A classic straight from the golden era of gaming. Microprose F-19 Stealth Fighter was a flight simulator tasking you in plunging behind enemy lines and take surveillance photos, destroy SAM radar installations or sink a gun boat without being seen. For that generation of game it was beautifully complex and stunning in detail and I spent hours in it. To properly experience the simulation required a paper keyboard overlay with 87 key commands, which has been lost to time.

Enter the Elgato Stream Deck; a small configurable keypad with customizable LED displays for each key. I put two and two together and re-created the icons from the paper overlay (styled in the spirit of the originals), mapped the key commands to the Stream Deck, defined a layout methodology and exported a Stream Deck profile you can download for use in the game. No paper overlay required, but I re-created that as well if you prefer physical items.

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-New Release!
-Version 1.0
-Support includes Stream Deck MK1, MK2, Mini and Plus
-Profiles included for each Stream Deck device
-Icons designed and inspired by the original paper overlay
-Icons are high resolution 144x144
-New background graphics for the Stream Deck Plus
-Included undocumented key commands with new icons!
-Remapped functions for each device to take advantage of specific hardware features
-Remapped the button layout specific to hardware constraints, each layout is different
-Created a printable key command sheet for those that prefer the low-fi approach
-New key art included!

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F-19 Graphic Overlay for Elgato Stream decks

F-19 Graphic Overlay for Elgato Stream decks

Full Version

Elgato Stream Deck Profile for Microprose F-19 Stealth Fighter.

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