What is this mod?

Simply put this is a mod collection rather than a mod itself, I've grown tired of reinstalling mods and fiddling with them until I can find a working setup that doesn't crash five minutes into the game. So I have built this, ready out of the box installer that will install all my favorite mods, ready to be played without interruption.

Before installing this mod:

1. Ensure you have a fresh install of CoP with no other mods

2. This mod installs various options automatically from the following:

  • - Atmosfear 3
  • - Absolute Nature 4.04
  • - Absolute Structures
  • - These three include texture overhauls
  • - Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 With Pripyat Reborn
  1. PR (Pripyat Reborn) Options Included: (Not limited too)
  2. - Primarily Enhanced AI
  3. - AI can use equipment such as Medkits and Bandages
  4. - AI will adapt to situations better, use cover etc.
  5. - AI is better at fighting mutants and the player (grouse kicks the ass out of bloodsuckers)
  6. - Enhanced and Optimized A-Life Simulation
  7. - Newer and better dialog
  8. - Much more
  1. AO Options Included:
  2. - More Realistic Damage
  3. - Character Spawn Changes
  4. - Player Spawn Changes
  5. - Collect Mutant Parts from Dead Mutants
  • - Dades LootMoney from corpses Mod
  • - Sell all Damaged weapons (price scales AO included)

Selectable options included in installer:

  1. With Hostile Bandits
  2. Without Hostile Bandits
  3. Non full screen scopes
  4. Modified HudRework 2.0
  5. Model Varients Mod
  6. HDModels (not compatible with Model Variants.)
  7. Wild Zone (increases spawn rate of NPCs untested.)

3. This mod is best installed on an SSD to reduce loading times and stuttering

4. This mod will require a modern computer to run, options such as reducing A-Life and in-game graphics options will help with FPS issues

5. The current build of this mod has been tested but not tested thoroughly, it should be stable please report any issues that you may encounter out there in the Zone

6. This installer replaces many files under your STALKER folder, it is recommended to back these files up in the case that it becomes unstable (all files under stalker directory and the Bin and Gamedata Folders)

7. Installer MUST be pointed to Stalker-COP.exe folder location/install for the mod to work out of the box


How to install?

Simply run the installer and then point the directory to where the EXE of stalker is located, the installer will attempt to fine the location itself, the file path should look like this at the end:

...\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat

and not like this:

...\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat\Stalker Call of Pripyat

For Non-Steam?

When installing double check the target directory. Select parent directory, ex: "x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\" for Steam installation or "x:\GOG Games\" for GOG installation.

X = drive letter where you copy of CoP is installed.

^-----------------------------------Give thanks to Lol3r_86 for this-----------------------------------^

How to un-install?

New version

The new version now has a working uninstaller. Simply run the uninstall.exe from the parent folder. Or run the uninstaller from the control panel. Use Steam or GOG to verify the games integrity and download any missing files.

Old version

Delete the folders Bin and Gamedata, then you can remove the program from the control panel uninstall software section. As it stands it cannot be uninstalled automatically for reasons I do not yet know. You can then use Steam to verify the game and re-download the missing files or you can save a backup of the game files to copy back in.

Why these mods?

I don't like mods that drastically change the way the game works, I think STALKER as a base game is near to flawless as a game, I feel no need to adjust large scale mechanics; no sleeping bags, no drug running or extra factions, no expanded open map, no major (*cough*MISERY*cough*) and unrealistic amps in difficulty. Just a pretty, smoothly running, vanilla STALKER with some much-needed quality of life adjustments.

Isn't this a waste of time?

K, I mean... Saves you time downloading... And installing... And setting up and ensuring compatibility... And testing for early crashes. Up to you man.

Will you add more mods?

The major issue is compatibility, it can be such a pain to ensure the game will run without crashing because the weapons you have don't like the texture on that wall so for the most part no. However, if you believe that there are some much-needed mod additions that would aid the game please inform me and I'll take a look.

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STALKER CoP RECONSTRUCTED Revision2.0 Ver. 1.5.5 -NEW-

STALKER CoP RECONSTRUCTED Revision2.0 Ver. 1.5.5 -NEW-

Full Version 32 comments

This is the second revision of my RECONSTRUCTED mod, it includes new HD models for characters as well as no full screen on scope zoom. It also has a fully...



Full Version 2 comments

Simply put this is the RECONSTRUCTION mod with the GOZ addon, more info in the description.

Stalker Reconstructed - Patch 2022

Stalker Reconstructed - Patch 2022

Patch 14 comments

An unofficial patch to address the main issues with Reconstructed mod/addon and its components. Updated August 2022 - See included patch notes

HD Sky Textutes

HD Sky Textutes


Simply put this is the HD Sky Textures pack that comes with AF3.1 as it is not installed by default. Simply replace the GameData folder like every other...



Script 3 comments

You only need to download this if you already have a working install of the mod. If you are new simply download the mod installer as it will include the...



Full Version 9 comments

Simply put this is the mod, it's an installer but hopefully, it will work out of the box. Please ensure you install it TO the /Stalker Call of Pripyat...

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GoodBoi-McLovin Creator

Hello! I am back however with unfortunate news, this mod has ended development, even if I wanted to continue it I'm pretty sure the files might be gone. Not all bad news PYP has created an unofficial patch which may fix a number of issues for you wonderful people, I will be adding it as an official downloadable patch for those who don't check comments. This mod wasn't ever meant to get this popular and was a side project to help me relax and tinker with things during my final year of university, as things got harder into the year I had to drop this project to focus on my life. Since then I've simply forgotten sadly, however recent activity and with PYP my email blew up (for once) and it reminded me of this and the shameful mess I left behind.

Thank you so much PYP! I feel horrible for leaving this mod behind but it unfortunately no longer interests me like it once did, since then I've been making a mod-pack for Stalker Anomaly, however if I were to ever release it, I WILL ensure it's released in a much more stable and playable state. I've beaten CoP too many times and as wonderful as the game is modding it has gotten stale, especially since Anomaly is MUCH more stable, optimized and modding it is much easier as well as being different in many ways and having a much more open and larger game world. (all maps from all games)

I will also post PYP's patch in this comment just in-case and should he want ownership over the page and control over the mod he's more than welcome to send me a DM, for now the project is on ice. I'm very sorry if I let anyone down, and if I ever post a mod-pack again I hope I can maintain it much better. (Next time I think a discord server may be necessary.)
The unofficial now official PYP Patch:

Reply Good karma+3 votes

At Yanov and getting crazy amount of CTD. I literally have 30+ logs with same exact error every time...


[error]Expression : l_tpALifeInventoryItem
[error]Function : add_online_impl
[error]File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrGame\alife_trader_abstract.cpp
[error]Line : 172
[error]Description : Non inventory item object has parent?!

stack trace:

Seems to happen when I'm near Yanov station. Only "fix" is to run away far enough from the station before it happens and then come back. Just reloading save won't fix as it seems to happen even after reload.
Example: I just saved at station, 5 minutes later I'm at station mechanic upgrading weapons, crash happens, reload save, go to upgrade weapons and 5 minutes later crash happens again, reload save, go to chest and go thru my stuff, 5 min later CTD.
Sometimes if I load the save again but then immediately sleep for a few hours it'll "go past that point" somehow and won't crash, but most times I have to leave Yanov station so is not in the immediate A-life area, then come back, then it'll be fine again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Are you playing version Revision2.0 Ver. 1.5.5?
if so which options did you install?
Are you also playing with the unofficial patch?

I will try to replicate.
Also if you want you can upload a full crashlog and the save file.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Just used Antibiotics for the first time in first map to save myself from a blowout, after waking up I can't equip ANYTHING. No weapons, bolt, detector, knife. I try switching weapons in backpack, uncheck/check "show weapon" in "Game" settings. Tried taking antibiotics again just to see, taking it in a different save, away from others, inside the ship.
Can't equip any items no matter what.

I'm just not going to use them for now but if I'm ever away from shelter during a blowout I'm going to have to load from a previous save.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey, aside from a couple of crashes this works like a dream, BUT every npc has like na invisible wall near them so I can't get really close to them. Talking etc. works fine but places like Skadovsk where there are tons of stalkers it gets kinda annoying. For example, at the medic's room in skadovsk where there are two guys talking in the beginning, if I try to walk near/in between them the game just yeets me to the wall. What's the deal with that?

Also I do have the patch installed.

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I dont know why, but every time when i try to wear mercenary exoskeleton, crash occurs. Somebody know whats the problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Use the unofficial patch for the latest version.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful mod. I've played it through about 50 times. It looks great and is easy to play. Yes, there are crashes but that is the nature of the original game, not your mod. Saving often is VIP.

It might be fun to add the "zombie horde" mod. They make funny sounds and amble after you. Once they followed me into the bandit base in Jupiter and they killed all the bandits for me! That was cool.

Thanks again for all you work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Tried to play your mod and had to quit due to bugs. The first issue with the doctor in the first safe area--he wouldn't actually heal me at all, but he would look my dying *** over and tell me I was in perfect health. Then there was the _constant_ radiation. The doctor would sometimes cure my radiation poisoning, but the other the rest of the time, he'd just leave it. I bought a stalker suit and a helmet as soon as I could, but for some reason I seemed to start the game with green-level rad poisoning about half the time when I'd load into a save. Other times, that same save would start off radiation free. What actually killed it for me, though, was that none of the stalkers knew how to build campfires. The only fire that spawned in my game was the one on the boat, and nobody would come play guitar songs around it, so I just uninstalled the mod :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey mate just set it up, runs pretty damn good so far alright. I, like the other guy, couldn't get the fov to adjust, however I installed this tweak: Moddb.com

I'm now able to adjust the fov and hud_fov from the console. Now I've got no idea if that tweak is gonna mess with anything or break **** further on lol. Just throwing it out there as a potential solution.

Anyways, thanks for all your hardwork mate, it's much appreciated!

EDIT: big thanks to PYP for his unofficial patch as well!

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