Elementalism is an epic new mapset for GZDoom.

Five years in the making, this has been a labor of love for everyone involved, and it is amazing (and slightly surreal) to have it finally released! A celebration of both advanced UDMF mapping and classic Doom gameplay, the aim of the mapset is to bring together the classic Doom experience we love with ambitious, high-concept modern mapping techniques. I can’t wait for you all the enjoy it! – Bauul

The God of Entropy stirs. Travel to the elemental planes and retrieve the imprisoning runes before it is too late!

  • 15 extensive, detailed maps split across three episodes: The Realm of Earth, The Realm of Water, and the Realm of Fire
  • Heavy focus on advanced UDMF and visual GZDoom features with extensive environmental storytelling
  • Classic gameplay at heart: exploration and incidental-combat focused with occasional set-piece encounters
  • Extensive lore for those who want to find it
  • The vanilla bestiary joined by a handful of episode-specific custom monsters
  • A new super-weapon, the Wand of Elements, with episode-specific attacks
  • Gigantic new boss encounters
  • A wholly original high-fidelity soundtrack

Project lead:

Maps by:

Music by:
Tristan Clark

The full OST is available on YouTube and Spotify!

And a fantastic supporting team of testers, programmers and artists:

antares031, boris, Cyano Blugron, Guardsoul, Gutawer, Insane_Gazebo, Jazzmaster9, Jimmy, Kaapeli47, Lazorical, Liberation, LowGcifer, Major Arlene, Pegleg, Rachael, Simpletonium, Stormcatcher.77, Terminus, TheEvilGrin, Velvetic, Wolf McBeard, Xyzzy01, Yugiboy85

GZDoom 4.7.1. Other GZDoom versions may work, but mileage will vary.

What are the minimum system requirements?
You need an Open GL 3.3 compatible GPU and a CPU with decent single-core speed. Like many modern GZDoom mapsets this has system requirements on the higher side, but we have worked carefully to optimize it as much as possible so it should run fine even on lower-end hardware.

What visual settings should I use?
Elementalism only works in the Hardware renderer. Dynamic lights are strongly recommended, as are shadowmaps if your hardware supports them.

What gameplay settings should I use?
Jump and Crouch are required. Freelook is optional, but heavily recommended. All the necessary comp-settings are set in the ZMAPINFO so you shouldn’t have to worry about them. However, if you find you are encountering odd behavior, please ensure your comp settings are set to Default.

Can I run mods with this?
Probably not. Robustly made mods may work to a degree, but some conflicts are likely inevitable. If you run into specific problems and would like more information, speak to the mods’ author.

How challenging is the mapset?
Not super challenging on the scale of modern mapsets, probably similar to something like Eviternity. If you want to experience the full UV monster count but are concerned about the difficulty, I strongly recommend trying the two new difficulties: Mild-Violence and Medium-Violence. They maintain the full UV monster count but improve the survivability of the player.

How long are the maps?
First playthroughs will vary between 20-30 minutes for the shorter maps and 45-60 minutes for the longer ones.

Can I change the Elementalism Options after starting a game?
Yes! Every option in the Elementalism Options menu can be toggled at any point, even swapping between pistol start and semi-continuous map starts.

I like to pistol start maps – how should I do that?
Select “Pistol Start” in the Elementalism Options menu. Do not use IDCLEV or MAP commands to reset the map, as you will lose your progress through the Hub.

I like to play continuous – where did some of my weapons go?
“Semi-continuous” is the only continuous option. In order not to unbalance the mapset, high-tier weaponry does not transfer between levels.

When will Phase 2 come out?
Progress has begun, but it’ll be a long (long) time!

Join in the discussion at Doomworld.com or join us on our Discord channel at the Hellforge Server!

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New update: v1.3 out now


A small handful of bugs have come to light over the last few months, and after watching a lot of streams of people playing the mapset I had noted a small handful of areas that would benefit from relatively minor adjustments to the levels.

With those in mind, I've put together a small enhancement update. The changes are:

  • Earth 1: Added slightly more ammo at start of level
  • Earth 3: Removed excess ammo at start of level
  • Earth 4: Slight monster adjustment
  • Water 4: Fixed secret not appearing on lower difficulties
  • Water 5: Fixed minor graphical issues
  • Fire 4: Better view of the vista at start of level
  • General: Level title remains on screen for slightly longer to aid readability
  • General: Opening text makes it clearer there are currently only three episodes
  • General: Fixed damaging floors being ineffective on Mild-Violence and Medium-Violence

The Fire 4 addition is probably the biggest change. I had always intended to have more of a vista at the start of the map, but ran out of time before release date. So I used this as an opportunity to add one in:

New Fire 4 vista

As with previous updates, save games will not transfer between versions (it's a limitation with GZDoom).

Also, this seems a nice opportunity to celebrate passing 10,000 downloads! A big thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed our mapset!

Full Release v1.0 is here, and full OST!

Full Release v1.0 is here, and full OST!

News 2 comments

After a successful Release Candidate period, I'm thrilled to announce Elementalism Phase 1 is now at Full Release stage! We have also released the full...

Release Candidate 2 for Elementalism Phase 1 out now!

Release Candidate 2 for Elementalism Phase 1 out now!

News 5 comments

Large update for Elementalism Phase 1, featuring bug fixes, graphical tweaks and performance improvements.

Elementalism Phase 1 is out now!

Elementalism Phase 1 is out now!


Phase 1 of the GZDoom mapset Elementalism is out now! 15 maps, a bunch of huge bosses and lots of demons to kill in visually epic locations.

Phase 1 release date: March 5th 2022!

Phase 1 release date: March 5th 2022!

News 3 comments

Phase 1 has a release date - March 5th 2022! Check out the new release trailer here!

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Elementalism Phase 1 Full Release v1.3

Elementalism Phase 1 Full Release v1.3

Full Version 39 comments

Elementalism is an epic new mapset for GZDoom. Phase 1 out now!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 79)
Guest - - 692,917 comments

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rohdenmagnus139 - - 79 comments

This is not doom. I love it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shishoro-Kua - - 77 comments

Runs great and smooth on i3 12100F

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KINGxMOB - - 6 comments

This is absolutely phenomenal. I experienced true joy while playing this like I felt when playing DooM, Serious Sam, and RTCW for the first time as a kid. Thank you for this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
KINGxMOB - - 6 comments

Also have to say the maps you contributed to Eviternity II were so good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mastersoto3 - - 103 comments

Hallo. I like your mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,917 comments

will there ever be a coop support?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
wolfprince1 - - 274 comments

Any updates on Phase 2?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Bauul Creator
Bauul - - 44 comments

I'm tentatively targeting maybe sometime in the 2030s or later. It'll genuinely be a long time until I have the creative energy to come back to this.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,917 comments

Will it be possible to play the maps in coop mode with 2 players?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Bauul Creator
Bauul - - 44 comments

It's not officially supported, as many of the level scripts break with the presence of a second player. But if you are okay with a bunch of stuff breaking, and be willing to be liberal with NoClip to get you where you need to be, in theory it wouldn't be impossible.

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