At first this mod was a balance mod but now it is simply a mod that has changed all the units in way I *think* will benefit them and even added some new ones in the process. Everything from techs to units to turrets to supplypads and even leader powers were modified to make them more useful. Now me being me I've might have went alittle too crazy with the unit changes and made units broken or maybe I messed up part of some code that breaks the game or there's bugs I failed to see please let me know in the comments and let me know what you think about this mod and ask questions if something about this mod confuses you.

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Changes To The Game


Halo Wars Combat Improved Nutritious Edition.

(Mod has been updated and is in working order ^^)

(Credit and a big thanks too TheRealSlimLady for the assets used for the new units.)

A *attempt* to balance the game and make units more fun. (This mod only effects skirmish mode and multiplayer.)

General Changes:

Makes building time and unit training times shorter.

Makes buildings and turrets cheaper to upgrade and make.

Makes Infantry faster.

Air units no longer die from Cyro bomb

Chances cost and pop cap for some units. (Adds half pop caps ex: 2.5 pop.)

Added 3 new units


UNSC Changes:

Turrets have longer range (cost 200 upgrades cost 100)

Supply Pads Build faster (Upgraded supplypads cost 200)

Reactors (Upgraded reactors cost 1000)

Field Armory's now give a free Spartan and train Spartans. (Adrenaline cost 400 tech 2 Reserves cost 800 tech 3 and Reinforcements cost 1000 tech 4 increased max pop by 20+)

Buffed all UNSC unit damage (some more then others)

Warthog (Increased damage and cost 1.5 pop)

Elephant (Requires tech 1 to make, cost 3 pop and greatly increased damage and hit points)

Cyclops (Cost 1.5 pop, and increased damage)

Gremlin (Cost 2 pop, and increased damage)

Marine (Start off with no grenade throw but if fully upgraded are way better units)

ODST (Upgrade costs 1500 tech 3, Greatly increased stats and can only be dropped onto the battlefield.)

*Marine Demolitions* (A new unit that is anti-vehicle and 2 pop.)

Flamethrower (Renamed to Hellbringers, Added a extra unit to the squad totaling 3 Hellbringers per squad)

Spartan (Greatly increased damage,health,speed,hit points. and can not be stunned while on foot)

Scorpion (Slightly increased damage and health.)

Grizzly (Upgrade costs 1500 tech 4,Greatly increased stats cost 550 tech 4 and has a fixed canister shell.

Cobra (Increased health and damage)

Wolverine (Increased speed,damage and slightly nuffed volley.)

Hornet (Greatly increased missile damage)

*Medical Pelican* (A new unit that is combat support heals and transports units. 3 pop)

Hawk (Upgrade costs 1500 tech 4,Greatly increased stats costs 280 and tech 4)

Vulture (costs 700 tech 4 and greatly increased health.)


Covenant Changes:

Turrets have longer range (cost 200, upgrades cost 100)

(Upgraded supplydepots cost 200)

Followers (upgrade costs 1000 tech 3 and adds 20+ pop cap.)

Ghosts and Choppers are trained in the main base

Buffed all Covenant unit damage (some more then others)

Ghost (increased damage ,speed and hit points)

Chopper(increased damage and hit points)

Suicide Grunts (Removed ability to attack passively,increased squad numbers by 2, 6 total Suicide grunts.)

Elite Honor Guard (Start off with shields. Greatly increased damage and hit points.)

Brute Squad (Increased squad numbers by 2, 4 total Brutes.)

Grunt Squads (Elites have shields. Brutes do more damage. Start off with no grenade throw but like the marines if fully upgraded are better units.)

Jackal (Added a extra jackal,totaling 3 jackals per squad.)

Hunter (Greatly increased Hit points and increased damage.)

Wraith (Greatly Increased Damage and increased hit points,Scorch shot does more impact damage.)

*Anti-Air Wraith* (A new unit that takes on air units from the ground 3 pop.)

Locust (Can attack while moving,increased damage.)

Engineer (Increased Speed and slightly decreased hit points.)

Banshee (Removed boost ability but are generally more faster,Increased damage and slightly more hit points.)

Vampire (Added Shield,Increased hitpoints and damage.)

Scarab (Costs 2500 tech 3,greatly increased health and slight increase to speed. Only trainable at Citadel)

Arbiter (Added Shields Cost 500 to remake, Increased damage hit points and speed.)

Prophet Of Regret (Cost 500 to remake,Increased damage,slight hit points and speed increase.)

Brute Chieftain (Added Shields Cost 500 to remake, Greatly increased damage and hit points slight speed increase.)

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Halo Wars Nutritious Edition

Halo Wars Nutritious Edition

Full Version 8 comments

At first this mod was a balance mod but now it is simply a mod that has changed all the units in way I *think* will benefit them and even added some new...

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