This mod is a crossover between; Endless Sky and Star Wars. This mod will add ships, missions, galaxy and more!

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Hello everybody!

This is just me saying hi and uploading my first ever mod! I'm sorry if I'm a bit Nooby with the site but get used to it :P.

Release TBD

I will soon have a version that is some what playable but I will need time to make it O K. Feel free to help with the development of this mod. P.S I'm not stealing anything off of that other star wars mod this WAS for personal use, I have recently found out about that mod . . .

Progress Update 18-01-2016

Progress Update 18-01-2016


This is an update on the development of the mod. It's going along smoothly, no big problems and nothing really slowing down development

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PRE-RELEASE Unstable. Assembly version

PRE-RELEASE Unstable. Assembly version

Installer Tool

This is an installer FOR THE INSTALLER!!!!! Features Install X amount of mods. Other features are W.I.P

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