In Spite Of The Death Projects

In Spite Of The Death Series

  • In Spite Of The Death 1 (2012)
  • In Spite Of The Death 1.5 (2013)
  • In Spite of The Death 2 (2014)
  • In Spite Of The Death 3. Darkness Shatter (WIP)

Strelok200's Mods

  • Under The Death's Cover 1 (2013)
  • Under The Death's Cover 2 (2015)
  • Chernobyl Chronicles (WIP, to be released in 2015)

Spectrum Project

  • Path In The Mist (2014)
  • Path In The Mist 2 (Cancelled, united with ISOTD3)

Den Stash's Mods

  • The Valley of Rust (2013)

In Spite Of The Death Team

Main Staff:

Vintorez94 - level designer, SDK, sound, video
FaLcon - level designer, SDK, modeller
Swamp Doctor - level designer, modeller, quest creator
RazRuSchiTeL - level designer, modeller
Scarabay - modeller
mwesten1 - modeller
Scat - various help

FantomICW - senior quests creator, scripting, textures, SDK
HitmanNew - quests creator, SDK
Strelok200 - quests creator, SDK
makdm - scripting

Skyff - plot writer, texts
Malik - designer, website
Luber - sound
Gaz1k - weapons pack
den-stash - animator, level designer, modeller
Macblack - animator, NPC models
Hakim - NPC models
MaxOFF - textures


nikitalebedin - maps compiling, LENA_D and Konvoir41 - art works, LeShaLoST - tester, Immortal - textures.

Translation Team:

Flossy Community - English translation
- Italian translation

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In Spite Of The Death

In Spite Of The Death

First Person Shooter

Global Stalker COP project with its Zone and atmosphere, lead by one of the most experienced modding teams. 3 released mods and 1 upcoming part.

Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod (PHARM)

Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod (PHARM)

First Person Shooter

Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod is a side-project of Phobos Team, aimed at artefacts visual revitalization.

Chernobyl Chronicles

Chernobyl Chronicles

First Person Shooter

Released global mod developed by Strelok200's team and supported by In Spite Of The Death Team.


I really wish an update on SGM 3.0 for ModDB page. It does not seems like there was anything for the last 2 years. Is SGM 3.0 are dead? I hope not!
Its considered 1 of the best mods for CoP by many fan including myself.
So pls update.

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Good luck with your projects. Best regards. :)

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Ever thought of creating ModDB pages for the rest of the mods within the ISOTD Projects? It would be nice to have easier access to those, instead of crawling through Ap-Pro :)

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Vintorez94 Creator

After the release of the project will be set up page

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You have Gaz1k for weapons ? that's pretty awesome :D salute him for me will ya ?

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FantomICW Creator

Sure :D

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