The mod features a great deal of gameplay features and it will include several factions and other elements from the Star Wars universe, both expanded and the new canon universe. The mod also features elements from previous Age of Empires games, two great examples are the fourth resource and the AoK style techtree. Since it’s a total conversion, the civilizations from the original game have been deactivated, but units and buildings for them are still available in the editor. Civilizations are renamed “Factions” and are given new traits. The concept of unique units and unique techs are gone, while the concept of things such as unit classes are introduced. Naval unit roasters have been scrapped, in favor of aerial unit roasters that act less like naval units and more like regular units instead, ages are reformed into technology levels, a new hero (or villain, depending on your faction) feature is also present on the game. Many other features are present, in order to transform the great game that is Age of Empires III into a platform to the star wars universe.

The factions in AoEIII: GC are divided by their gameplay style. There are four main Gameplay styles in which a faction can fall into, these are:

  • The Big Factions
    • Galactic Republic
    • Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS -- ingame: Confederacy)
    • Galactic Empire
    • Rebel Alliance
  • The Standalone Factions:
    • Mandalorians
    • Royal Naboo
    • Chiss Ascendancy
    • Others planned, but not confirmed
  • The Underworld Factions:
    • Black Sun
    • Hutt Cartel
    • Zann Consortium
  • The Alien Factions:
    • Wookies
    • Geonosians
    • Gungans

More information will be disclosed about the gameplay styles and their factions soon.

Random maps that feature the locations of the star wars galaxy are also in the work, with new terrains, and ambient props to be used.

Every faction will feature at least one learn to play scenario.

Two campaigns are being planned, although planning does not mean they are confirmed, if they make it onto the game, they will feature a Light Side Campaign and a Dark Side Campaign, and follow the events from episode I to the 30 year time gap between the episode VI and episode VII.

More information will be out soon. Right now feel free to comment and take a look into the screenshots.

May the Force be with you!

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Major Factions

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The Four Major Factions and their leaders

Throughout the history of the galaxy, star systems united themselves in order to become more powerful, these unions came in different forms, from simple alliances to wide governments that could cover entire regions of the galaxy. These unions became so powerful, that they were regarded as major powers. The most notorious powers in the galactic history were the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Empire and the Allianceto Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.

In Age of Empires III: Galactic Conflict, these are called Major Factions, and represent the four main factions that played a big role on the galactic history. Because they are so different from other factions, they have their own gameplay and playstyle. In this article we will analyze their aspects. There are four present Major Factions: The democratic Galactic Republic, the separatist Confederacy, the tyrant Galactic Empire and the resistance-movement Rebel Alliance.


A Confederacy's Light Vehicle Factory (Left) and an Imperial Heavy Weapons Factory (Right)

A Confederacy’s Light Vehicle Factory (Left) and an Imperial Heavy Weapons Factory (Right)

In contrast with the other factions, the Major Faction’s lack any big and game-changer bonuses, making them more balanced to play with without messing the gameplay. Another characteristic of the Major Factions is that they also lack a proper counter-system, apart from the aerial unit-roster, they may have the widest unit roster of all factions however each unit is their special unit with their own distinctive purposes.

But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Major Factions, as said above, they have the widest unit-rosters in comparison with any other faction, but it is important to note that their unit-roster is not fixed. That’s right, the unit roster is chosen by the player himself:

Major Factions have a unique structure, the Command Post. In the Command Post the player will be forced to choose a unit set that will complement with their original roster. After making this important decision, the player will be allowed to train the new units directly from the Command Post, the Command Post also features unit companies’ shipment and several techs that are directly tied to the unit set the player chooses.

Major Factions advance their tech levels with important personalities of their proper faction. Each personality has a minor bonus that adds to the gameplay, these bonuses are made small in order to make the gameplay fair. At the same time, personalities may also send shipments of units or resources.

The Major Factions

Galactic Republic

Galactic Republic Units

Having withstand their Sith and Mandalorian foes, the Republic enjoyed a thousand years of peace as the galaxy’s predominant government, but now that the peace was broken, the Republic was forced to create the Grand Army of the Republic in order to protect its citizens throughout the Galaxy.

Homecity: Galactic Senate, Coruscant

AI Personality: Chancellor Palpatine (balanced)

Bonus: Infantry trained in Companies

Strengths: Infantry, very balanced.

Weaknesses: Economy

Unit Sets: 501st Legion, 41st Elite Corps, Galactic Marines, Jedi Service Corps.


Confederacy Units

Born from the distrust on the ways of the Republic, the Confederacy aims to topple the corrupt galactic government. With the Separatist Droid Army provided by several mega-corporations, and the support of many star-systems, the Confederacy is a force to be reckoned with.

Homecity: Bridge City, Cato Neimoidia

AI Personality: Count Dooku (rusher)

Strengths: Mass Production, Economy.

Weaknesses: Infantry.

Bonus: Command Center auto-produce worker droids

Unit Sets: Baktoid Armor Workshop, InterGalactic Banking Clan, Sabaoth Squadron, Techno Union.

Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire Base

From the ashes of the Old Republic, the New Order arises. After spending years developing its military, the Empire began to conquer countless star systems and add them to their domain. Ruled by the Emperor’s iron fist, enforced by his legions of Stormtroopers, the Empire knows no true rival to its might.

Homecity: Imperial Center, Coruscant

AI Personality: Darth Vader (boomer)

Bonus: Command Centers spawn Prefab Platforms

Strengths: Mechs, Map control.

Weaknesses: Air units.

Unit Sets: Stormtrooper Corps, Imperial Mechanized Brigade, Starfighter Corps, Dark Trooper Project.

Rebel Alliance

Alliance Units

Seeking to bring democracy and freedom back to the galaxy, several resistance movements joined arms together and formed the Rebel Alliance. Made up of brave fighters from all across the Galaxy, the Rebellion has pledged to fight for the freedom of every single being of the Galaxy against any governments or organization that failed to do the same.

Homecity: Alliance High Command

AI Personality: Mon Mothma (Turtler)

Bonus: Special workers can defend themselves better.

Strengths: Air units, hit-and-run tactics.

Weaknesses: Mechs.

Unit Sets: Alliance Army, Alliance Pilot Corps, Rebel Militias, Alliance SpecForces.

I plan to create more articles, explaining each one of these factions with more precision, this article is meant for the gameplay style of this faction type only. Remember, everything in this article is subject to changes, as it is still in development.

Faction - Galactic Empire - Ingame History

Faction - Galactic Empire - Ingame History

News 1 comment

The ingame history that is given to the Galactic Empire.

Databank - Tech Levels

Databank - Tech Levels

Feature 4 comments

A quick summary of the revamped Age system from the vanilla game, followed by a review of the year of 2016.

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Please Don't Cancel This I Need This Now !

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je viens de lire tous les commentaires et actualités, vraiment j'ai hâte que ça sorte. vous pouvez me contacter si besoin de financement ou autre je suis très emballé par le projet bien que je le vois avec un peu de retard (;

bon courage à vous.

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Where I can download the mod

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how do i download this

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Well, I don't know if it's possible, but in the mechanics of the republic's revolution (if it is implemented) could the empire be an option? and that they change the workers for stormtrooper recruits and a special unit in the revolution like the purge troopers or something like that.

I mean, it would be interesting.

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Where is the file to download?

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