3D Graphics, Animations
Filcefix - Models, Balance(ha!), Level Design, Concept Arts, crazy ideas :)

Paul Anthony Romero
Rob King

Special thanks:
Dustil - Translation, tests
rubik - troop tree, map script
Arch3r - invasion script
Garedyr - Factions prize
Gregoriian - FAQ
HITMEN Clan - maps, tests
Hakkapeliter Clan - maps, tests
14. Pułk Kirasjerów Clan - tests

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CoMM logo

Chronicles of Might and Magic mod

Download Link

CoMM 0.6


CoMM 0.6 singleplayer trailer - Mod DB

Short changelist

  • 8 new factions


    • Kingdom of Erathia(Castle)
    • Kingdom of Avlee(Bastion)
    • Kingdom of Eofol(Inferno)
    • Kingdom of Krewlod(Stronghold)
    • Kingdom of Deyja(Necropolis)
    • Kingdom of Tatalia(Fortress)
    • Kingdom of Nighon(Dungeon)
    • Kingdom of Bracada(Tower)
  • campaign map of Antagarich
  • new scenes for all castles and towns

    new scenes for all castles and towns

  • new recruitment system
  • separate troop trees for every faction
  • working magic system

    spell book

  • bots casting spells
  • powerful artifacts with unique bonuses


  • randomly spawned places to raid

  • new introduction quest
  • 4 new multiplayer gamemodes
    • Necrocomicon(escort)
    • Zombie
    • Artifact hunt(fight against bots and other players to get powerful artifacts)
    • Invasion
  • many new maps

Some bonus screenshots







Official server is up and running.

Official server is up and running.

News 4 comments

You can now play on 60 slot dedicated server located in Amsterdam - CoMM_Official. It is currently set on invasion mode but we are open for suggestions...

Game rules

Game rules

Feature 14 comments

Keyboard, Spell book, Map editor, and new mode games - Nekronomicon, Invasion, Artifat hunt.

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CoMM 0.6

CoMM 0.6

Full Version 64 comments

New mayor version is out. REMEMBER TO PLAY IN ENGLISH! Jump into world of classic Might and Magic games and gain control of Antagarich. This version focuses...

CoMM 0.41 Patch

CoMM 0.41 Patch

Patch 7 comments

Requires version 0.4. Just extract content of CoMM_0.41 folder to CoMM_0.4 directory(if you dont have it you can find it in download section). No catalogue...

CoMM 0.4

CoMM 0.4

Full Version 19 comments

First public version. Mainly focused on multiplayer. You can expect -New multiplayer modes -Magic system -Tons of items and armors -Many new MP maps -Terrible...

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After getting at a specific month the game crashes no matter what you do

the message reads
Astrologowie oglaszaja tydzien elfa jebac bastion

which translates into
"Astrologers proclaim elf week ******* bastion"

how do i fix this?

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This mod needs to be made for Bannerlord, both singleplayer and multiplayer. Preferably singeplayer though.

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Guys, this is one of the best mods I've ever seen. As a long-time fan of both Heroes 3 and Warband, I can't thank you enough for your fantastic work on recreating the HoMM setting in Warband. I'd LOVE to see the finished version, but it's tons of fun and enjoyment as it is!

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I wish i could revive the multiplayer

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When you start as a kobold you have no weapons so punching the rat takes forever, has anyone figured how to kill titans, what about hit boxes, some seem to be so small cavalry have a hard time hitting ths small critters

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Edit your stats so you can beat titans and everyone.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How to start main mission?

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Recreate this mod for the bannerlord or give permission to the people, so if you dont want to continue, others will.

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