Experience the horrors that lie within the Dark Tower and uncover the secrets that have lied sealed within for over two hundred years. This is the story of one man who's fate is intertwined with a vicious cycle that determines the fate of the world and all mankind. Bringing a unqiue and refreshing approach to your usual custom stories with an emphasis on a heavy atmosphere and greater consequences.

Story -

My name is Chris.... Chris Benjamin, over the past few weeks my life has deteriorated to the point where I am having trouble keeping myself together. It all started with terrible nightmares that got progressively worse to a breaking point. I have lost my job and everyone I know thinks I am going crazy, maybe I am? One recurring image in my dreams are of a tower, I just somehow knew it was important and did research based on what I remember in my dreams, to utter astonishment and fear the tower is real. Even worse is that there is no possible way I could have known what it looked like as it was burned down over two hundred years ago in England by the kings men.

It is odd that it would be purposefully burned down without any known explanation, there are no official records of why the kings men had burned it to the ground but it only strikes more curiosity. The tower was owned by a noble man and his family, they where well respected amongst the noble society of the time and I believe that they knew the king well.

Despite this it only struck even more curiosity in me and with nothing to loose I set out in hopes of bringing an end to my nightmares and make peace within myself once more.

Prologue -

The wind howls in the dark cold night, the windshield wipers working overtime to clear the barrage of rain from view. The little car struggles with the muddy path on its way too the motel where he will be staying the night, the storm only seems to get stronger and the trees bow to winds. He struggles to control the situation, the storm seemingly having come out of nowhere with only recently having read the weather report several hours earlier, it would make one think it was the very end of the world.

There is no turning back now however, he couldn't stay as he was before, he needed to get answers. With little to no time to react the car comes to a stop, the tires spin but the mud has all but concealed the wheels of the car beneath it, he is stuck. The storm only gets worse and the flood waters of the nearby river can be seen overflowing, the situation could not get any worse he thinks. With little choice he realizes he needs to find shelter elsewhere until morning.

His feet sink deep into the mud as if he where a giant whilst he wanders into the stormy night, barely able to see a couple feet in front of him he stumbles and wobbles his way along. One wrong step and he slips down the steep slope dropping his flashlight at the top, hitting his head on the way down he gets up throbbing, unable to see or find his flashlight. In the distance however he spots a faint light, at first he realizes it could be the town but later begins to question that fact as his vision adjusts.

Features -

-Unique and immersive environments
- Very heavy atmosphere
- Multiple endings
- Custom music and sounds
- Unique approach to scaring the player
-Annoying Jump scare free!

With this custom story I have really tried to make a unique and immersive experience and I have really put a lot of thought into scaring the player but also keeping them immersed. The goal for this story is to really get under the players skin and make them unsure of every twist and turn. This is what I hope to bring to the table when the custom story is finally complete.

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I Have Returned


After a relatively long gap since I had last updated the custom story I have finally returned, I had lost my drive to continue working but I have returned with more experience and ideas. With this I have a few pictures to show of what I have begun working on, I will also be going back and re-working previous levels to bring them up to standards.

There will be some upcoming story re-works such as a relatively important one, the date of the story. I am also working on new ideas and I am debating ways to make the story challenging and have a sense of consequences for your actions, hopefully to make people think more rather than being able to blindly run into a room yelling at in-animate objects. But to do so is challenging to make it have consequences without being too challenging or frustrating, I still hope to somehow accomplish this though.

I hope to bring in more updates in the coming days.




With the tower ramparts and the dungeon entrance finished.there are only three more levels in the first chapter to complete. You can expect a lot of updates...

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Cries From Hell

Cries From Hell

Ambience Sounds

Dark Ambiance | Cries From Hell FreeMp3 320 kbps.............................................

chris39 - - 38 comments

Dear Sir when it will be ready ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Badcat5550 - - 389 comments

Hmm try adding more details to the maps, like more dirt stains, papers scattered around and a few spider webs to get that old creepy room feeling, ya know?

Fog always makes things look cool, depends the weather, if it's gonna be night time try making the fog some sort of a dark bluish sepia!

The third pic "Haunted" has some dark spots, to fix that you can always try adding a boxlight, or make the point lights a little bigger for realism.

Don't rush and good luck, hope this helped ^^

- Badcat5550

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Tychaos Creator
Tychaos - - 3 comments

Currently anything older than the Ominous photos are going to be receiving a major revamp and are not up to my current standards, so what you see there is much more lackluster than the final product will be. I have already started using more details and fog in the newer maps.

But thanks for the suggestions! They are always welcome!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Badcat5550 - - 389 comments

Nice skybox, where did you get that from or did you make it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tychaos Creator
Tychaos - - 3 comments

I got it from Amnesia a Machine for Pigs.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,639 comments

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ameiranyt - - 7 comments

I'm hoping that it has that old medieval feeling with the lantern and everything, I don't like the modern mods

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Necrolifer - - 1,015 comments

Seems interesting,tracking right now !
Well,considering the year you set the cs to be(2014),it will feature a lantern or a flashlight ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
impala-of-mayfair - - 201 comments

This looks really cool. Looking forward to it!

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