A mod that adds hybrids, that will probably suck in appearance....

Hybrids will have unique AI for each and every one of them to make them stand out from their normal counterparts, and all of them will use existing TClasses

Models for Stegoceratops by Fdinick

Stegoceratops Ankylodocus Ultimasaurus and Indominus Rex Skins by Fdinick (will be changed later)

FSMs by Mamenchi and Precompsagnathus (sort of, you see im using the PMEP fsms for the carnivores and other herbivores so that they can defend themselves better against my hybrids, but the hybrids AI is compeletly by me!)



- Stegoceratops dmg nerf
- fixed stegoceratops attack infinitely stunning carnis
- new stegoceratops tail uppercut, deals some pretty sweet damage
- stegoceratops can now uniquely use its tail to ward off carnis or use its head like a trike
- updated knockover FSM with new stegoceratops stuff, REQUIRED for FSM to WORK
- added ankylodocus stuff
- ankylodocus should be TClassAUnitAnky
- ankylodocus has two new stomps, a moving one and a stationary one, stationary deals devastating damage and moving one can be used while moving and has some pretty sweet damage!
- ankylodocus can whip left or right

- Stegoceratops Tail Whip Dmg & Range Nerf
- Stegoceratops Tail Whip can knock over carnivores on the ground WIP might not be kept, now works on smaller carnivores too
- Stegoceratops new knockover FSM for when it gets knocked down when impaling
- Stegoceratops weird leg-not moving, rear end shaking thing removed?
- New Lesser Headbutt for Stegoceratops
- Stegocceratops Impale is even LOWER chance to use tho range is doubled
- Stegoceratops headbutt range nerfed
- fixed carnivores walking away while stegoceratops's impale animation is playing and then them getting hit from like a mile away, they not instead stand still and roar in fear as they get impaled
- Ankylodocus attack rate and range buffed, previously was around 2.3, is now around 6 or more, & its prepare tail whip range buffed from 18 to 20
- Ankylodocus animation changes because why not
- New Knockover FSM for when ankylodocus gets knocked down while rearing up
- Ankylodocus no longer attacks as if it were in slow motion
- Knockover FSM, increased time for when dinosaur gets knocked down recovery rate
- Fixed falling on face shiz when knocked down by stegoceratops
- Ankylodocus and Stegoceratops will now attack low to medium fences when stressed, less likely to do so on high security fences
- Fixed StunLOCKS

- Stegoceratops can now miss with its headbutts & impale, when it previously would only headbutt when it was guaranteed a hit, now it does it if the opponent is in front of it too
- Stegoceratops Impale Attack has a large wind-up & headbutt has new animation
- Stegoceratops headbutt damage nerfed impale damage buffed
- Stegoceratops no longer can reknock over already knocked over enemies with its head instead deals a lot of damage to knocked down enemies
- Bug with Ankylodocus Vibrating should be fully fixed, it was caused by a lack of state!
- Slowed down the speed at which stegosaurus, kentrosaurus, and ankylosaurus swing their tails
- New ability when ankylodocus attacks a knocked down target
- Small Fixes to Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus
- New Updates to knockover fsm

- Fixed to the stunlock of frigin death for ankylodocus and HEAVILY nerfed the ground tail slam & added a fear factor to tail whip s carni avoid it rather than run into it
- stomping and tail whipping for ankylodocus fixed, it now stomp if the target is in front and whip if on side or back & removed the stomp that can be used while moving
- ankylodocus can stomp on knocked over enemies for MASSIVE DAMAGE, this can be stunlocking but the attack is so slow it wont even matter
- friendly fire added to ankylodocus and stegoceratops
- Stegoceratops randomly headbutts
- New Interaction Unique between stegoceratops and trex in the knockover fsm
- Ankylodocus stomp attacc buff

- Stomping on a knocked over carnivore is basically an instant kill for ankylodocus
- Stegoceratops Nerf (again)
- Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus Damage Buff
- Kentrosaurus Damage Nerf
- Interruption Attack Fixed
- Fence Damage Increased
- Stegoceratops can now continue to fight even when badly injured, MAKING IT THE FIRST HERBIVORE TO BE ABLE TO DO SO!!!
- Collision BS fixed

- Ankylodocus can no longer hit things too close to it with its tail whip
- Stegoceratops nerf

- New Dig-In attack for stegoceratops
- Fixed stegoceratops's headbutt attack calling on the impale attack's damage
- Buffed headbutt damage as I have found it was not the issue of the damage being too high, it was because the headbutt was calling on the impale damage
- Dig-In is a ranged projectile attack, low damage however as balance, it can be used while from 8 meters away, so longer than ankylodocus's tail whip range, but only deals damage if used within 3-4 meters (for balancing reasons and so the attack can actually miss)
- Ankylodocus stomp hits sooner, so not as delayed
- added animations
- added a better timing system for ankylodocus (i think its better at least)

- Stegoceratops tail whip range decreased and can no longer hit in front of it
- Dig in range increased
- AI Changes so stegoceratops uses its head way more

- Paradeinonychus eating animation fixed

- Paradeinonychus uses Galli TClass, but will fight back and defend other herbivores

- Spinoraptor AI Fixed, still cannot fix herbivores seeing it as a non-threat (stegoceratops and ankylodocus only)

- Added new grab mechanic to indominus where it will play with its prey mercilessly

- Added ultimasaurus, it has a damaging roar

- Increase Dig-In Range and Attack Chance for Stegoceratops

- Fixed indominus continuing to chew when it has already finished killing its prey

- Ankylodocus can hit things closer to it now

Current Hybrids:

- Spinoraptor

- Paradeinonychus

- Ultimasaurus Rex

- Indominus Rex

- Stegoceratops

- Ankylodocus

Planned Hybrids to Come:

- Tyrannoraptor

- Indoraptor????

- Titanospinosaurus???

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Short summary of mod so far


- Hatchery creates dinos slower, more realistic speed
- more realistic lifespan for the dinosaurs
- dinosaurs stats have been adjusted to be higher
- most dinosaurs that are not hybrids use PMEP FSMS to help them be a bit more realistic
- New research, upon getting specific dinosaurs. You can research hybrid hatcheries to create hybrids. Look at the how to break the 40 dinos limit tutorial on AI Plus Mod 2 to figure out how to use them!
- few edited mission files

- Genome Extractor is a new research item. Once researched you must place one down in your park, ALL the hybrid hatcheries require you to have a genome extractor placed to be able to start extracting DNA for hybrids. It literally does nothing else so i reccommend researching this last as it takes a LONG time

- On site b the hybrids can be hatched from the normal hatcheries


- Paradeinynychus: Raptor-like herbivore that will defend itself and otehr herbivores from raptors if attacked, they will socialize like raptors and can even be housed with raptors and dilophosaurus as well as ceratosaurus, though if the carnivores get hungry they will fight. Usually the normal raptor will triumph over this herbivorous hybrid.

NOTE: Im working on a gang-up on attacker behaviour so the paradeinonychus's friends dont just sit back and watch their friend get mauled

- Stegoceratops: Deadly on both ends, stegoceratops utilizes its tail to ward off attackers, if they get too close it will impale them with a tail uppercut!!! At the front it can use three different headbutts, a normal trike headbutt, a dig-in attack, and a full on impale attack!!! It can easily take on any normal carnivore, even trex. In a 1 v 1 match, though it struggles when there are more carnivores. Stegoceratops is super tough, even when low on health and limping whereas other dinosaurs cant fight anymore, stegoceratops will fight till its last breath!

NOTE: WIP to make it more aggressive

- Ankylodocus: Massive, tanky and hits like an ankylosaurus, ankylodocus will tank hits for days and demolishes even high security fences easily when it wants to. It swings its long tail in the direction its attacker is in with some good range, though if the target is too close it may struggle. At the front it has 2 stomping attacks that have a long wind-up. Ankylodocus will start this attack before it is in-range so that the target runs into its attack. If you have a herd of 3-4 ankylodocus they can wreck ANYTHING! And like stegoceratops, this mighty hybrid wont give up until either it or its opponent is dead!

NOTE: this thing is such a pain to try to balance...

- Indominus Rex: Super hybrid, she is extremely powerful and resilient, not even ankylodocus or stegoceratops stand a chance, Indominus rex is highly efficient killer, being able to utilize almost all of PMEP's carnivores attacks, from ambushing, to powerful headbutts, from grabbing attacks, to stunlocking hits. Indominus has got them all. She also has a habit of mercilessely playing with her food, move aside trex, a new king is in town.

NOTE: i'm currently working on editing all the carnivore behaviours to include specific lines for indominus rex so that she wont attack raptors and they wont be scared of her, this will not just be me editing raptor INI's and just making the "raptor" use large carnivore behaviours, this will be them ACTUALLY teaming up (simalier to rugops and raptors in AI Plus Mod 2). Though im not sure how to do this with paradeinonychus as it is an herbivore... This behaviour will not apply to spinoraptor or carnoraptor

- Ultimasaurus: Nothing too special about this one so far, other than a roar that deals damage and being very tanky and heavy hitting, comparable to indominus rex in strength. Again, nothing that unique at the moment

NOTE: Im trying to make a mechanic where ultimasaurus deals more and more damage the lower on health it is, while im sort of knowing how to do this the lines dont seem to work in game either that or they actually break the behaviour entirely so this might be more complicated than i thought


- my own skins

- better models if i have time

- more hybrids

- New missions and exercises??????

- or if that doesnt work i know how to edit the objectives and ETC in missions so maybe there will just be replacements.

- Better Ai for ankylodocus and stegoceratops

- unique behaviour for ultimasaurus

So V0.2 will just be a fix for a few behaviours, V0.3 should be new skins and possibly hybrids <== (this will probably be out before Ai Plus Mod 2's V2.5) and V0.4 should add all hybrids planned. V0.5 if I can get that far would probably be the mission files and new textures for buildings and ETC

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Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus Behaviours Improved

Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus Behaviours Improved

Patch 1 comment

Just a small update that hopefully fixes a few issues regarding stegoceratops and ankylodocus

Jpog Hybrids Mod Addon V0.1

Jpog Hybrids Mod Addon V0.1

Demo 3 comments


Carnivore Grab Shake Ability

Carnivore Grab Shake Ability


WIP Place in the Win folder inside Units IDK what else to say

TEST: 2/10/20

TEST: 2/10/20

Demo 1 comment


KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

Other hybrids have been removed because of random crashes in the game when they were added

ALSO i might not have access to the internet for a while. So sit tight with any bugs or issues until I'm able to start modding again

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CEYONIX - - 7 comments

oye el mob me carga bien pero en e momento en el que pongo el criadero y me dirigo a híbridos el juego se cierra

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KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

necesita tener todos los sitios de excavación desbloqueados en el sitio b. En el modo de juego Génesis no se pueden obtener los híbridos a través de la sección híbrida en el criadero normal.

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KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

Can someone translate what he/she said to english?

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Indoraptor_JPJWfan - - 104 comments


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KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

thank you

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