Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big bang patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: The "fun".

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Greeting comrades! Nope, you didn't mistook the game's page you're visiting, It's still Kane's Wrath, just way better.

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Greeting comrades!

Nope, you didn't mistook the game's page you're visiting, It's still Kane's Wrath, just way better.

Today we would like to announce about the birth of an another excellent unit, the Cola trooper!


Yup yup, you've heard us right, we bring Cola into the game!

We means... Come-on, if that drink is being used to clean car's engines and in some cases human's blood, why not use it against Scrin?

The Cola troopers unlike their *cough* Sprite brothers *cough*, don't stops at slowing enemy's tanks, they're also making sure their engines will be so clean they won't be able to drive fast ever again for the rest of the match!

A small price to pay for some spring cleaning if you will ask us :D.


Their pre-requestment is Hand of nod (duh),

Cola shrine (duh?),

Liquid Cola facility (....du...h???),

And a rare Cola loot box









Say what? Yup you heard us right!
We implemented a new shiny loot boxes system in KW for any future unit to come!

Cause why play fair when you can just pay to win? ^^

Screenshot 20190312 170531 Rival

And the best part is that you're not limit to pay with Kane coins alone because we are also support And welcome real money :D

Didn't thought we were smart enough to come up with that did you? ^_^

sshot0022 2
What's that? you're still not convinced?

Ah? you're against the idea? O_o why???




Ok... listen up there kiddos, We...
Actually let's stop with the "We" thingy cause as far as I know this mod is mostly a one man show and the last time I checked I didn't had any friends so it definitely not "We" ;)

So where I was.. Oh yeah

*Egozi take out a cigarette from his pocket and start smoking

(don't do that at home kids)*

Now listen people, this world may be fun and all but it's run with money, Do you know how many Nod's followers we need to feed?

How much equipment we need for the next war?

And most importantly how much Cola we need in order to live?

sshot002556 1

For short: A LOT!

None of these stuff comes free kiddos

*Egozi put some scary sunglasses for no reason as he keep smoking*

Even if you don't understand now you will eventually!

*Egozi throw away the cigarette which actually was a candy in the shape of a cigarettes*

So don't fight the inevitable and just join the madness!!

Screenshot 20190312 170539 FDSFS

Ah um... ok
Now that we are back on the main subject and see eye to eye (You better be), let me say few more minor stuff to commemorate the moment:

*Egozi pulls some old tiny paper from his left shoe*

Ah hm...

Cola is black,

Smoking is bad,

This mod is dead,

And I'm super original xD.

Happy Hallow...I mean April's fools :)


thank god! i really thought you wanted to implement colar trooper in the game. i was: are you out of your mind? please dont ruin this beautiful game. other than that its good that i saw today date, 1 april :)

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they look like Coal troopers, not Cola :D

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You truly put a lot of work into this, it's amazing XD

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egozi44 Author

Thx xP

Though this one was rather rushed compared to my old April's fools jokes xD

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April Fools?

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egozi44 Author

Perhaps ;)

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lol I hope there's a Mountain Dew upgrade from the Shrine. XD

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