168 non human lords,
expanded native map
Heraldic armor and horses
choose from 504 banners
Sea travel, battles
New foods, items, weapons, armors, horses, troops, factions, companions, bandits
Modified troop tree
Faster horses
Slower map travel
More food spoils,but it lasts a day longer
Better graphics
Faction navies
Beer Drinking
Drinking game
Trade ledger
Wagon train
Build and garrison outposts and forts
219 new human lords
Put companions in garrisons
6 landless factions
Hundreds of horses to choose from
Hundreds of armors to wear
Hundreds of weapons to slay with
108 human companions
Buy headquarters and set up trade routes
Build and run enterprises
Battle formations
Cows follow
Build settlements
Recruit peasants from the Barkeep
Recruit troops from the tavern keeper if your renown is high enough
Port scene, Buy a ship, buy Sea raiders,
Drowning added
Weapons break
Weapons can deteriorate in battle
Join a battle on either side now
Epidemics, catching a sickness
Royal traders
Permanent camps
Get guns and ladies from the Barkeep
Perma death
Bad injuries
Besiege any castle
Commanders tent
Chuck wagon
Working weather
Custom recruits
Gold, silver, diamond, and iron mines
Foraging skill
Fight a drunk in every tavern
Skip merchant quest
Skip alley scene by going to Praven
Quick character
Family heirlooms
Shield bash
Eat every 12 hours
Battle dust
Start as a vassal of a faction
Start as a King of a faction
Family trees change every game
Change faction Color’s
Play as a Zombie or Skeleton
More tournaments
Tournaments held at castles
Defeated factions can return
Custom lord notes
Play as an Orc
Starting as king gives you siblings
Kings get reputation types
Start as Prince
Add dialog to tavern travelers to provide faction of unfound companions
Troop notes now include Kings in relations
You can build 4 villages 1 castle 1 town and 2 ports before you join a faction
Kings now have children with in the faction
Heroes keep their own gear for tournaments
Flaming weapons
Play as a Snarf
Play as a Snarf female
Play as a Orc female
Magic system
4 mage companions
More than 2200 new items
More than 3000 new troops
Over 700 new locations on map
more than 500 scripts added

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recommended stats


Recommended computer stats are at least a quad core cpu, 16 gigs or more ram, 4 gig video card.

will run on lesser systems, but with more lag. had to replace my 3.2 gig dual core 8 gigs ram 2 gig video machine because it was struggling to run this and some of my other mods.

64 bit O.S. required, you will have all kinds of weird things happen with a 32 bit O.S.

credits for empire iv

credits for empire iv


credit list of all the other peoples work that is used in this mod

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Full Version 6 comments

Based on Empire III, requires WSE from Empire III to play, included in download take WSE folder out of Empire IV folder and put in warband folder make...

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How come I can't travel on world map?

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I wish to apologize for the delay in this posting. I had hoped to be able to post the last version of Lors' Empire IV, however I am unable to access it. Therefore, this will be the final version available. It is very playable and in my opinion one of the most involved and graphically rich mods I have ever played. I will attempt to answer questions about the mod to the best of my ability. Thank you for your continued interest.

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how do i add spells to my spellbook?

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In order to use spells, you must go to the Bordello and visit the Dealer (I think he/she is called) located at the top of the stairs in the back of the shop. Purchase the item for the spell wanted. You must of course meet the requirements for that spell. Equip the item like a weapon and use it like a weapon. Some items are good for only one use, while others can be used multiple times

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ah i see, maybe i was thinking of phantasy calradia. i remember playing one of them and i was put off by purchasing a spell and not being able to add it to my book, thanks.

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how to fix battle crash plz ????? every time I fight someone or siege them my game crash

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I'm not sure if I can be of any help, but if you would provide further details I could try to make some suggestions. My first question: are you using WSE for Empire III? Many game features do not work properly if you do not use WSE.

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I have this problem with you mod,I bought ship and sailed on it for a while, I went to shore and said to leave my ship in the port. Now I can not buy another ship, and when I try to board the ship I already purchased, it says I do not own a ship or my crew exceeds the boundaries. How can I fix this? I have tried lowering how many troops are in my army, but nothing seems to fix this problem. I know I am probably not aware of how this mechanic works, so please help me.

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I have run into this same problem in Empire III. With Lor gone, the only resource might be the people who made the original mod for the ships. Unfortunately, I have no idea who they are or on what website you might check. Sorry...

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A workaround I have used is to create a separate game save before I purchase a ship, and another whenever I port my ship. In this way, I can go back to a save whenever this glitch happens. I lose some game play, but I can get back to when the ship was working correctly. This probably won't help in your current game, unless you have a game save from before the glitch happened.
Another thing to try is to land on shore, rather than dock at a port; I haven't explored this option to see the glitch happens with this approach. I do remember that there was a place near Yalen that I couldn't access my ship, probably because of the cliffs there.

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