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The Hell 2 mod is a second generation mod after classic The Hell. It gives more variety (monsters, items, spells, boss monsters, unique items, item & environment colors), introduces new character classes (now there are 29 instead of 6), increases replay value and adds lots of new unique and attractive gameplay features. It is functional, even though there are still bugs, it's nevertheless stable, and is already more promising than original The Hell mod!

What it gives you in general

1. New engine! Supports modern operating systems, up to win10. Play fullscreen, window, borderless, whatever, switch by Alt+Enter on the fly.
2. Fully adjustable high resoutions (up to 4K) and higher framerates (20/40/60 fps)!
3. Multiplayer support (it's functional, setup guide coming soon)
4. Tons of original game bugfixes!
5. MUCH more content: improved and new game mechanics, improved and new spells, more and better sorted items, color schemes for everything, new monsters, many new bosses, thousands of uniques, new and resurrected quests, improved sounds, soundtrack remastered in stereo quality and new music, etc.
6. Improved game atmosphere: even more diabolical feel to Diablo 1 than ever before!
7. New 29 classes to play (Warrior, Templar, Executioner, Summoners, Archers, Monks, Rogues, etc.) and 4 game modes (normal, hardcore, ironman and nightmare)!

Additional game info

Inventory items
Everything you equip on your character and use in inventory/belt.
Let's see what are the main differences between D1 and TH.
Item break occurs when current durability reaches 1, after that maximum durability starts depleting, when it hits 0, then the item is broken, destroyed.
Item availability depends on dungeon level and difficulty mode. All items are available (as drops) only by the time you get to play on 'doom' mode. Additionally, in singleplayer mode, item availability depends on your character's basic attributes. Which means you can't find items that are too far away from your stat range.
As in D2, Shift+Leftclick transfers potions of life/mana/holy to your belt.
Weapon switch hotkey is V.
There are stones instead of scrolls in the game now. Called relicts.
Magic books may have character level requirements.
Magic spells
There are a few types of magic damage in TH:
fire > lightning > arcane (magic) > physics > holy
Fire spells are the most diverse and powerful, holy spells deal the least damage, making undead the worst enemy types for pure casters.
Spells can be damaging, controlling or for personal usage.
Now on to spells list:
Fire bolt, charged bolt, holy bolt - standard low level damager spells. Holy bolt knocks back targets on impact.
Arcane star - damaging spell, damage is arcane, of magic type. For those who think that spell damage can be either fire or lightning. Well, now you know more.
Inferno, lightning - attack targets 20 times per second, for the duration of the spell.
Chain lightning - there is none here.
Healing - heals you, effectiveness depends on basic vitality.
Reflect - increases melee damage FROM monsters, and returns 400% of the damage back to them. Works similar to D2 Paladin skill 'Thorns'.
Fire wall, lightning wall + rings of fire/lite - not damaging spells, they are used for crowd control.
Elemental - self-targetting physical damage offensive spell. Doesn't affect undead though.
Force wave - physical crowd control spell.
Bone spirit - cuts a percentage of target current hitpoints. Can't damage undead.
Nova spells - highly damaging spells, but trigger cooldown on cast, to avoid letting mages spam these like crazy.
Fury - a spell that works differently for each class. Modifies battle stats. Gives triple shot (not to Assassins).
Fire blast - main offensive fire spell. Has splash damage (100% damage).
Ball lightning - high damage spell, has no splash.
Hydra - similar to Guardian from Diablo 1, but amount of Hydras is limited by spell level.
Golem - deals physical damage that can't be resisted by monsters. Teleports near master when gets too far.
Stone curse - makes enemies petrified and immune to all damage. Golems don't even try attack cursed monsters. Some are immune to Stone curse.
Flash - magic damage spell. Does insane damage on very high spell levels.
Mana shield - damage goes to mana 100%, but increased (as a payment). Starts at 200% on spell level 1, and decreases rapidly with spell level increase.

On hotkeys

Standard F5 - F8 are still there.
Non-adjustable TH hotkeys listed below.
I - inventory
Enter - group chat
Alt + Enter - quick switch between window mode and fullscreen
C - character sheet
Esc - main menu
Tab - map
P - pause game
F9 - F12 - adjustable quick multiplayer messages (messages can be altered in 'hellmsg.ini')
~ - display setup menu (in-game)
F1 - Fury
F2 - Healing
F3 - Reflect
F4 - Mana Shield
Q - Teleport
W - Fire Wall
E - Lightning Wall
R - Fire Nova
T - Lightning Nova
Y - Arcane Nova
U - Holy Nova
O - Town portal
A - Fiery blast
S - Lightning ball
D - Arcane Star
F - Stone Curse
G - Golem
H - Holy Bolt
J - Flash
K - Inferno
L - Lightning
X – Force Wave
B - Bone Spirit
N - Flame Ring
M - Lightning Ring
Z - Elemental
Ctrl – Hydra
V – weapon switch

Character classes

...coming soon..

On quest locations

In singleplayer, there are special locations (quest zones). They are unique, in a sense.
You cannot save game when in a quest zone. At all.
Can't cast portal there, and use stairs. Until area is cleansed (no monsters left). This is lockdown, called 'Vise'.
When lockdown is lifted, you hear the horn sound. That means you can cast portal and use stairs again.
Another feature of these zones is temporary character altering. You can receive penalties for the time of your presence on such levels. These can include life/mana regeneration, DFE, AC, attack/cast speed, resistances, accuracy, inability to cast certain spells.
I would advise against using glasscannon builds in quest zones. As your main goal there is to survive. Not die.


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The Hell 2, v0.9740

The Hell 2, v0.9740

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Early access version of The Hell 2 mod. The Hell 2 is a next generation mod after The Hell. It's in active development. New content is being added, new...

Music Files, v8.1

Music Files, v8.1

Music 4 comments

Music Expansion v8.1. Required for The Hell 2 mod.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 94)

My shared stash seems to be missing in single player mode with the new builds, is there anyway to get it back? I had a lot of items I would like in there :( if not, is there any way do download an older build to get them out at least? Would be most appreciated

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mordor_XP Creator

it's not just missing, it's gone.
i had warned in previous releases.
shared stash will be gone completely.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Has the butcher quest been removed? I'm not seeing the guy near cathedral that starts quest and at lvl 6 now and there was no butcher room?

I only play in single player mode. Is there a way you can add shared stash between characters?

I like the QoL improvements. Especially increased inventory space (would even like a few tabs at top for more :), and huge stash.

Mini minimap in left corner is perfect and toggled highlighting of everything that is interactive is good too along with auto pickup.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The Butcher quest hasn't been removed for me; it still randomly shows up, about every other game. Random seeds, man...can be great, can be annoying.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

is there any sort of guide for the classes? there is too many and i want to evaluate which one im gonna pick before starting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If you Google "Diablo_TheHell_Guide.pdf", the first entry should give you a pdf of some of the mod's details, including character classes. The problem is the info is very outdated and only includes data on the first The Hell mod, which is now pretty different from The Hell 2. I think on the Patreon page or the Discord, Mordor said that there are plans to write a more up-to-date guide in the future.

Right now, though, most of the sub-classes seem to just have slightly different starting stats. There are a few sub-classes like the Bombardier that play very differently, but right now most differences are starting stats and the type of weapons/armor that drop in-game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i see, i already knew about the other guide, but that one only has a couple of classes and they are all extremly outdated.

the hell 2 has so many classes and so many features that it seriously needs a manual

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi Mordor,

Is there a way to extract the music from the .mor file to listen it out of the game or is this protected material?

Can't wait for v1.0 !!! Keep going!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hey Mordor has no way to make the identify book?

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