Elementalism, a brand new megawad for GZDoom!

Coming soon(ish).

Elementalism takes classic Doom gameplay and combines it with cutting-edge GZDoom enhanced graphical features for an explosive new six-episode Megawad. Confront and conquer the power of the elements, wield the powerful Elementium-powered wand and take charge through six awe-inspiring locations of elemental carnage!


  • Six mini-episodes of 5 maps each, with every episode themed around a mystical element: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light and Dark
  • Classic Doom gameplay: explore maps, hunt for keys, shoot lots of monsters.
  • Atmospheric level design, featuring custom textures, ambient sounds and special environmental effects. Journey from ancient Mayan temples in rich jungles to clockwork furnaces and beyond!
  • A dynamic and persistent hub map that allows you to move between episodes while keeping your progress through the levels
  • 7 brand new boss encounters – one for each episode, and a final boss
  • 6 brand new weapons – one for each episode, themed around each of the elements
  • Extensive use of GZDoom graphical features to enhance the look of the levels, including custom-made environmental models, shadowmaps, portals, GLDEFs, dynamic lights, normal and specular maps, and anything else we can get our hands on (but no fundamental gameplay changes – this is classic Doom at heart!)

The Team

All mapping by a handful of experienced mappers:

6BRW2KV.jpg?1 Dragonfly

D9wikiD.png?1 Remmirath

9Lq7N95.gif?1 Dreadopp

LH1kj9E.jpg?1 Bauul

vYRT9pd.jpg?1 BridgeBurner56

With code support, consultation & testing from:

Xyzzy 1
leodoom 5
Swiftwolf Blacktail

Why GZDoom and not another source-port?

Elementalism utilizes the very latest GZDoom features; it is designed to work with the latest version of the source port. It will require a decent spec PC to run as it makes heavy use of OpenGL 3.0+ specific effects, but we are doing our best to optimize the maps as best we can.

Release date

At the time of writing we’re not 100% certain on the release date as the project is still in a state of infancy, but we’re working hard and are planning release in 2019/2020.

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It's approaching three years since we first started work on Elementalism. In honor of this upcoming birthday, I thought it would be a nice excuse to share an update, and a few new screenshots.

The good news is the bulk of the mapping for Phase 1 (the first three episodes: Earth, Water and Fire) is complete. Most maps are finished, a handful are going through quality revisions, and just a couple of still being built. There's still lots to be done before we're ready for release (such as new graphics, music, balancing, and an extremely thorough testing phase), but there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Once we have the mapping properly finished and most of the new additions in-place, we should be in a position to set an actual release date! Watch this space!

Onto the screenshots! Rather than do a mishmash of stuff people have been working on, I thought I'd do a more curated guide through the maps of the first episode, the Earth Episode.

Starting with Map 01:

Hearth of a Feathered Serpent by @DMPhobos

The episode begins in a great city, deep in the jungle. It seems hastily abandoned.





Bit of trivia about this map: DMP studied real Mesoamerican architecture to establish the city layout, including the specific shades of red to accent the Episode-color green. The music for the map is a 9-minute original by @PRIMEVAL.

Map 02:

Descension by @Dragonfly

As you sun sets, you find the great city centers on a large pyramid, but the entrance is blocked. Perhaps there's another way in through the winding caverns beneath the city?





Dragonfly is working on an overhaul of the underground section, so some of the screenshots might change. The music for the map, Convergence Plates, is by @HexenMapper (and you can check it out here!)

Map 03:

Beneath the Thicket by me

The great pyramid was guarding the entrance to an ancient and overgrown part of the jungle. Rumor has it a sealed, vast underground labyrinth lies beyond it's thick vines.





This map also features an original composition by HexenMapper.

Map 04:

The Fallen City of Hedania by @Remmirath

Far beneath the jungle floor, in a gigantic cavern, you find the remnants of a much older civilization, long since fallen to ruin, now sealed away. What happened to this great metropolis, and why were the people who lived in the city above so frightened of it?





This sprawling creation is Remmi's love letter to Dark Souls' brand of decaying grandeur. It features an ambient, moody track by Primeval.

Map 05:

Deus Vermem, by me

And finally, a sneak peak at the grand finale of the episode: the Earth Boss. Each episode features its own unique boss encounter, created completely from scratch by myself. These aren't your typical Icon of Sin fight: this boss contains 7 different phases and is powered by more than 4500 lines of ACS and Decorate coding. I'm super excited about how this charming fellow turned out!


@Eris Falling is producing the two music tracks for this level.

That's all for today! Look out for more preview screenshots in the future.

A new HUD and a new HUB

A new HUD and a new HUB

News 7 comments

Screenshots and gifs of our new HUD, our new Hub level, and more progress on the main maps.

New release schedule!

New release schedule!

News 3 comments

Elementalism is moving to a new release schedule! Plus preview of the upcoming original sountrack, and lots more screenshots.

Original soundtrack incoming!

Original soundtrack incoming!

News 5 comments

Music has always been an absolutely essential part of any great Doom mapset, and Elementalism is no different. Introducing new musicians to help give...

New modeler joins the team, and new screenshots

New modeler joins the team, and new screenshots

News 6 comments

Clay has joined the team to help us populate the maps with amazing new props and effects. Plus new screenshots of maps in progress.

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demo??? pretty please????

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are we going to see a phase 1 release? This looks amazing btw, keep up the good work "thumbs up".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

eta on a realese date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I can't F'ing Wait for this! Looks beautiful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wow, those screenshots look amazing! Can't wait to give this a go when it's done!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

about the same time as Wintersun's next album

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is legitimately jaw droppingly gorgeous! Can't wait to try it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Any news?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

This looks seriously great. Good luck to all involved, I hope we can see a demo sometime soon!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I sort of want this to be out already, but at the same time, crafting something as visually impressive as this takes an understandably long time.

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