Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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I can't ******* wait this looks amazing! I loved Far Cry its my favorite far cry ever still is. Also a question; will you add more weapons? or will they be just classics? how about attachments like in crysis? at least for guns like m4 or g36 would be super cool.

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roadiereloaded Author

sorry for the late reply - just noticed your post now. Well it is going to be crysis weapons so you will have the attachments and weapon modifications as Jack Carver. The only way to pull this off is to use everything Crysis provides and not get bogged down in creating or recreating FarCry assets. So no, there will be no new weapons. You have to see this as playing FarCry but with Crysis jungle and assets. Plus using the FarCry heightmaps and locations to some extent - modified. I will create the hangglider and the blackhawk helicopter but all of this takes place in the 'FarCry' levels. The first level is playing 8 years after Jack Carver was on the island. Player has a nano suit and is sent in because a Trigen escaped from the lab zero. So this is the first FarCry level where Jack comes out of the bunker and makes his way to the Carrier wreck. Just creating this level the way I want it is going to take more than a year since I cannot work on it full time. Only an hour or two every day. I thought I would ask for donations to help but realistically nobody is going to support this until they see what it is going to be like and by then I don't need support anymore. It looks like it is going to be a long wait. Which is fine with me since I am building this for myself and not looking for a career in the gaming industry etc. Also a lot of players will want new weapons and new gameplay like you which is not what this mod is about. The project aims to get rid of all the things I did not like about Crysis and FarCry - linearity and all of this handholding, cutscenes and movie like approach. I want a singleplayer where the player is truly on his own having to figure things out and discovering the situation. The gameplay mechanics, weapons and AI of Crysis are fine. This mod wants to be a perfect game level where the AI appears to be networked and thus unpredictable, where AI does not get stuck or fail completely, where grass does not grow in the air etc etc. - all the small things built properly will add up to a great game instead of great new inventions. Looking around there are many mods that all want to add something to the game ... I just want to use what is there and get rid of the annoyances. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for watching FarCry reloaded.

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