Story: You are Jim, a bicycle courier who was in a crash and was put in a coma. Meanwhile, a group of animal rights activists release infected chimpanzees from the Cambridge research facility in Manchester, because of this the virus spread across Manchester but because of all the fires that broke down during the outbreak, the infected ran away into different cities in England and decimated England in a matter of weeks. The military blockades were overrun and when they tried to evacuate the cities it was already too late, the infection was everywhere. Now there's no government, no police, no army, no tv, no radio, no electricity. Then, 28 days later after the initial outbreak Jim wakes up from a coma and slowly finds out what's going on. Jim then goes on a quest to find his parents.

This mod is based on the horror/zombie movie 28 Days Later. The mod will have same locations, weapons, soundtrack and some key story elements as the movie. In this mod, guns and ammo are minimal, you will only find them a few times in the mod so most of the time you will either have to kill the infected with melee weapons, or you will have to run away from them. You won't find many survivors either. The damage in the mod is more realistic, infected and other enemies die from just a few bullets but so do you. The mod is also sort of a small open world, you can follow the story and advance or you can explore and scavenge buildings for supplies. The mod will not recreate the whole 28 days later movie in goldsource as that would be near impossible. I'm aiming to release a demo in the end of 2021.

Release date of the mod: 1.11.2022 (20th anniversary day of the 28 days later movie)

Join The Half-Life 28 Days Later Discord Server Here:

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RSS Articles

Welcome to the sixth official progress update article for Half-Life: 28 Days Later!

First as usual let's take a look at the maps.

I've done some improvements to the first london map

20211207211639 1

Added some more equipment and made part of the wall wood.

20211207211655 1

Added a doorway

20211207211719 1

Added a hallway

20211207211731 1

Added a blocked entry to the rest of the hospital and a menu to the cafe.

20211207211746 1

Added a delivery truck, street lamps and trees

20211207211808 1

Added another house and a car that you can activate the alarm of by pressing e.

20211128013648 1

added the iconic text on the wall from the movie "repent! The end is extremely fucking nigh!"

Now for the second london map.

20211204170558 1

Added a fully accessible school to the map.

20211204170709 1

So far only the chemistry class is finished

20211207211849 1

A prefab building and a power house? (i guess)

20211207211900 1

Another random building by me (on the left) and a prefab building (on the right)

20211207211914 1

Two more prefab buildings

20211207211953 1

Some rich guys house

20211207212002 1

Backyard with a pool (and the house owner stuck in the pool), still needs a lot of work.

20211207212016 1

Added some details to the house from the previous update article.

20211207212053 1

20211207212021 1

20211207212029 1

20211207212039 1

20211207211933 1

a garage (part of the same house from above).

20211207211939 1

20211207211943 1

20211207212138 1

added a drum kit to this guys house.

20211207212204 1

"get out of my house!"

20211207212232 1

another decoration building by me (on the left) and a prefab building (on the right)

20211207212301 1

Another car that you can activate the alarm of.

That's about it for the maps. Now let's move on to some npcs

I've added tons of infected variations

bandicam 2021 10 23 21 44 53 207

bandicam 2021 11 05 11 36 25 199

bandicam 2021 11 05 18 59 47 624

bandicam 2021 11 06 18 49 49 930

bandicam 2021 11 26 18 13 08 518

bandicam 2021 11 27 17 54 34 294

bandicam 2021 11 10 16 19 55 455

bandicam 2021 12 06 01 25 26 887

bandicam 2021 12 05 23 46 56 634

bandicam 2021 12 05 23 00 45 542

bandicam 2021 12 06 17 14 03 283

bandicam 2021 12 07 22 43 45 256

bandicam 2021 12 07 22 43 37 706

Now for some uninfected for a change

bandicam 2021 12 05 21 44 09 376

Hostile survivor barney

bandicam 2021 12 06 00 37 05 142

New survivor/civilian variant

bandicam 2021 11 10 18 24 01 340


bandicam 2021 12 07 15 40 26 936

I've also updated this guy a bit

bandicam 2021 11 25 15 21 29 240

Here's an updated soldier model. They now have full sleeves, bare hands, a helmet that has the same camo as fatigues, removed night vision lens from gas mask, made the vest look less like pcv and more like the gear the soldiers had in the movie, made the camo look more like british army camo, added pistol holsters with pistols and added the correct weapon (L85).

bandicam 2021 12 07 22 47 51 541

I also tried making major west, i think i did pretty good.

bandicam 2021 12 08 16 18 47 955

Here's the updated soldier infected to go along with the updated soldier.

20211207195722 1

here are all the survivors

20211207203349 1

These guys are hostile survivors.

So that's about it for the npcs. Now let's move on to some miscellaneous stuff.

20211030231319 1

20211030233832 1

Weapons now have the correct HUD sprites

bandicam 2021 12 05 22 17 52 077

Updated medkit model

bandicam 2021 12 05 22 12 54 640

Updated suit replacement, the red cross will be explained later

bandicam 2021 12 08 16 19 59 103

Updated hands.

20211023221144 1

Added two new medical items that give less health than the medkit but are more common.

20211207203328 1

Backpacks and other bags that may include items inside of them such as healing items, armor or maybe even ammo.

They all have custom pickup sounds.

Also we have two new members in the HL:28DL development team

The skeleton: Mapper

curseofnight: Modeler

Oh and finally, here's a video of the progress of the mod:


SandedSandals: Prefab buildings and cars

Valve: For making all the counter strike , half life and tfc stuff

Gearbox: for making all the half life op4 and blue shift stuff

Whoever made the counter strike beta SAS model: For making the beta cs SAS model.

Ezequiel-TM: For making the gordon freeman in labcoat model used for one of the zombies.

Jonathan Feehan: For making the tfc sniper player model reskin used for one of the zombies.

Grey Dog: For making the female zombie model (which i then reskinned).

ssfcgaslsgo: distributed a lot of the textures i used for the models

brusstrigger: making all the friendly survivor models except the reskinned cs hostage.

PLut_RU: Zombie running animations.

Vect0r: Distributing sterilizer and bandage models

zzzs570: making the L85A1 model.

me: editing or retexturing all of the models, making the maps, making some custom textures, rigging models to zombie animations, customising the hud and programming.

So yeah that's it for this article.

- If you wanna help out, just send me a message on moddb or discord, my discord is STAHP.exe#8728

- join the mods discord server if you want to:

Thank you all for your support!

Bye bye and have a fantastic day! :D

Progress Update 5 For 28 Days Later

Progress Update 5 For 28 Days Later

News 9 comments

Showcasing progress for the mod for the fifth time.

Progress Update 4 For 28 Days Later

Progress Update 4 For 28 Days Later

News 8 comments

Fourth progress update for half-life: 28 days later!

Progress Update 3 For 28 Days Later

Progress Update 3 For 28 Days Later

News 12 comments

Welcome to the third progress update for hl: 28 days later.

Second Progress Update For HL: 28 Days Later

Second Progress Update For HL: 28 Days Later

News 3 comments

My Second Progress Update For HL: 28 Days Later :D

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Been a while I haven't checked this, still working? ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Dude awsome movie!!! So scary. Cousin Ray loves this movie..If I got o Arcansas, US again Im showing him this mod!!! He's 48 and LOVES Zombie mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Great! So good to see this Classic (personally think its the best Zomb/infected movie to date) being made into an ep for Half life. The work on the church window ++. If your taking ideas; (lol) then I didnt see you climb a large staircase to a upper floor apartment building in the showcase video (hint, hint!) or loot a convenience store. All the best for the future, keep stocked up on those energy drinks or quality coffee, whatever your preference to get this complete.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

woah as a person living in manchester this is pretty cool, amazing looking mod much love from england!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Say me this keep in development

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Wow, looking good !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

HUD could be yellow? And I hope this be released, good luck working on it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
STAHP.exe Creator

i'm probably gonna change the HUD to red but yellow is a possibility

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I said it because green or red colors are always used when someone mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Looking great can't wait for the release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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