FH2s mini-modification which turns ww2 battlefield into zombie apocalypse! Prepare your guns, axes and drinks... The dead ones are coming!

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asdasdadsdasdasdasda says

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Extremely fun! Play it a lot! This mod has to be the best zombies mod, the best WW2 zombies mod, and one of the best mini mods ever! This mod with this mini mod are just another reason to buy a copy of Battlefield 2


pureevil29 says

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The mod is made by some of the best BF2 modders the world has ever seen and it shows a lot of promise! Lets hope it gets a full release soon since the gameplay footage shown is the videos looks amazing and already quite polished.


hakan29Kilic says

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is pretty good but pls make it online k thank


Ismoleboss says


XSO_Commando says

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