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Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between! The Lambda team is thrilled to announce our latest project. We have been working tirelessly to bring you what could possibly be the most ambitious GoldSrc game in Half-Life history – the remake of the canceled expansion pack, "Hostile Takeover"! Originally intended for release by 2015 Inc. in 2000 (a bit confusing, I know), the Lambda team has taken up the challenge and is determined to deliver an unparalleled and action-packed experience that the world has never seen before!

  • In this expansion pack, you can expect:
  • A сompletely new story!
    16 chapters filled with intense gunfights and intricate puzzles!
    New enemies!
    New weapons to blast away your foes!
    The next generation of Team Fortress mercenaries!
    Enhanced NPC interactions!
    Numerous side quests!
    And much, much more!

To some of you, this might sound like an exaggeration. And perhaps it is! However, to live up to your expectations, we need YOUR HELP! We will be launching a Patreon page where you can make donations to support us in achieving goals like releasing the mod on Steam and providing general support. Our initial target is a Steam release, for which we require $100. Whether you can donate a thousand dollars or just a few bucks, every contribution matters.

If you are an experienced GoldSrc developer (mapper, coder, animator, modeler, texture or concept artist), you can also join our team! Simply visit our server and contact FireFox or Greepy.

By becoming a patron, you will gain access to supplementary media that expands the lore of the universe, play beta builds, get exclusive sneak peeks at concept art, and much more! These updates will be released monthly, so stay tuned!

Now let's move on to showcasing the results of our recent work.

First, we have the MP5 created and beautifully animated by the talented animator h33lemeted.

Second, we want to share with you the armed guard at Allied Processing.

untitled 3

As you can see, the guard is equipped with state-of-the-art armor, advanced weaponry, and a radio. They will be a great ally, but it's best not to provoke them.

Lastly, we want to introduce our talented voice actors who are lending their voices to bring our mod's characters to life. I'm confident their voices will leave a lasting impression on you!

Please note that the names and specific details of the contributors may be adjusted as needed for the English version.

That's it, stay tuned! And don't forget to join our discord server, there we lay out sneakpeaks to our mods.

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Guest - - 692,451 comments

Yea baby, mini gman's story isn't going to be left to rot

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Greppy Creator
Greppy - - 27 comments

If you still wonder if this project is still alive and in development, then the answer will be - yes. It is still in development, updates will come sooner or later, thank you for your patience.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
sanixyt - - 14 comments

How much percents of the game done?

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Greppy Creator
Greppy - - 27 comments

I cannot disclose this information at the moment. But there might be Tech-demos in future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
andrewГО - - 802 comments

лучше этот мод делай чем black mesa classic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
andrea89 - - 265 comments

glad to see the mod is still alive!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JD_Kreeper - - 3 comments

Even though most developers are focused on BMC, I've got a story prepared for this mod once the rest of us get to work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
nonsense-me - - 97 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Robot.Gamma - - 43 comments

Oh yeah guys, as a huge fan of Team Fortress Classic, I was waiting for this mod from the moment I found out about it and damn sad when I found out that the development was frozen. But now I'm ready to explode with joy, finally you have returned, I will be with you to the end.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
JordyPorgie - - 11 comments

nice to see this mod back in style!

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