How To Play


One player (the host) should create a private match and invite 2 other players (the clients).
The host MUST select Slayer and each client player must select a demon.
Players may ready-up or the host can execute the following command to load into a map based on the numbered index.

loadDevMenuOption devmenuoption/pvp # 1

Cultist Base - 1
Super Gore Nest - 2
Taras Nabad - 3
Nekravol - 4
Final Sin - 5

(replace # with a number)

The Slayer's objective is to complete all encounters.
The Demons' objective is to kill the Slayer.
The Slayer is defeated after dying 20 times.

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Slayer vs Slayer

For DOOM Eternal version 6.66 - rev 2.2

Not Safe for Online Matchmaking

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Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:

DOOM Fonts:

French translation by Payoyo.
Simplified Chinese translation by 9K.CNCstar.

General Information

- The Doom Hunter is a playable demon. See details here:
- The Slayer is almost fully-loaded. Runes are Savagery, Punch and Reave, & Blood Fueled.
- The Slayer does not have Chaingun Energy Shield, Ice Bomb, Air Control Rune, Support Runes, or the Crucible/Sentinel Hammer.
- Clients cannot see HUD notifications. A sound effect will trigger if either a Buff Totem has spawned.
- DLC AI, Archviles, Cueballs, & Tentacles never spawn.
- Demons win when they kill the Slayer 20 times.
- Before playing with friends, it is highly recommended to play through each level solo as a Slayer and Demon so you can familiarize yourself with how the map progresses and the locations of each demon portal. You can play solo by executing the "pvp_skipReadyUp 1" command before loading a map.
- To exit a map but stay in your party, the host may execute "exitShellLobby" to return all players to the private lobby.


Menu Changes:
- Most BATTLEMODE strings in the UI are replaced with INVASION.
- Hell on Earth ambient music plays in the lobby (instead of Arc Complex ambient).
- All default Slayer weapon mods and Demon card decks are available to choose from in the loadouts section in the lobby menu.

Campaign Map Changes:
- The Slayer can increase the difficulty by activating a teal skull switch at the beginning of the level. The skull switch can be activated 2 times and will increase the amount of damage the Slayer takes from AI. The first time will increase the damage to 150%, the second time will increase it to 200% - which is the same as Nightmare.
- Many of the encounters have been tweaked a little. The Super Gore Nest encounters are more populated.
- Most pickups, interactables, and cutscenes have been removed because they cause stability issues for clients.
- Zombies with finite respawns will spawn between encounters.
- The Slayer obtains roughly 25% health, 25% standard ammo, & 10 BFG ammo at the end of each encounter.
- The Icon of Sin has 75% health and the Slayer gains full health, armor, & normal ammo upon reaching each stage. The Icon of Sin will not summon super heavies or higher-tier heavies.
- The host may trigger the Icon of Sin fight in Final Sin prematurely by activating one of the Skull Switches in the Slayer's starting lobby.

Slayer Changes:
- Battlemode loot drops are used.
- Fodder kills drop 20 health. Heavy kills drop 30 health. Super Heavy kills drop 40 health. Blood Punch, Chainsaw, Glory Kills give 10 additional health.
- The Chainsaw will recharge every 30 seconds and will recharge to 3 pips.
- Chainsaw kills will automatically give the player ammo (instead of spawning loot drops). This was changed to mitigate the rare chance that ammo won't drop when chainsawing heavy demons. Chainsaw kills give the player roughly 50% ammo.
- Precision Bolt costs 8 bullets like in BATTLEMODE (instead of 6).

Demon Changes:
- Demon Players do not have loot block.
- Demon Players deal 40 self-damage from their primary attacks. More from abilities that can deal self-damage.
- Demon Players instantly respawn at 25% health, but deal 25% less damage and gradually regenerate health up to 100% over 25 seconds.
- Demon Players can walk through most doors. Purple barriers indicate that they can be passed through.
- Demon Players can always see the Slayer's outline.
- Demon Players drop 80 health, 50 armor, and 50% ammo when killed. This was changed to discourage demon players from recklessly pursuing the Slayer and dying.
- Dread Knight Berserk no longer gives him the Armored buff. Instead, he has a separate Armored demon card to use.
- Marauder double jump height is now 3 meters (instead of 2). This was changed so the Marauder can more easily traverse through the environment.
- Archvile jump height is now 4 meters (instead of 3.5). This was changed for the same reason.
- Most Demon Players have shorter render models (decreased from the Z-axis) so they can fit into smaller spaces. The Marauder is unaffected.
- All Demon Players are 10% brighter with an purple render effect. This was changed for improved visibility to the Slayer.

Demon Upgrades
- Fire Specialist: Archvile Flame Wall will double the damage of his Fire Ball primary fire projectile when passed through.
- Broiling Heat: Archvile Lake of Fire makes the Slayer take 15% additional damage for 4 seconds after leaving the hazard zone.
- Ferocity: Dread Knight Energy Wave primary fire will reduce the cooldown of Berserk by 1 second from successful strikes.
- Hot Like Fire: Mancubus Flamethrower passively recharges to full in 10 seconds.
- Quick Smoke: Mancubus Smoke Bomb projectile explosion will give him 20% haste for 3 seconds.
- Best Friend: Marauder Conjure Wolf has 600 health and gives him 25% armor for 3 seconds after a successful bite.
- Bury the Hatchet: Marauder Axe Throw direct strikes siphon health, more health from longer distances.
- Lingering Souls: Pain Elemental Soul Shield projectiles spawn lingering hazards that damage the Slayer for 4 seconds.
- Fit Meatball: Pain Elemental Aerial Dash cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.
- Unstable Trigger: Revenant Rocket Barrage fires 12 rockets.
- Sadist: Revenant Twin Rockets deal 33% more damage when below 60% life and propel himself backwards.

Demon Cards
- Buff Demons: 60 second cooldown on round start. Buffs all nearby AI demons in a 50 meter radius from the target location, increasing their speed by 25% for 10 seconds.
- Spectre Invisibility: 30 second cooldown. Instantly become invisible, breaking target lock-on for 8 seconds. Attacking will prematurely cancel the effect.
- Haste / Armored: 40 second cooldown. Lasts 8 seconds.
The Archvile, Mancubus, Pain Elemental, & Revenant have Haste. The Doom Hunter, Dread Knight, & Marauder have Armored.
- Noxious Hazard / Healing Zone: 50 second cooldown on round start. Noxious Hazard lasts 4 seconds. Healing Zone lasts 12 seconds.

Mid-Game Demon Transformation

Demon Players may swap demon card decks or transform into another demon entirely. Executing one of the following commands TWICE will transform you into that demon. Append 1 for the Offensive Deck & 2 for the Defensive Deck.
trigger archvile1
trigger archvile2
trigger doomhunter1
trigger doomhunter2
trigger dreadknight1
trigger dreadknight2
trigger mancubus1
trigger mancubus2
trigger marauder1
trigger marauder2
trigger painelemental1
trigger painelemental2
trigger revenant1
trigger revenant2

Please note that transforming into another Demon Player will reset all cooldowns. If balance is a concern for your party, only trigger one of these commands AFTER the Demon Player has died so they will respawn in a temporarily weakened state.

Map Issues

- Clients may experience visual inconsistencies regarding AI and pickup spawn positions. This is due to positional "entity offsets" for network replicated entities, which only occurs to clients. The entities will appear roughly 5% closer to the world origin (x = 0, y = 0, z = 0). There is no known method to fix entity offsets.
- Clients cannot view cutscenes. The Slayer is invulnerable during this time and will exit the game once completed.
- Clients cannot view boss health bars.
- The Icon of Sin's armor won't appear destroyed for the clients, but its flesh will. Red lightning will flicker around the supposedly destroyed armor pieces.
- The Icon of Sin may respawn after the end cutscene has been activated. Skip the end cutscene to alleviate this issue.
- Living AI demons will die if the round ends during an encounter. The last activated encounter will restart, but its trigger volume must be touched to activate the encounter again.

Player & Weapon Issues

- Tyrants will not walk, run, or sprint. This was changed because their movement behaviors will crash the game for clients.
- Dread Knights players can teleport out-of-bounds with the Quantum Orb ability. Falling below the map will instantly teleport the player to a the demon hub.
- Pain Elemental players can fly out-of-bounds in some maps.
- Pain Elemental players Lingering Souls FX will appear slightly offset for the client in some maps. The damage volume is in the correct location and your teammate and the Slayer will view it as normal.
- Loot drops from the host's sync kills may be delayed.
- The host Slayer cannot see player outlines. All demon players have a bright purple render FX attached to their model to improve visibility.
- The Destroyer Blade projectile appears smaller when fired from the host and does not explode. These are side-effects of removing lag caused by the Destroyer Blade and making sure the projectile is visible to all players.
- Clients cannot see or hear some of the host's weapon ribbons or impact FX (they still function regardless). The following are not visible:
Full Auto, Precision Bolt, Heat Blast, Meathook Chain, Mobile Turret, BFG Tendrils.

Other Issues

- If the player's FOV is above 120, chainsawing an enemy will sometimes reduce their FOV and prevent Precision Bolt and Arbalest zoom (the weapons still function none-the-less). Executing a Chainsaw or Glory Kill again may resolve this issue.
- When using the trigger command to transform into another Demon Player when starting as a demon, you will transform into an incomplete Slayer, trigger the same command again to transform into your desired Demon Player.
- Transforming into another Demon Player will not update the player's icon on the top of the HUD.
- The BATTLEMODE announcer does not announce if a Slayer's health is critical & the "low health" text warning is not displayed, but the red screen FX remains. These were removed to alleviate a bug where the music would stop playing if every player health values were low.

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The Slayer is always the host and the two demons are always clients.

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Invasion Mode v6.3

Invasion Mode v6.3

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For DOOM Eternal version 6.66 rev 2.2 - Play CAMPAIGN maps with Demon Players hunting the Slayer.

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