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July, 1883. Half-Rats is, as he usually seems to be; down on his luck and fretting for the future. One fateful night, he carelessly decides to drown his sorrows with strong libations - and he runs up a tab at a pub he knows he can't pay...Remarkably; Instead of a reproachful speech and coarse removal, he is instead told a tale he can hardly believe. A tale involving great riches, but even greater peril. If he was not so desperate, he wouldn't conceive of embarking on what could be a wild goose chase to locate a forgotten and virtually unknown town. Half-Rats' doubts were abated somewhat when the publican shews his utmost sincerity - albeit in a strange and effusive manner - and draws him a rude map.

"Thank the lord, for he smote that place from the Earth in '81. We lived, but most met their destruction the night that liberating conflagration visited freedom upon us. We're the last of 'em...There was a vault in the bank, large sums of money would have been stole away there, safe. We vowed never to go back, to keep that place a dread secret until tonight."

The seemingly mythical town in question is referred to as "Eminence". With no other hope to speak of, and fearing that this may be treachery after all; Half-Rats is still compelled to begin this peregrination to his "El Dorado" with weapons at the ready. But he'll find much more than gold and banknotes before his journey is through. All is not what it seems, and he'll find a living, livid hell to contend with...And the close of a dilemma he'd all but forgotten.

New Features:

- Brand new maps. Featuring several environments.

- Inventory items you can carry with you and use. Each with its own effects. you can carry up to 9 of each item on the planet.

- Lantern that requires oil to function.

- Monetary system. You can pick up cash and valuable objects in order to purchase items at stores.

- Man Brand-new enemies to contend with - Many with their own abilities and fighting styles.

- Mixed enemies that each utilize their abilities in a squad setting to take you down.

- 6 new period weapons.

- "Kicking" enemies and "Blocking" attacks during melee combat.

- "Half-Cat Cheroots" combat companion.

- Over 600 brand-new textures from scratch.

- New sounds!

- New music provided by my solo act, "Ague".

Character Background:

Half-Rats – A somewhat educated gentleman who fell from grace long ago, but still retains a singular social fluidity and still holds fast to the moral compass of his upbringing, and has been known to rub shoulders with bad company, while also fraternizing with the upper class when he can – where some regard his kinship as a novelty at times. Likes his whiskey. He has a certain amount of mettle, and tends to show levity as a means of dealing with dire situations. He had heard the rumors of Eminence back in Detroit, and decided to embark on an adventure!


M1860 Cavalry Saber

.45 Colt SAA

Double-Barreled 12GA Coach Gun

Henry Repeater


Gatling Gun


Meat Pie (Health)

Dried Meat (Health, Armor, Damage Boost)

Whiskey (Armor)

Cocaine Lozenge (Temporary Invulnerability)

Whale Oil (Lantern)

Enemy Types:




Beasts of Decay

Boss (Four (4) Freakin' Bosses, man!)

Powered by the Goldsource engine!

Heath Games is:

Half-Rats - Project Lead, 2D Art, 3D Art, Concept Art, Level Design, Writer, SFX and Music

OsirisGodoftheDead - Coding, Design Help

Shepard - Coding Lead, Conversion, Cleanup

CliffyV - Animator

ThanosHLD - Mapping, Writing Help, Level Design

Devan Miller - Resident VA

Netoxy - Modeling/Animation

"That moment when you realize you can't map in the daytime because your .wad is too dark..."



"My El Dorado"

"Road to Perdition"

"No Vacancy"

"The Bonehoard"

"Manor of Speaking"

"Poor Quarter"

"Trip the Light Fantastic"

"Final Showdown"


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If the video was too long to bear, to paraphrase - this is a reminder to check out the previous news articles I posted, as well as outlining some new developments that you weren't made aware of. Like skip-able dialogue, and the fact that Thanos has returned once more after taking a sabbatical, and is now Swiss - he's in a much better place in life and will soon be ready to dive back into Parasomnia 1.1. This time I've elected to use Version Control software so we don't run into the same horrible, evil situations we did before. AND, don't forget, all the problems you had with the weapons' speed, accuracy, rarity, secondary fire transition speeds? Gone now. And of course - everything's going to be more lit up.

Aside from all that, I professed my main goal in all of this - which is to establish a brick and mortar studio here in Michigan. There's a lot of talent coming out of our Universities and Community Colleges, and I'd love to keep it here in the mitten.

This is Shepard's skip-able dialogue. It's still WIP, but it'll give you a good idea of how this all works!

What else is up you ask? Heath Games Merch is in the works!


Yes, that's right! Stay tuned for Half-Rats Mugs, Shirts, Aprons, Phone Cases and...Love Pillows! Ever want to cuddle with Barnaby? Well, you'll soon be able to.

Well, that's all...FOR NOW! Good evening, Ratlings!

Pic of the Day:


Christmas Goodies for YOU! (Bestiary is Out Too!)

Christmas Goodies for YOU! (Bestiary is Out Too!)

News 3 comments

We come bearing gifts. The Bestiary you've all been waiting for is finished as well as some before/after photographs of what we've been working on to...

End the Nightmare! (Final Showdown)

End the Nightmare! (Final Showdown)

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Pre-production, development, testing, release, redacting, development, testing, re-release, then development, testing, and finally the release of version...

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Out Now!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Out Now!

News 5 comments

You like horror? The 1800s? Booze? Demons and sh*t? All that can be yours and much more, guys and gals...For those of you who missed the Halloween release...

(Half-Life Mod) Half-Rats Out for Halloween!

(Half-Life Mod) Half-Rats Out for Halloween!

News 13 comments

Lost Thanos was rescued from the island on which he was trapped, and we're back in full swing - It's going to be another Half-Rats Halloween if Heath...

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The Rise and Fall of Eminence - A Bestiary

The Rise and Fall of Eminence - A Bestiary

Guides 7 comments

This guide expands on the lore of the Half-Rats universe a bit. Enjoy!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - v1.0b - Steam/Linux

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - v1.0b - Steam/Linux

Full Version

The whole game in it's "v1.0b" version for the Linux operating system (SteamOS as well). Only Half-Life Steam is supported!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - Patch v1.0b - Steam/Win32

Half-Rats: Parasomnia - Patch v1.0b - Steam/Win32


FMOD's upgrade (music engine's middleware) and client side optimisations for better FPS in certain situations. Steam Half-Life on Windows ONLY!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Original Soundtrack

Half-Rats: Parasomnia Original Soundtrack


The soundtrack for Half-Rats: Parasomnia! Bangin'-ass tunes to slaughter to!

Half-Rats: Parasomnia (STEAM VERSION ONLY)

Half-Rats: Parasomnia (STEAM VERSION ONLY)

Full Version 22 comments

NOT compatible with XASH or WON. A first-person, single-player horror modification for Half-Life that takes place in the 1800s. "July, 1883. Half-Rats...

HRP Concept Art

HRP Concept Art

Wallpapers 5 comments

Contained here are my drawings. Enjoy! I hammered these out during the development process of Parasomnia. Not all monsters are present, as not all had...

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Can Anyone make A copy of Para10.bsp?

Mine seems corrupted for some reason...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Half-Rats Creator


Reply Good karma+4 votes

rip 1.1

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Half-Rats Creator

Definitely still on it. Like stank on ****.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nope, still on it;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hey I got a problem with the steam version, I can't enter the sheriff constobulary map, the area where you first see the policemen and I don't what I'm doing wrong, I have the rifle and everyithing in the map should have been explored yet I can't gain access to the new area.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Since you have the rifle, I assume you have entered the police station grounds. In the area you first encounter the police officers, check for a door which is broken down. It will lead to you to an office, with a key on the wall. This will let you enter the police station ;) .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Half-Rats Creator

Did you run to the door you first entered? That door is going to remain OPEN, and close in the player's face when they are instructed to leave with the new objectives system to make that more obvious in 1.1. And by "Door" I mean Eminence's main entrance.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

One question, why do the cops use the revolver animation when using henry?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Half-Rats Creator

Probably a glitch.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Awesome mod, quite a few improvements and additions over the previous 'Half-Rats: A Fever Dream' The story is pretty interesting and the maps feel a lot less linear compared to the last mod. It even has a cool little tutorial which is pretty helpful and not many mods do that. It really is one of a kind and the most work I've seen put into a Half-Life mod in the past couple years. The enemies were pretty well designed and were indeed very difficult especially if you're standing still. It was quite…

Dec 12 2016 by Lopper

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