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Parasomnia Source Code available here:

July, 1883. Half-Rats is, as he usually seems to be; down on his luck and fretting for the future. One fateful night, he carelessly decides to drown his sorrows with strong libations - and he runs up a tab at a pub he knows he can't pay...Remarkably; Instead of a reproachful speech and coarse removal, he is instead told a tale he can hardly believe. A tale involving great riches, but even greater peril. If he was not so desperate, he wouldn't conceive of embarking on what could be a wild goose chase to locate a forgotten and virtually unknown town. Half-Rats' doubts were abated somewhat when the publican shews his utmost sincerity - albeit in a strange and effusive manner - and draws him a rude map.

"Thank the lord, for he smote that place from the Earth in '81. We lived, but most met their destruction the night that liberating conflagration visited freedom upon us. We're the last of 'em...There was a vault in the bank, large sums of money would have been stole away there, safe. We vowed never to go back, to keep that place a dread secret until tonight."

The seemingly mythical town in question is referred to as "Eminence". With no other hope to speak of, and fearing that this may be treachery after all; Half-Rats is still compelled to begin this peregrination to his "El Dorado" with weapons at the ready. But he'll find much more than gold and banknotes before his journey is through. All is not what it seems, and he'll find a living, livid hell to contend with...And the close of a dilemma he'd all but forgotten.

New Features:

- Brand new maps. Featuring several environments.

- Inventory items you can carry with you and use. Each with its own effects. you can carry up to 9 of each item on the planet.

- Lantern that requires oil to function.

- Monetary system. You can pick up cash and valuable objects in order to purchase items at stores.

- Man Brand-new enemies to contend with - Many with their own abilities and fighting styles.

- Mixed enemies that each utilize their abilities in a squad setting to take you down.

- 6 new period weapons.

- "Kicking" enemies and "Blocking" attacks during melee combat.

- "Half-Cat Cheroots" combat companion.

- Over 600 brand-new textures from scratch.

- New sounds!

- New music provided by my solo act, "Ague".

Character Background:

Half-Rats – A somewhat educated gentleman who fell from grace long ago, but still retains a singular social fluidity and still holds fast to the moral compass of his upbringing, and has been known to rub shoulders with bad company, while also fraternizing with the upper class when he can – where some regard his kinship as a novelty at times. Likes his whiskey. He has a certain amount of mettle, and tends to show levity as a means of dealing with dire situations. He had heard the rumors of Eminence back in Detroit, and decided to embark on an adventure!


M1860 Cavalry Saber

.45 Colt SAA

Double-Barreled 12GA Coach Gun

Henry Repeater


Gatling Gun


Meat Pie (Health)

Dried Meat (Health, Armor, Damage Boost)

Whiskey (Armor)

Cocaine Lozenge (Temporary Invulnerability)

Whale Oil (Lantern)

Enemy Types:




Beasts of Decay

Boss (Four (4) Freakin' Bosses, man!)

Powered by the Goldsource engine!

Heath Games is:

Half-Rats - Project Lead, 2D Art, 3D Art, Concept Art, Level Design, Writer, SFX and Music

OsirisGodoftheDead - Coding, Design Help

Shepard - Coding Lead, Conversion, Cleanup

CliffyV - Animator

ThanosHLD - Mapping, Writing Help, Level Design

Devan Miller - Resident VA

Netoxy - Modeling/Animation

"That moment when you realize you can't map in the daytime because your .wad is too dark..."



"My El Dorado"

"Road to Perdition"

"No Vacancy"

"The Bonehoard"

"Manor of Speaking"

"Poor Quarter"

"Trip the Light Fantastic"

"Final Showdown"


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I need to tell this story as part of a healing process...I hate to make this all about me, but I think it's necessary.

My entire life, I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and OCD - leading to panic attacks, and long periods of general unease. During the development of the Half-Rats mods, and the subsequent Unreal projects, things got crazy for me. Before getting into game development, I had spent many frustrating years seeking "fame" as a musician, and during that time had fostered a few really bad habits - such as my drinking. My drinking increased during the development of A Fever Dream. I kept my latest musical project, "Ague" going at this time, and I began taking medication for my anxiety and depression issues. After Parasomnia entered open beta, I decided to finally get a real job. I began working at a plastics factory, making automotive parts for major auto companies. My drinking increased yet more, and I found myself working 7 days a week, unable to dive into the Half-Rats projects the same way I used to (Naturally). I wasn't even able to properly test Parasomnia! I played the Steam release for the first time two days after its release.

I had been riding high, and enjoying the attention that "A Fever Dream" garnered - and was obsessively pursuing game development at this time. I had pushed away nearly everyone in my life...Busying myself with delegation on what would have been 1.1, as well as doing what I could on our Unreal titles. I very nearly quit doing music altogether to focus my time on the Half-Rats games. You could imagine my frustration when Parasomnia "flopped", and public support for the Half-Rats series appeared to be dropping. Time issues within the team lead to stagnated progress on the Unreal projects. By this time, my binge drinking became almost a daily thing. I would wake up, go to work in a hot, smelly factory, then spend the night doing whatever I could while drinking myself into a blackout - only to repeat it all the next day. I kept adapting the plan to lower the scope of our workload - giving birth to "Waking Nightmare" and "The Hellbourne", and pushing MOPAT further back.

I decided to take up programming to push our projects along towards the end. It was at this time that we had enough cash to finally move out of my parents' house, and strike it out on our own. Things were nuts at first. Car troubles, electrical troubles, heating/utilities issues...Issues getting settled after the shock of moving from an extremely rural area to a city, and a workplace that was mostly unfamiliar to me. I even had computer problems, too at first. I registered Heath Games as an actual LLC, in anticipation of being Flint Michigan's only game development company, hoping that would boost morale - I had plans for the series, and plans to resurrect Ague as well. Things got really slow, however on all fronts. I found myself continually frustrated and out of options as I dove further into learning programming and Unreal. My drinking started getting in the way here. Heath Games staff were busy with other projects, or with life/college, and I was grasping at straws. My medication was losing effectiveness it seemed, and I was slipping further into alcoholism. I had a constant anxiety gnawing at me in the background, and I felt scattered...unable to organize my life and get things done the way I was accustomed to. After Thanksgiving 2018, I decided to stop drinking. Turns out, I had become physically dependent on alcohol - my withdrawals were alleviated in part by the anti-anxiety/depression medication I was on. I was able to stop cold turkey. It wasn't long after that, that I decided to let my meds run out and not refill the prescription for the first time in nearly 4 years.

I attempted to begin work on another mod, believing that would help get the Half-Rats series out of the dumps. I realized then, just how burned out I was - and just how flooded the market was getting, and how picky the consumer base was getting as a result - it started to look like a futile started to resemble the music industry dynamic in my eyes - once again, I was able to do too little, too late. For years I had been buffering my stress with medication and alcohol. For once, even the prospect of successfully pumping life back into Heath Games with a new mod, and rejuvenating the fan-base just didn't seem very appealing to me, nor did it seem probable - in fact, the constant pursuit of "cultural relevance" that I had beaten into my head from a very early time in my life just seemed to turn my stomach and fill me with dread anxiety. The truth is, I don't like game development. I am not a game developer at heart. I am a story teller - that's all I've ever truly wanted to do. The meds gave me a singular focus, and allowed me to brush off the hell I was putting myself through, as well as adopt a more practical mindset. Once I stopped abusing my body and mind, it was all very clear to me. I did "A Fever Dream" for the love of creating. But it became an obsession - like everything else after that. I burned myself out. I burned myself to a fine crisp. I'm having difficulty even eating some days and I feel like I lost my old mettle - continually having to rally myself to get through the day.

What should have been great memories of moving to a new place were tainted by my constant anxious need to "get something done" pertaining to my projects. I neglected so much in my life. I looked at my hobbies as viable career options that could only become such with obsessive, unceasing, feverish work.

The mods served their purpose, though - and the real, core fans of the Half-Rats series are still here. I appreciate you very much! I was finally able to reach out there and connect with folks. I was finally able to feel like I was a little more relevant in this world that, for a while seemed to have left me behind. I accomplished a lot. For that I am grateful. There's a new person slowly emerging from this garbage fire as I slowly regain my strength. There's a new purpose. I'm excited by something again - and that excitement has seemed to stick. Many of you have probably heard of the Half-Rats comic. Half-Rats and friends aren't going anywhere, folks. In fact - the mods weren't even canon! You haven't even been introduced to all the characters - You haven't even seen 5%! I am proud to say that the comic's first issue is nearly complete - but I am learning to take it slow this go-round. In time I will be strong again, the nagging feeling of needing to "accomplish" something will diminish, and I will be able to slow down and enjoy life for what it is - and become more aware of my longer ignoring the little things that make you whole.

I'm keeping Heath Games active on paper. But the doors have closed for now. All projects as currently known are cancelled indefinitely.

Thank you, all!

- K.R. Nelson, creator of Half-Rats...Not Half-Rats himself.

It's been one hell of a ride! See you around!

20161123 072722

Pic of the day: View from the North staircase of Heath Games' old HQ.

New Half-Rats Mod? Maybe!

New Half-Rats Mod? Maybe!

News 17 comments

Yes. A new Half-Rats modification! Taking place three days after the events of Half-Rats: Parasomnia; "Dawn of Pestilence" thrusts Half-Rats straight...

Half-Rats Comic! (And Other Stuff)

Half-Rats Comic! (And Other Stuff)

News 6 comments

Alright, you all knew it had to happen eventually! Half-Rats is making his way to the world of pulp!

Crassmass is Comin'!

Crassmass is Comin'!

News 6 comments

For all of you lovely boys and girls out there, Crassmass is about giving...and Heath Games is gonna' give it to you! Get ready for adventure Decmber...

Half-Rats Thanksgiving!

Half-Rats Thanksgiving!

News 5 comments

So what goes on? Well, quite a bit, people. Read on!

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The Half-Rats SDK

The Half-Rats SDK

SDK 3 comments

Have it your way! With the Half-Rats SDK! Everything you need to make your very own Half-Rats adventures!

The Rise and Fall of Eminence - A Bestiary

The Rise and Fall of Eminence - A Bestiary

Guides 7 comments

This guide expands on the lore of the Half-Rats universe a bit. Enjoy!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - v1.0b - Steam/Linux

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - v1.0b - Steam/Linux

Full Version

The whole game in it's "v1.0b" version for the Linux operating system (SteamOS as well). Only Half-Life Steam is supported!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - Patch v1.0b - Steam/Win32

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - Patch v1.0b - Steam/Win32


FMOD's upgrade (music engine's middleware) and client side optimisations for better FPS in certain situations. Steam Half-Life on Windows ONLY!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Original Soundtrack

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Original Soundtrack


The soundtrack for Half-Rats: Parasomnia! Bangin'-ass tunes to slaughter to!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia (STEAM VERSION ONLY)

Half-Rats: Parasomnia (STEAM VERSION ONLY)

Full Version 22 comments

NOT compatible with XASH or WON. A first-person, single-player horror modification for Half-Life that takes place in the 1800s. "July, 1883. Half-Rats...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 659)

Can you make Non-Steam version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

That's up to shepard.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It's a tough one. Not sure if we'll ever get around to that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Haha! I had played Fever Dream a while back to my enjoyment and then immediately tried this Parasomnia and got stuck on the tutorial. Much more freaky than the first title. ^_^! Plus I was having problems understanding a few things...

Does the cat work as expected? I point all the way across the map and press the corresponding button ("Z" I believe) to send the kitty there, but the fish only "drops" in front of me a few feet. I had assumed it was suppose to travel a bit further... Also what is the point of the cat as it does not go through fences, even with big spaces in them? And my game froze with the cat after I had dropped the fish it was not moving towards it, but instead still following me so I tried to the USE key on the cat and the game shut down.

The sword I would of assumed would block when the button is held down or only for a moment and then goes back at the ready. Instead it stays blocking for as long as needed. Also the kick itself would of been nice to have with all weapons, not just the sword, although obviously it would of needed to be mapped to a button all it's own. And the ability to kick even while blocking would of been nice, but due to the block is auto, I guess that would of made it over powered or cheap.

Lastly is it really suppose to be that dark? I had to turn everything up for both brightness and gamma and the game still feels too dark. I think that is what made the tutorial so scary and I agree it is a good mechanic, but even with candles lit the place is just dark, almost annoyingly dark, opposed to just scary dark. I there something wrong on my end or that the atmosphere you wanted to create? Perhaps these parts are far and few between in the actual game perhaps?

And the shopkeeper and the vending machines, shouldn't one have something the other doesn't? Like if it was too far to travel or too dangerous for the shopkeeper, shouldn't the vending machine lack something or have something that the shopkeeper does not have? So when you see one you wish the other was there or be thankful when you actually came across it?

Also again the voice acting is top notch in the tutorial! Great job.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how to download this mod ? where is link ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Go to files or download it directly through Steam.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Half-Rats I need your help. I'm mapping for a while now and I want to know how the hell are you making those subtitles. Do you use game_text or do you use something else and how do you trigger them. Can you explain to me it would be sooo helpful. And by the way you're a heck of a modder,keep up the good work :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's the same subtitles system as PARANOIA if you are familiar with it where "scripted_sentence" does the job automatically. All you have to do is to add an entry in "titles.txt" with the same sentence code (the "!AA_BBBB" thing) and trigger that "scripted_sentence".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Basically, you can just look in our titles.txt file to see how they were implemented.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Titles! They are triggered by the firing of multi_manager threads, and they are timed to the length of the wav file. Ummm, it's been a while, so I don't know if anything special had to be done code-wise. That's a question I could ask Shepard. Hang tight.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I figured it out, don't worry about it Half-Rats.Thanks for the help though! Stay awesome!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Awesome mod, quite a few improvements and additions over the previous 'Half-Rats: A Fever Dream' The story is pretty interesting and the maps feel a lot less linear compared to the last mod. It even has a cool little tutorial which is pretty helpful and not many mods do that. It really is one of a kind and the most work I've seen put into a Half-Life mod in the past couple years. The enemies were pretty well designed and were indeed very difficult especially if you're standing still. It was quite…

Dec 12 2016 by Lopper

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