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This is a graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas that will be created for people, who love true game's atmosphere and want to explore the state or pass the storyline missions with the same inexpressible feelings, like many years ago, when this game was surprising and shaking, but with much improved and modern graphics. Game with this mod will be really carefully and with love remastered, restored and improved.

HRT means high resolution textures, and one of the project's features is full textures replacement. The new textures are maximum similar to the original ones. They are photorealistic (based on author's photos and textures from open libraries), adjusted for colors and contrast of original textures and made in high definition quality.

New textures is not the only feature of the mod: HRT 1.4 also comes with improved game world objects, including buildings and props. Some models are more detailed and smoothed, were fixed incorrect mapping and other defects and added reflections in some cases.

Also in the mod will be other changes.

The mod's development is frozen.

Features list

Remade textures

  • Total textures replacement of the whole game world (buildings, objects, roads, landscapes etc.) to high quality analogues;
  • Total textures replacement of the all interiors to high quality analogues;
  • Improved textures of all the vehicles to high quality analogues;
  • Redrawn textures with logos and billboards;
  • Textures in HRT 1.4 are made in perfect quality and high resolution (from 1024x1024 to even 4096x4096 (4K) resolution in some cases), and are maximum similar to the original ones (the first texture and graphics mod for SA with this feature);
  • Textures are exclusive, made by author and based on his photos, or taken (not stolen) from free libraries.
  • A lot of models are improved: some models are more detailed and smoothed, on some models are added reflections;
  • Corrected defects of the original models (the first texture and graphics mod for SA with this feature);
  • Using more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model uses the same texture and for the roof, and for the wall, in HRT 1.4 and the wall, and the roof have unique textures. As a result mod has more variety textures for ground, pavements, grass and roofs than the original game (the first texture and graphics mod for SA with this feature);
  • Improved main character model with detail fingers (taken from mobile version of the game that was released in 2013).

Other features

  • LODs are replacing too, for more quality displaying objects on the far distance;
  • Using of MIP maps feature (this optimization, so rare for the mods, reduces the load on the graphics card and helped to get rid from blinking of textures);
  • Using of the modern tool (Magic.TXD) for textures editing with support of DXT5 compression and high quality MIP mapping algorithm (which gives a better textures quality than in the mods that were made earlier);
  • Improved HUD (includes high resolution radar map, radar icons and weapons icons; third-party mods that used under permission);
  • High stability of the mod (the full walkthrough of the storyline will be possible without any problems or bugs);
  • Completely author's mod, fully an independent project, not collection (mod-pack) of other mods;
  • HRT 1.4 is a spiritual successor of HRT Pack (2010), but new mod is not based on any previous, and does not share any their files; this is completely brand new mod that is made from scratch. Also during the development aspects of the mod are constantly discussed with community.


You can read development reports and see work screens on the official HRT 1.4 site! This is the main point, where you can find detail information, development reports, screenshots, videos, progress map and more!

Watch all the videos from the mod on the YouTube channel. There are also: HRT 1.4 twitter, Steam Community, GTAForums thread. Don't forget to add the mod into your watch list.

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Very well, finally LAn2 section of Los Santos was finished! And for this significant date I release the new long video from the modification.

I remind you that HRT 1.4 is a modification in which each texture of GTA: San Andreas is fully remade in HD quality, and not only the textures. A lot of models are improved too: they are more smoothed, on some models were added reflections, and a lot of models have fixed UV mapping. Mod in the development still.

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

In this video you can see in dynamic a lot of interesting places about that I've wrote earlier on the mod's site and posted their screenshots.

For example, you'll see such objects as Los Santos tower, Ammu-Nation's building, ZIP clothes store's building, ancient building with lions on the doors and a lot of other; tens of minor buildings, roads and pavements... All these objects, that are located on LAn2 part of Los Santos, were fully retextured and improved.

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

And now I will work on the next part of the city. Technical name of this part is LAs. But this is the last report in this year. A long way has been done, but there more kilometers of road ahead. Hope I will pass it fast.

I wish you happy New Year and good winter holidays!

LAn2 section is almost finished

LAn2 section is almost finished

News 13 comments

LAn2 — one of the sections on which is divided Los Santos city, state San Andreas, USA — is almost finished.

LAn2: Work in progress

LAn2: Work in progress


Finally I can say that work on LAn is really finished. Works on the next part of game world, LAn2, are already continued.

New video from the mod is released — Los Santos Police Headquarters

New video from the mod is released — Los Santos Police Headquarters

News 5 comments

Today I offers for you a new video from the mod HRT 1.4, the main goal of which — is to improve graphics of GTA: San Andreas game.

About latest progress, perspectives and release date

About latest progress, perspectives and release date

News 3 comments

Details about latest progress and future perspectives of the development.

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Flаme Creator

Dear friends, I've posted about the latest mod's information on the GTAForums, but forgot to post any information here.

The post on the GTAForums is here -

Briefly, the mod is frozen, and, most likely, cancelled.

I could not manage to finish it when it was possible, and now the "other life" has already begun, when there is simply no time for modifications and some hobby stuff.

Anyway, I still have a dream that I finish the mod one day. Thanks for supporting me all this time and sorry I did not live up to your expectations.

Also I consider an opportunity to collect mod's files and just to release these unfinished files one day.

Thanks to all and Happy New Year.

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Oh well glad I could follow you all the years (I remember bookmarking this page back in 2015 and refreshing it almost daily lol). Although it was a nice dream of a project, I understand that with the passing of time life gets in the way.

Thank you for all you work and time and I wish you best of luck in life! Take care <3

PS: Pls let us now, here too, if you start another project :)

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Does a download link exist for 1.4? Specifically the model improvements?

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Hello, Flame! I've been here for many years now, hope you are doing well and I also hope that the mod isn't dead. Do you have some update for us?

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He is in Ukraine so I assume the situation there has made it possibly more difficult for him so.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Well let's hope he is well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi! I'm just a guy who love to improve textures of old games and i'll be glad to help you whit this one! I'm also very busy but in the spare time i can do some work, if you want to contact me add me on steam or reply to this comment!
Here is an exemple of what i like to do:

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What is the latest progress? I am looking forward to seeing you relasing this

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