Generals 2122 The FUEL Conflict is a War beetween 4 (FOUR) Factions, all with thier strengths, weakness and Morality:

The Guardians of Our Muhammed
, short GOMAHAD, founded by Sadek Johnson in 2040, united most Nations in the World to counter the Euramericasian Commonwealth.

Euramericasia Commonwealth
was founded by Europe, America, China and Russia, to become a massive Hightech, Computer-Controlled Nation. They are actually Al....

are militant okofreaks like Greenpeace (and also Al...).

The Aliens will play also a Role in the Mod, being evil first, then Mankinds greates fri....

GOMAHAD and all 4ch.. things were removed because of being profanity. :/

FACTION Combat Styles:

(Damage over Time),
Low initial Splash-Damage,
to revenge lost Units

Light armoured
, fast hit-run Mecha Units
accurary (Laser, Nano-Guns)
Clean guns
(No "Dirty" Damage like Napalm, Radiation...)

GAIA Corps: Terraform the Land
Protect the Land
And then use the Terraforming Land to Buff your Units

Alien Units to Protect yourself, because theryre weak
Evolve them to make them way stronger (requries MANY Upgrades from many Buildings)
and Then simply Destroy your Enemy with Masses of Aliens.

Standard Infantry, Basic AT-/AA- and AP- Vehicles and basic Air-Units, basic Defence Buldings are Buildable
2. Needs respective Tech-1 Radarcentre, unlocks first Upgrades and Siege Units and Medium Tanks
3. Needs respective Tech-2 Techcentre, unlocks hightech Uprades and the Special Units
and heavy AA-Defence and the Superweapons Bunker
4. Needs all Buildings and then the Superweaponbunker, Can build Superweapons and Main Faction Special Upgrades for INFANTRY, and some semi-permament Bonus like 10% more Armor for GOMAHAD as long as ALL these Buildings stay. If one Building is destroyed, you need to build it again to recover the Bonus Thing.

Stealth and Detecting:
1.Only ONE Vehicle and ONE Infantry, both Unarmed for each Faction, can Detect Stealth by Standard.

2.Stealth is mostly used by GOMAHAD, but also some Units from GAIA CORPS and thw ALIENS.

3.The EURACOM doesn't have Stealth Units.

Full Utilizising Energy Liquid, short FUEL
Vehicles and most Buildings take FUEL (replacing the normal Powerplants and Power), a Hydrogen/Canadium based Liquid with high powerefficience created by Canadian Scientists in 2042.
You can buy FUEL at the SYROTÜRK-FUEL Station. 10 Galleons FUEL Cost 500$ and takes 15 seconds to be buyed again. The FUEL Station is immun against ALL Attacks, but must be captured to buy FUEL.

They play a main role for most battles, but they need Fuel and can be countered by hordes of specialised Infantry.

Infantry don't use Fuel. And are cheap to buy.
They are good to foot but not as fast as most Vehicles.
All Factions have one Standard Infantry.
Infantry will play are more specialised role, like Ingeneers, EMP-Gunner, ABC-Soldiers and Commandos; and they will be Single Units.
Most of them can get Many Upgrades.

STANDARD INFANTRY gets 2 special Upgrades at TIER-3 and 1 special Upgrade in Tier-4, which rises their Firepower and gives a special Armor, unique Abilities from their Respective Faction:
EURACOM: Lasergun, Nanohealing and Plasmarockets (Large Area Damage, needs recharge)
Thermo-Rounds, StealthArmour and Mines (every killed GOOL Soldier Lays one Mine)
Needleguns, Bioshield and Okobombs (Destroys Buildings Instant, needs recharge)
ALIENS: Slimeballs, Hard Carapace and Cloning (Clones Units, cost slightly more Money than normal)

Superweapons and Support Power Weapons: They are superfast, they strike in almost in less than a second, making them like FPS weapons. They Cost nothing.


1. Euramerica Commonwealth /EURACOM/ uses light armored, computerassited Mechas and light Tanks with light, medium ranged and pinpoint accurary weapons like Laser and Railguns.
Their only old age, classic Unit is the A-10-RG Thunderbolt RAILGAT, a A-10 with with a Railgattling
Russia, Europe, America

2. The Guardians Of Our Muhammad, short GOMAHAD, have VERY different Vehicles and Technologies from ALL their Member States. Members include the African Union, Turkey-Syria Coalliton, the Canada-Swiss Treaty, and the remants of the GLA. Units include African T-100 Ogryns Tanks and Turkish PARS-APC, and also Swiss/Canadian Pirhana Anti-Air Vehicles.

Like the United Nations, but with ABC-Weapons. :)

3. GAIA Corpopration for saving the Earth, GAIA CORPS are Militant Terrorists which save the earth with medium armored and armed, self-healing Bio-Mechanical Vehicles like the FROG-Tank and the SALAMANDER Firewalker, and they buff their Units with creating a Biotope (Trees, Flowers, Nests) around their conquered places. These Bioturrets, created by BIO-MASS Trucks (this ability cost Money and FUEL), grant passive buffs for GAIAs Units and also act as Defences.

Australia, the Brazil-Cuba Treaty and the South France Republics are GAIAs founding Members.

4. ALIENS of the other Galaxy, the ALIENs first try to conquer the Earth, but are they really the ENEMY? What ever, they aren't (SUPRISE!) that advanced, as their Units are fully biological and VERY WEAK at the begin of every battle. But they can Sacrifice their units for HUEG Damage. Later, then they begin Evolving through MANY Upgrades, the ALIENS become 4 times more Powerful. Then, at last, they can upgrade to learn the CLONING ability for their Units, for slightly more cost than normal, many Units can clone themselves to strike back as unstoppable Force!

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Alien Faction Story


The Aliens were only a young race compared to Mankind, being only 10.000 Years old (by comparsion: Mankind is 2 million Years old).

But their Evolution was rapidly due to highly advanced Biologics, and the Aliens managed to capture a Spaceship which they stole from a another Race 50 Years ago, but now they are on the retreat to hide themselves.

After seeing that Earth/Gaia has enough FUEL to fuel their Spaceship, they start a raid against Mankinds Fortess to rescue their own kind...

The FUEL Conflict begins now...
The Flag was made from a Tiberium Flower from Tiberian Sun.
Tiberium Flower from TS Copyright by Westwood/EA Games.

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hi every1 im new here i dont know how to download game

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Does this mod actually excist? Or is it only an idea?

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I Like the aliens idea....thats all.....irony i know...

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Interesting idea

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bad mod :(

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i don't want to sound like a **** like these other guys but i strongly reccommend you change the name of this MOD. At 1st glance I wasn't even going to look at it because of it. :-/

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get rid of the ******* memes you newfag. longcatian are you joking

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Get rid of these ******** memes and then you'll have a rather decent looking mod. Watching.

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Nietschechen Creator

GOOL makes a Holy Crusade/Jihad against their Enemies.

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