Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big ban patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: The "fun".

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Almost 3 years of work now in a single download link.

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It was fun ride~

After almost 3 years of slow work the Patch/mod been released \(*0*)/ !

I want to thank to anyone who help me in these years in one way or another, The mod still going to get update ofc but I want to take small rest form modding while thinking on what to add next, you can see Here the list of things I consider do in next update as well as What I failed adding/changing And What didn't made it to the first release

You can download the Patch here:


Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta


Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta

Be sure to look on "How to play and FAQs" folder in order to know what you need to do in order to run it.

Few things I would like to note though:

*The patch/mod have Music version which is the same mod but with different soundtracks I used in my close beta, I most likly won't release it to the public though since it may rise possible issues

*I will recommand use the mod with the Fixed Map Pack I made And the 4 GB ram tool which I didn't for better experince :P

*For online players who intersted in revive the KW community I would recommand to ditch apps such as Hamachi, Gameranger, and etc. And start to use C&C Online Or for Chinese players to use the other Chinese tool the communty made till C&C online will hopefully support their country,

C&C online is good tool that do almost the excat thing the Official servers done and FREE, It work with mods and even cracked versions of the game (for stingy people/people who have the game on original version and can't stand the stores versions)

If you will ever want to revive the divided c&c commnuty, it's your chance by dropping your lan based app and join to the C&C online servers, The servers been upgraded almost year ago and don't have speed issue so far~

*For any idea and issue you run into Please open thread in the Mod's Forum

*please remember to wash your hands and eat properly before playing ;)



Downloaded the mod. It's not supposed to work with the campaign, right? Since I started a new campaign, saved the game, loaded the game and crashed...

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egozi44 Author

I never tested it with the campaign but I assume it can work just fine, the real issue is with saves, it seem that the mod have some serious saves issues so 90% of the times the saves will cause crash instead, I had the same issues with other TW and KW mods myself so I think it general issue, What do seem to work however is loading original 1.02's saves, you can save something with unmoded game and then load it with the mod anytime But can't save with the mod itself

Not really sure what cause it though

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I have only played Tiberium Essence for TW. Campaign worked just fine. For KW, I have only played your mod so far :).

Anyway, hopefully in the distant future, someone could come up with a fix. I somehow enjoy torturing AIs in campaigns...

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as far as i know, if the mission in KW allows high enough tech level to use content added by a mod, then that mission won't work, most likely crashing as soon as you get the opportunity to build new unit/structure. don't know about the powers, but i assume it is the same.

since this mod adds air tower to BH and and some soem infantry to MoK, i guess this mod won't be usable in the most of the missions, although i didn't try that myself.

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egozi44 Author

The campaign actually have separate maps and different scripts to most buildings iirc, so there's chance most of the new units won't appear there at all or just be locket, I really need to test the camp... I planned to do it wayyy back before releasing the mod but I didn't wanted to delay it any further~

Feel free to test and report if you find any crushing issues, but I don't think I can touch the camp with the current SDK version atm though

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