Killzone Source Started as a project for me to learn how the Source engine worked. I've been a advent Game modder throughout the gaming world for over 20 Years this is the first time i learned how to code animate & Rig. In all it's been about 6 years to learn design and release this mod never thought i would be releasing this to the public. This is not the full KILLZONE game just a recreation of the Strange Company Mission from the game this is not a exact copy of the game play models and textures. but my vision of the KILLZONE world. In no way should i or anyone else who downloads this file sell or profit from the file or files contained in the download. If anyone has any problems running the game leave a post and i'll try my best to help you out

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Proper model Credits


I've Noticed a lot of people have been ripping models textures & sounds out of my mod Which is 100% Fine but! Your not Giving the right credits please read the credits page and add it to the stuff you rip and post on the internet just saying the killzone team is not correct a lot of stuff was taken from GAMEBANANA mostly weapon parts arms, sleeves, watch, gps, gun sights all the proper credits are in the credits file in the main folder of the mod. this helps to keep things free.

Game Release

Game Release

News 1 comment

64 bit Killzone Source Self extracting install file

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kzsUpdateVer 0.2

kzsUpdateVer 0.2

Patch 4 comments

Killzone Source Update Ver.0.2 Fixed Quick Reload on the M82 Assault Riffle. Fixed ADS jump sprint Bug. Fixed ADS Reload Bug on the 2 Helghast Riffles...



Full Version 11 comments

Wait no more! It's time to Kill Helghast on the pc. You will need a Steam Account and the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer -upcoming Beta tool installed...

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strike4 - - 26 comments

Bro, I just played this demo, and the truth is that it's very good, I'd like you to resume it sometime in the future or be able to finish the entire campaign, I still think that's not going to be possible, anyway, thanks to you I've been able to try a bit of the killzone saga, thank you very much

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Vanders - - 560 comments

Could you create a mission where you play as the Helghast?

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Sn4rk - - 528 comments

Why do the bodies disappear?
The ragdolls usually stay in Half-life 2 or any source mods
Even in Killzone 1 I think they stay for a while
Can I somehow make them stay?

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Guest - - 688,910 comments

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maxkatzurmaxim - - 274 comments

It supposed to be full Killzone port for Source.
There's must be absolutely same as the original game for PS2.

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madeOfClay - - 83 comments

Any news about this mod? Don't let it die man...

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Commissar1032 - - 489 comments

Another Killzone mod for HL2 dead... Wish the author would release the assets but I did read the FB post. Oh well, maybe someone will try to make their own. I liked what I played and can understand that real life get's in the way, hope the guy just does release all of his WIP stuff so that anyone who wants to give it a go can have a base to work off of.

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silentzorah - - 76 comments

This looks really good. Did you ever resume work on this?

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zombiegames Creator
zombiegames - - 82 comments

I did But have Stopped. I have my own Business and I've been Swamped with work. no time for modding at the moment.

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HARVUS - - 1 comments

Hello from Russia! The author, you are a great fellow. We implore you do not forget the project.

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