...you will not survive...

Hello and welcome to the FH2:Zombies mini-mod page!
Mod is all about killing, and being killed by zombies.
Our team hope that you will enjoy this amazingly gory-full experience.

FH 2.6+ forgotten-hope-2
BF2 1.5 battlelog.co

Mod features list:

  • Zombies!
  • New lighting for many new maps
  • New zombie animations
  • more ammo for some weapons
  • more apocalytic-like environment
  • less armored vehicles/removed vehicles
  • limited ammo on stationary weapons
  • secret pic-up weapons
  • higher FOV
  • new weapons

To play alone start a local server, set the max players to 1, and the bots to your desired level

Note: beta 3 is only CO-OP supported, SP keep crashing...

Each mode is meant to be a little different from the others and each have a different "Backstory"

  • Survival - You and a few other squads are holding out in an area with a relatively light zombie population
  • Escape - You and your squad are the last ones left in an area completely over
    run you must escape the area to somewhere safer if you wish to live
  • Assault - You and many other squads are assaulting areas held by zombies, in an attempt to make a safe zone for civilians

There are also a few kit and weapon tweaks here and there that I will let you find out on your own.
As well as a few easter eggs spread around somewhere.

is simple. Place the folder in your Mods folder. Be sure to have FH2.6+ and first run FH2 launcher. You can activate mod through BF2 revive tool.


First need say big thanks for fh2 mod developers for making incredible and probably best looking BF2 mod. Also need say thanks becuase they let us to continue this mini-mod !

  • Ominicide - 3p zombie animations
  • Havocide - Most of the mod and bug squashing
  • Lupin - Sounds and skins
  • Sgt_Prof - coding, new maps conversions, tweaking
  • Josh094 - Skins
  • Develop013 - shotgun animations
  • Radiomesh - mod update

Old videos:

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Dear zombie slayers,

New FH2z minimod version has been released in order to work after BF2 revive.

  • New saved off shotgun weapon
  • removed the most unstable maps
  • added some extra sidearms to some classes
  • shotguns are more powerful now

To install, extract FH2Zombies folder to your /Mods folder.
In order to start, launch BF2 revive launcher and select FH2 zombies mod. Be sure to have latest FH2 installed as it is required for minimod to work!

I'm hoping to release another version with more maps or mappack since after latest update FH2 is way harder to mod. So I cannot promise anything.

Gameplay video (featuring new shotgun):

Event 01.03.2015

Event 01.03.2015

News 2 comments

We invite everybody to join our FH2Zombies event today, 1th March, at 3pm UTC. The server name will be "FH2Zombies Test" (ip:

FH2z Update 2.47 live

FH2z Update 2.47 live

News 4 comments

Our friend RADIOSMERSH updated FH2-Zombies to 2.47 and brought some minor fixes. We thank him a lot for helping us. !

FH2-Zombies Small Patch

FH2-Zombies Small Patch

News 6 comments

Greetings zombie slayers! As you know, Forgotten Hope 2 developers have released the new version for their mod, 2.46, which brought new content to the...

FH2z "Infected World" & update

FH2z "Infected World" & update

News 4 comments

So after long break mod development is up ! Are you ready to join next version test ? are you ready to meet hungry zombie army ? If yes, be sure to read...

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Full Version 11 comments

Newest FH2z minimod release. Works after BF2 revive. FH2.6+ is required to play. Removed unstable maps, added new shotgun as secondary for assault + other...



Demo 15 comments

FH2z 4th beta test ! I think I fixed all possible bugs, so it's testing time !

Comments  (0 - 10 of 78)
Noddynod443 - - 197 comments

Does anyone also have gun model bugs (mp40 mag not placed in right location, BAR tripod floating in thin air, sniper rifle missing scope sight, etc?)

The last time I updated forgotten hope 2 was last year.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
XSO_Commando - - 91 comments

Wow! After all these years, this mod still continues!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sgt_Barboza - - 17 comments

it would be cooler if they sounded like the COD:WaW Nazi zombies

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
maykayman - - 123 comments

they need to be nazi zombies haha

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ubermensche - - 697 comments

Hmmm...is it normal that when I play co-op, the game CTD? And also, for some reason, when you play Eppeldorf, the human team only starts with 50 tickets which quickly fall to 0 and you can't do much to change that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
illicitSoul Creator
illicitSoul - - 6,280 comments

I haven't tested mutch co-op, I focused on SP mostly so it can be bugged. So far I can only suggest to play SP only sorry.

After FH2 update alot of things got changed and modding fh2z become harder

Reply Good karma+2 votes
illicitSoul Creator
illicitSoul - - 6,280 comments

This project is being updated after BF2 revive project happened.

main goal is to fix crashing since mod isn't compatible with BF2 revive client.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 693,196 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Longobardo - - 701 comments

Is this going to be released with the next, stand alone, version of FH2? Just like PR is releasing PR:Z, WW2 and FALKAN with version 4.0 Stand Alone?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
illicitSoul Creator
illicitSoul - - 6,280 comments

umm I don't think so

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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