The Team: Captain, Lor Dric - compiled major mods, some game tweaks, textures, models, map, armors, weapons, horses, blah, blah, blah First Mate,Slayth - new companions dialog, play testing, face codes non-active, Second Mate, Pizzaraider - tester prime, made changelog, scene maker non-active, Third mate, frozenpainter- items, non-active

Major mods used

PreBattle Orders & Deployment
Mercantilism mod

Features:17 factions fighting for control of 90 towns 134 castles and 394 villages, and 6 military academies
expanded native map
Heraldic armor and horses
choose from 336 banners
Sea travel, battles
New foods, items, weapons, armors, horses, troops, factions, companions, bandits
Modified troop tree
Faster horses
Slower map travel
More food spoils,but it lasts a day longer
Better graphics
Faction navies
9 different sized male troops
2 different sized females
Beer Drinking
Drinking game
Trade ledger
Wagon train
Build and garrison outposts and forts
219 new lords
Put companions in garrisons
6 landless factions
Over 180 new troops
Hundreds of horses to choose from
Hundreds of armors to wear
Hundreds of weapons to slay with
108 companions
Buy warehouses and set up trade routes
Build and run enterprises
Battle formations
Cows follow
Build settlements
Recruit peasants from the Barkeep
Recruit troops from the tavern keeper if your renown is high enough
Port scene, Buy a ship, buy Sea raiders, sell prisoners as slaves
Drowning added
Weapons break
Weapons can deteriorate in battle
Join a battle on either side now
Epidemics, catching a sickness
Royal traders
Faction world map
Permanent camps
Get guns and ladies from the Barkeep
Perma death
Bad injuries
Besiege any castle
Commanders tent
Chuck wagon
Working weather
Custom recruits
Gold, silver, diamond, and iron mines
Foraging skill
Fight a drunk in every tavern
Skip merchant quest
Skip alley scene by going to Praven
Quick character
Family heirlooms
Shield bash
Eat every 12 hours
Battle dust

Start as a vassal of a faction
Start as a King of a faction

Change faction Color’s
Royal Children titles eg prince princess
Kings now have children with in the faction
Custom dynamic titles
Change a factions titles to another faction
Custom player faction titles
Apply custom player faction titles to other factions
Defeated factions can return
Custom lord notes
Dynamic King titles dependent on how many centers controlled
Dynamic faction renaming depending on number of centers held
Starting as king gives you siblings
Kings get reputation types
Start as Prince
Add dialog to tavern travelers to provide faction of unfound companions
Troop notes now include Kings in relations
Tournament enhancementsMany other mods added(see credits for full list) Build 4 villages 1 castle 1 town and 2 ports

Credits at Taleworlds Forum

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Installation instructions:

Download the WSE for Empire III and unzip and put in your Warband folder, open the WSE 3.2 folder, find the WSELoader.exe and make a shortcut to your desktop. You only need to do this once.

This should work with version 1.172

Download Empire III

After downloading, unzip.
If you get errors unzipping try 7zip
Open the Empire III folder, copy the contents and paste in your Empire III module folder.

To play the mod run the WSELoader and select Empire III for your module on the title screen.
Make sure you go to game settings thread at TaleWorlds

For missing .dll error go here
Get the x86 version

For those that don't know how to install Visual C++ Redistributable you double click the icon

Sub forum

Game settings




see if this helps how you use catapults in the game

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WSE for Empire III

WSE for Empire III

Patch 27 comments

Put the WSE folder in your warband folder and put a WSE launcher shortcut on your desktop credits: Windyplains

Empire III 1 90full

Empire III 1 90full

Full Version 4 comments

Full version so you only have to download one file WSE folder is included

Empire III Ver 1.90 patch

Empire III Ver 1.90 patch

Patch 5 comments

1.87 full and 1.89 patch need to be installed first, should fix dialogs for large male, fixes castle scenes, large female has been removed

Empire III Ver 1.89 patch

Empire III Ver 1.89 patch

Patch 5 comments

NO ONE HAS PERMISSION TO RE-UPLOAD THIS TO ANOTHER SITE More tournaments, tournaments at castles, play as large male or female, can buy a ship again if...

Empire III 1.88 patch

Empire III 1.88 patch

Patch 8 comments

Tournaments should be set up how I want them now,it's easier to give fiefs to your vassals. 1.87 full needs to be installed first

1.87 missing brf file

1.87 missing brf file

Patch 11 comments

sorry here is the missing brf file

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i know people might not have realized but in a new game no faction has a marshall and after playing two months in game without one being appointed in any of the factions its safe to say it wont happen by itself

so factions are going to just do petty squabbles and probably never take actual ground from one another

to fix this join one of the factions as a merc, activate cheat menu, force them all into a feast and then when the faction goals says need new marshall go to any lord and ask to be a marshall

youll be marshall for exactly five seconds afterwhich every faction on the map would suddenly elect a marshall... and campaigning season can begin

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Rest in peace LorDric, thank you for the great mods!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Over 1000 days into the game. Have conquered almost all the new factions on the mainland. I've got over 5 million denars in my treasury, and another 5 million in my cash-on-hand. I can field an army of over a thousand soldiers; but the biggest challenges of such a large army are food and rest. Right now I am concentrating on the Kalua faction; I've got them down to just one town, but they have a huge army there, so it is a game of cat-and-mouse while I pick off their armies when the lords "come out to play".

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Lor passed away on July 21. He will be missed. His mods are here for us to enjoy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Aw man. That is so sad to hear. I saw his old post that he would be working on more Empire mods. Damn...

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Too much lag to be playable

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I find this mod VERY playable. The lag on the map is the result of the richness of features that make the mod so interesting. There is so much going on in towns and villages, in the interactions between factions, plus all the checks for food, skills (such as hunting, fishing, wandering, etc.), and other features, that the mod pushes the limits of our computers. IMHO, the lag on the map is a small price to play for the richness of the game play; after all, the map is just a way to get between the features of the mod.

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mod seems interesting but what makes it really annoying are map graphics and all the menu textures...
I tried to play a bit and it lags and its lag is the worst thing....
Mod has a ton of features and all of them are great

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Hey, so I got it running with the Steam version of the game just by running the WSE_loader in the mods folder. but I'm having an issue with textures I guess (that's all I can really assume it is). I get a lot of texture flickering and menu flickering when I play the mod. It works, but it's an eyesore. Is this the reason why it's not compatible with the steam version? Or is this fixable?

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Is there a way to disable weapom breaking?

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LorDric Creator

not at this time

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another question. i dont see any big differences between the empire 3 and 4. what is the best one you recommend and which one is the most stable?

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LorDric Creator

depends whether you like fantasy and magic or not, they are both hard on your machine to run, I still have a little lag on my machine, quad core i7 64 gigs of ram 4 gig vid card

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