Improved melee AI, with kicking, better blocking, feinting, attack holds, kick avoidance and less idle time between attacks


(as of 16-Nov-21)


Improved blocking
Block chance is based on weapon proficiency and varies from 70% for low-level bots up to 90% for high-level bots (configurable).

Bots feint at random intervals of around a couple of seconds.

Attack holds
Attacks held at random for up to a second.

Faster attacks
The delay between attacks has been removed.

Kick avoidance
Bots backpedal when a player in front kicks at them or when a weapon with crush-through is swung overhead.

Merge Brainy Bots with other mods.

AI customization
Press F5 (configurable) to tweak the AI. Works in multiplayer for admins.

Duel server features (unreleased)

Duel bots
Training bots of different difficulty spawn on duel mode.

Duels between bots
Bots randomly initiate duels between themselves.

Duels cancel on sheath
Sheathe your weapon to cancel a duel you're in.

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  • Shortcut key configurable
  • Merger: Update checker
  • Merger: Updated .NET to 4.7.2 (dropped Windows XP support)
  • Merger: Fixed: Crash loading modules with unknown formatting
  • Merger: Fixed: Crash loading 1257AD and AWOIF (due to spaces in strings.txt)
  • Merger: Fixed: OverflowException merging Nova Aetas
  • Merger: Fixed: OutOfRangeException merging Rise of Islam 634 A.D


  • Kicking
  • Improved blocking and attacking in group fights
  • Improved kick avoidance
  • Small performance improvements
  • Brainy Bots available as a W.R.E.C.K plugin
  • Merger: Module list now keeps track of multiple Warband installations
  • Merger: Batch operations to restore, merge or update multiple mods
  • Fixed: Archers occasionally get stuck in the hold animation in Prophesy of Pendor
  • Fixed: Script errors when config presentation closed in Perisno (and other mods that have a minimap)
  • Fixed: Weapons with crush-through sometimes causing bots to get stuck in the same position
  • Fixed: Melee combat operations applied to cavalry with a couched lance
  • Merger: Fixed: Error with strings.txt in Blood in the West
  • Merger: Fixed: Strings missing in 1860s Old America (due to extra newline in strings.txt)
  • Merger: Fixed: Strings with special characters not being merged properly
  • Merger: Fixed: Error while trying to merge with The Last Days and other mods ported from M&B to Warband
  • Merger: Fixed: Error while trying to merge with Nova Aetas or Sayazn


  • Compatible with mods other than Native
  • Added option to enable the modified AI for special characters only, such as companions and vassals
  • Removed dependencies on Native
  • Takes advantage of the new item operations introduced in 1.161
  • Fixed: Kick avoidance less buggy (still experimental)
  • Fixed: Bots no longer get stuck in the hold animation occasionally
  • Fixed: Bots no longer ignore their shield if they're holding a weapon that can't be used to parry
  • Fixed: Siege towers now move
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Brainy Bots 16-Nov-21

Brainy Bots 16-Nov-21

Full Version 5 comments

Shortcut key setting, crash/bug fixes. Requires Windows 7+ and .NET Runtime 4.7.2+ (Included in Windows 10).

Dedicated server patch

Dedicated server patch


Only necessary if hosting a dedicated server - fixes a bug

Brainy Bots 31-July-15

Brainy Bots 31-July-15

Full Version

Bots now able to kick. Bugs fixed and compatibility improved. Requires Windows XP+ and .NET 4.0+. Crashes with some mods.

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I'm using the 16-Nov-2021 version in the DiploVexed mod and bots get stuck with throwing weapons.

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I am unsure how to get this to work, I merged this with Prophesy Of Pendor, however nothing seems to have happened, there is no changes to the AI, and no configuration menu I can find, or any trace of a added UI or mod.

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In a world of ice and fire, whenever I merge it with the mod, dialogue and text becomes a mess oof.

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What does renown bonus mean?
Also is there source code for Brainy Bots? It's 5+ years old and releasing it would make available tons of information and progress for AI modding in Warband.

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Will this work in Gekokujo Daimyo Edition?

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it works with every mod

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hope you keep up with it and release other AI mod ever, it's what Warband was meant to be from the beginning.

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what's up with the update

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gravskrift Creator

New version coming with crash fixes and shortcut key setting

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