Follow Freeman is an innovative co-op mod for Half-Life 2.

We are gearing up now for the imminent release of Follow Freeman beta 3. After many months of hard work and collaboration with many other Half Life 2 mod teams and the wonderful help we have received from our community of Follow Freeman testers and fans who have all contributed in the true spirit of cooperation to the monumental amount of maps and features supported by Follow Freeman Beta 3 - thank you. There so much stuff that we can’t fit it all in so here is a brief summary.

Half Life 2 single player campaign:

Community mods converted for Follow Freeman Co-op:
Rock 24
The Island
Combine Destiny
Causality Effect
Mistake of Pythagorus
City Rebellion
: the co-op remix
Riot Act
Coastline to Atmosphere

Antlion Troopers

Over 140 community maps from 15 separate developers and mod teams all collaborating in a shared love of creativity, cooperation and game-play

10 battle-zone maps including classic counterstrike source maps converted for PVPVE game-play, off road racing in the Jeep Rally, and the dreaded sequel to bz_trainstation (the leet coop map that pushes player co-operation to the limit) yes its bz_trainstation_2 :P

As well as the maps we have some lovely new features.

World Co-op High Scores Website:
At the end of each adventure the teams co-operative score and the stats of each player are sent to our website.

In game economy system:
Players earn money from kills and co-operation and can then spend it in Vorti-Guns.

Between missions players can use the in game shop (in the ready-room) to buy and sell a selection of 35 unique weapons including the counterstrike weapons, and stock up on ammo and equipment for the next mission. The shop can be opened and closed in-game in the admin control area so Half Life 2 purists can still play with the original weapons only.

Inventory multiplayer save and restore:
Normally in multiplayer games players do not keep their weapon from one map to the next but Follow Freeman now saves your weapons and keeps your inventory on the server from one mission to the next.
Co-op friendly inventory:
the weapon selection system has been redesigned so players can share all weapons and ammo types. Enabling a greater level of team work and tactics
Right now we are checking in content for the next release sometime in January and as soon as the beta testers are happy we will compile the linux version and go for the public release. If you cant wait and want to play some sweet smooth coop asap then you are welcome to join our friendly community of beta testers you can join here.

For more information on the game play features see our public forums where I will be posting more development reports showing the features and how they work in greater detail over the coming weeks.

For general info about Follow Freeman you can see our online manual our and content guide at

If your part of the half life community and you want to get involved in then don’t hesitate to contact us, we are a community driven team and all gamers and developers are welcome.

RSS Articles

It's been a while since we posted news last time. It's actually been over 8 months . We know that people out there maybe have been thinking that it were dead, but we are happy to tell you, that a beta 3.0 is around the corner. This is approx. 3-4 weeks. Why has it been taking so long!? We have been busy on our other projects, we had some private stuff to take care of - we did not really have the time. I would like to thank you all for waiting. I wanted to update this profile page at a time the MD team could say we are really developing FF and right now.....we are! We have a new member of the MD team his name is vRod and he will be helping us with mapping and a few other things. Expect to see some entries here from him soon! I always try to add in some media with each news post so today I have some pictures of Vorti-guns I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy them and stay tuned in to Follow Freeman for more updates!

Follow Freeman songs now available for download!

Follow Freeman songs now available for download!

News 1 comment

It's the two songs you've all been asking for. Now available for download.



News 8 comments

It's been too long since I last updated so here's some new Follow Freeman media! New Vorti-guns weapon! New battlezone map!

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

News 2 comments

We are looking for mappers and modelers. Also help with releasing the SDK for mappers.

High Scores and Causality Effect

High Scores and Causality Effect


Testing is still going strong despite the new Team Fortress 2 update. I am loving the Pyro's new weapons!

RSS Files
Follow Freeman Rave Theme

Follow Freeman Rave Theme

Music 1 comment

A rave theme made by X-MING-X of Merciless Development. Expect to hear this song in one of our new Battlezones!



Music 2 comments

The Disruptor song from Follow Freeman by X-MING-X.

Follow Freeman Public Beta 2.9

Full Version 40 comments

This is the updated public beta version 2.9.

2.x to 2.9 patch

Patch 5 comments

This is a latest patch for updating to teh very latest 2.9 patch. Change Log ---------- Initial - 20/JUL/2007 --------------------- Fixed crash on changelevel...

Follow Freeman Public Beta 2.8

Full Version

Follow Freeman is an innovative co-op mod for Half-Life 2. This is our first major public beta release (Beta 2) and contains a total of 76 maps all edited...

Follow Freeman Co-Op Demo

Follow Freeman Co-Op Demo


Get a flavour of what it takes to survive in the Co-Operative Mode of our Mod. This is Co-Op in the traditional flavour of Half-Life 2. It pays to keep...

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Guest - - 693,019 comments

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dhe2383 - - 110 comments

I used to beta test this mod. One day the lead developer just disappeared and refused to post anything about this mod. Someone told me he had built a house and it came crashing down, I know nothing more about it. Seems the lead dev just stopped caring like most modders do. Go try out Obisidan Conflict, all of these mods can be played co-operatively in that mod.

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Guest - - 693,019 comments

It was my favorite mod. I have so much memories about it! It is sad that it was never developed further.

I presume the founder was X-MING-X?

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Alpha250 - - 47 comments

I cant play when i start the mod he say : Cant load librart client

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DJHellray - - 17 comments

sad that its off i loved the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,019 comments

is it still available? i wanna play with with my friend. is it possible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Id5236 - - 199 comments

People still play?Please,I wanna replay HL2 in coop!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OMGOSH1911 - - 66 comments

Hey. I'll play. I'll just download this... Let me know anytime ok? But then again. I can't run a server.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Stryker71 - - 45 comments

is it possible to get this working with the cinematic mod from fake factory? is it just a simple file change seeing as how it is still halflife 2?

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rafalz/kakashi - - 3 comments

really cool mod, played it few years ago with a friend... shame its dead

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