Sins of a Solar Empire is often described as a 4XRTS game, or a game that tried to merge the action and tactics packed gameplay of a Real time strategy game with the deep, complex, empire wide strategy of a 4X turn based game. It's up to debate whether Sins succeeded in this goal, but I think all can agree that of the 4Xs of "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate", Sins is much more focused on the exterminate than on the others. This mod seeks to give more depth to the other 3Xs of the game by adding additional game elements or refining the existing ones to reward players who give more strategic thought to the non-combat side of the game. Combat will still be the center point of the game, but players will find that the non-combat options available will be much more rewarding. Spying, exploring, sabotage, diplomacy, culture, and economic development have all been added or changed in innovative new ways. Regardless of what you think Sins is, this is the 4XRTS it should have been.

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E4X version 1.45 Changelog (Games : Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion : Mods : Enhanced 4X Mod : Forum : General : E4X version 1.45 Changelog) Locked
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GoaFan77 Master Modder
Sep 8 2012 Anchor

The next version of Enhanced 4X will almost certainly be released in the next day or two. It brings compatibility with Rebellion version 1.04 and adds some of the features I was working on for 1.5, plus lots of little changes to minor bugs or things that just didn't work as well as they could have.


  • Compatibility with Rebellion version 1.04!
  • Pirate raid strength is now determined most by current bounty, rather than Empire size and trade.
  • Scientist Vasul's Assimulation ability can now be used on orbital structures, no longer requires weapons.
  • Second level of Despoil Planet research now correctly doubles the duration.
  • Faction Command Centers will no longer take up tactical slots.
  • Mines have been completely reworked. They no longer explode, instead damage and debuff hostile ships near them over time.
  • Number of mines per gravity well per player has been slashed, to 20 at stars, 15 at gas giants, occupied planet, and homeworlds, 10 everywhere else.
  • Scouts no longer passively reveal mines. They now target an individual mine, and after a certain amount of time it is destroyed. If the scout take too much damage it will have to abort the ability however.
  • Advent Loyalist Mine control ability has been similarly reworked, and now gives half the XP the destroyed mines would have given.
  • Buffed all strikecraft by around 50% while increasing carrier cruiser costs and fleet supply by 50%, to try and reduce the number of squadrons while keeping their overall effectiveness.
  • Reduced starting strikecraft of carrier caps and Anima Kreia and slightly slowed the rate of fighter gain per level. They'll now have two less squads than they could before at level 10.
  • To further reduce fighter lag, the number of fighters per TEC and Advent squadron has been cut to improve game performance, with each individual fighter improved so that the squads have the same stats overall.
  • TEC Bombers per squadron reduced from 5 to 4
  • TEC Fighters per squadron reduced from 6 to 5
  • dvent Bomber per squadron reduced from 7 to 5
  • Advent Fighter per squadron reduced from 9 to 6.
  • Skirantra's Spawn Bombers ability changed to spawn 1/1/2/2 bomber squads with a 30/20/20/15 cooldown 60/40/40/30 antimatter cost.
  • Bomber damage to structures and starbases reduced by around 25%.
  • Antistructure cruisers now have a chance to debuff structures. Vasari factions can now spawn a special antistructure nanite swarm from minelayers.
  • Meteor Storm's range has been reduced to 10000 to allow antistructure cruisers to outrange it. Damage increased to 600/900.
  • Level 2 Safety Protocol Override range slightly lowered to 11500 to keep antistructure crusers just out of range.
  • Trade ship/Refinery ships numbers reduced to 3 per structure. Total income unchanged, but respawn much slower.
  • Most techs and research added in 1.4 now have custom icons.
  • Eternal Illumination has been compressed into 1 level giving 10% bonus instead of two 5% levels.
  • The nuclear missile (final level) of TEC Loyalist planetary defenses now only fires at one target, but does more damage.
  • Reduced the range of all planetary defense weapons.
  • Vasari Loyalist Vorastra titan now has a forward disintegrator cannon that is extra effective against structures.
  • Increased the cooldown of Overlord Nihovalus' Preservation by 60 seconds per level.
  • Got rid of the Vanilla capture structure ability and changed the capture ancient structure ability to capture resource extractors. Vasari scouts now have a delay when capturing like with colony frigates.
  • Reworked the Rudra Assault Cannon, Styx Desolation Engine and Phase Tunneler ancient structures so that autocast will work on them, meaning the AI will use them!
  • Slight change of Vanilla strip times. Tier 1 planets (Volcanic etc.) strip in 3 minutes, tier 2 (Ice etc.) in 4.5 minutes, and tier 3 (Terran etc.) 6 minutes.
  • New main menu music by Jaja.
  • New loading screen pictures thanks to Axxo, Siv Corp and the Rebellion Collectors edition.

Edited by: GoaFan77

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