This mod focuses on creating an all-new campaign set in the Half-Life universe at the same time Half-Life 2 takes place. You(Gordon Latimer) was one of the first people to be teleported to Xen for research via the Lambda Complex. The omnipotent G-Man had been following your own exploits closely, and through that came the Black Mesa Incident. After several years of being in stasis, G-Man decides you are useless to him and by pure "luck" drops you off in the Zombie Infested outskirts of Paris.


The Levels and missions of this mod will be created to combine all the "newest" types of gameplay. Traditional Shooting, Zombies and Monsters, Sci-Fi and future enemies. It will also incorporate puzzles and thinking games. Have the living daylights scared out of you and wage a war against the combine. Its all here.

Level 1- "Good Night"

Level 2- Field of Light

Level 3- A Normal Day at the Office
Level 4- "Le Avenida de la muertes"
Level 5- End of the Line
Level 6- "Freed Man"
Level 7- Middle of Nowhere
Level 8- Dark Secrets
Level 9- 1st Succession War
Level 10- The Alternative

Team Applications:

We urgently need a team to start working on the mod. If you are willing to join please E-mail me at or pm me (pupkin) here. We mostly require modellers to start making the new models that will be used in the mod. Mission and Level planners are also needed to help in planning the new levels with me. *Note: We have no posts filled at the moment. There are spaces for everything from modellers to playtesters.

RSS Articles

This is the "reveal" of the Half-Life I2G mod series. It focusses on recreating the first Half-Life levels into a new "format" that has more random elements to increase replay value and improve gameplay experience. It also has a slightly different storyline and the levels are completely different with only elements from the first one like the opening sequence tram ride(updated with more actions) and the tentacle in the silo.

We have the following mods planned:

Half-life: Resonance Cascade

Biological experiments cause dinosaurs, portals cause aliens and fate causes the "One Free Man". You thought the first encounter was after the test. You thought it would be a normal day. You thought your job was safe... you were wrong! Things started going wrong before the test began, creatures came loose, samples arrived... Two days later, you are awake. Stuck in the chamber with two scientists and what seems like no way out.
This mod intends to remake the original Half-Life game into a more compelling, immersive and realistic experience. Being set in the year 2017, the world, weaponry and game you knew are completely diffrent. The levels are based on the originals but with more random elements taht will change the way you play every time. More puzzles, aliens, marines... And the worst of all, the combine arrive earlier than expected!

Half-life: The alternative

You wake up, its dark, mysterious and you have no idea where you are. The first steps are painfull, you reach the street and realise that something is wrong... No power, just darkness. The sight of a far away field of light. The Eiffel tower and at that moment you think its all a dream. And thats when it hits you!
A interbreed of horror, role playing and shooting! This mod is about one of the scientists from the Lambda Complex who were sent to the borderworld before the Cascade. You play a guy called SAnthony Rift. Also an MIT graduate, you were sent to Xen to investigate what had happened to the scientists "up there". Being the seventh person to set foot on another planet besides Mars was an awesome experience. Untill your party was ambushed. You survived and met Gordon Freeman at a time but were again seperated. The omnipotent G-Man was keeping an eye on you aswell and put you in stasis... for a while. SAfter Gordon's exploits, G-Man decides he doesnt need you anymore and drops you off in an alley in City 9. The former Paris. The Human Population is not as drastically decreased as in Half-Life 2 and there are many new Combine and Alien enemies to encounter.

Half-life: Undercover(not official)

"About that beer I owed ya! Its me Gordon. Barney, from Black Mesa! Hey sorry for the scare. I had to put up a show for the cameras. Ive been working undercover with Civil Protection."
Here you take the role as Barney Calhoun from the point where Gordon Arrives in City 17.

Half-life: The Combine's Reckoning

Temperatures are dropping. The winter is approaching. City 21, Moscow. The Combine still have a relative grip on this part of the world. Being cut-off, they have no way of receiving reinforcements. After the destruction of City 17 and the closing of their super portal, the combine have gone crazy. Defenses, road blocks, scanners, tranposrters and elite striders and vehicles. This is war! The human race has regained control of a large part of Europe, Australia, Africa and North America. With few isolated units around in these areas. This is one of them. And I'm stuck in it.

This mod takes place a few years after City 17's destruction and the closing of the super portal. A new "citadel" has been erected in City 21. One of the last Combine strongholds. You are a citizen who has recently been moved here. You decide that fate is in your hands and you start working in the underground to plan the resistance in the city. The city's population has decreased dramatically since those days in 2027 when the combine returned to turning people into soldiers and stalkers. Their "production" tempo has increased and the populkation is low. But there is hope. If the resistance is a success, you can attack the Combine defenses from behind and kill them from inside. That will allow the Trans Continental Liberation Amy to advance past this point and free the other Cities in this region.

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well....... ****

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-_-This Mod Is Dead-_-

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Nice, seems good. I will be keeping an eye on this project. I am very eager to try a demo asap-


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I don't think pumpkin is doing anything

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Do you actually have any work done? Except photoshop pictures.

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sgt.davis44 Creator

You should ask @pupkin. I'm not working on the mod anymore. He's the new mod leader.

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This mod is dead ?

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sgt.davis44 Creator

Not yet. I'm just not making it anymore, only in a way managing. pupkin is the new mod leader, he'll be handling it from here

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